Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 15 and 16

Davey didn't have much time today.  We posted last weeks conversation and this weeks together.

Week 15:

hey how is everything i am online!

We are doing great!! We have Brayden, Chase, Dad, and myself are all sitting around the computer.  How are you doing?  Anything fun happening in your missionary work?

chase you think your funny trying to look like me huh? well you have a long way to go! ;) haha i am doing great the work is hard but it is picking up i am going to send you pictures then tell you all that is happening!

Chase did think that was funny.  We will look forward to the pictures.  Your parents had their 24th anniversary yesterday along with Father's day.  We went to both grandparents houses and gave them presents.  We ate a big dinner at Mosses and just visited at Coombses.

how was fathers day i am so sorry the package didn't come so i will send it it will be late though and happy aniversary! ahh that is aweosme what did you do for it?

Mom took Dad to the show Starlight Express at Tuacahn on Saturday.  She also got him a gift certificate for Fathers day to the movies.  we went to Kneaders for breakfast and got all you can eat french toast (free for fathers).  We were wondering about the package...did the guy not come?  Is he coming this week or next or are you going to ship it?  Grandma sent you a package, did you get it?  She said she sent it on Wednesday so we told her that you probably didn't get it.  Katelynn just called and said to say hi (she is driving) and that she is moved into her new apartment where her and Jeff will be living.

ok so about my week a little next week i am going to the sequioa park (which is the place that has the worlds largest trees)  i will send you some pics but everything is great here there was a fire by one of the elders appartments it was sweet! then we also gave service for a less active family which got them reactivated we broke up concrete it stunk but was good! so a cool experience my companion and i were driving and i saw a girl on the side of the road and i got this strong impression to go talk to her but i ignored it and it came again and again super strong so i had to follow it so we parked the car and ran up to her it was crazy but all in all we got her number and she wants to meet with us it was so awesome to see the blessing of following the spirit. it was a super slow week and no one came to church cuz of fathers day we had a total of 22 people there! haha ya it was crazy but we did meet some new people and our baptism dates for this month fell through cuz the bums havent come to chuch yet but they should be baptized next month! so ya not the best week but still seeing miracles happen which is great i love it here and being a missionary! 

It is wonderful how the spirit can guide and direct you in your life!  Dad gave the lesson in church yesterday in Miamaids class.  It was on the Keys of the Priesthood.  He bore such a sweet testimony on the restoration of the gospel.  I also was reading one of the conference talks about the power of the priesthood in the boy. It is a wonderful talk given to the boys at the priesthood meeting on how they have the priesthood and how they should act in their lives.  It was so good.

that sounds so good i am so happy so hey did you get the pictures?

yep we got the pictures!! I like all but the one of you guys betting up each other,  ;)

Chase went to scout camp last week end.  The teachers went to Provo area and went to the Timpanogas caves, to Seven Peaks, and also mission training center.

no way that is so sweet they went to the MTC how was that!?

well they didnt let us go inside to take a tour or anything, so we just walked around the outside and the leaders showed us where their classrooms were when they were there.  what building was youre class at? and we also went to the provo mission office and talked to the missionaries there and stopped at the BYU bookstore.

ha it was aweosme!

what was?

when we took that picture

Oh, the one where you're beating up each other.  I had to look back several emails to figure out what you were commenting on.  So, you didn't answer about the package, is someone still bringing it?

i don't remember where my class was it was right down from the building that had the cafeteria in it. but i am about to go play ball with the non members now so anything else you can tell me?! or i should know? i love and miss you and your all so great ah it is the best to have such an awesome family and chase do you keep reviewing that email i sent you a while ago about high shcool and such awhile ago and how is everyting with that? and brayden how are you doing ya little stud?

Chase has your email hanging on his wall in his bedroom.  Brayden says he is good and baseball is over and I got to pitch and did good at pitching.

Ball with non-members
Elder Fisi'ihoi and I getting ready to play ball with non-members
Specialized training meeting with the zone
In the car after zone conference meeting
Service project breaking up concrete
Service project
In a bike that we found
Fires in California came near some elder's apartment
I don't know what to say about this except I kick butt at playing the guitar

Week 16:

hey everyone so i am going to the sequoia's today in like 5 mins sorry we have been running around crazy but a little about this week we set another baptism date and he is solid his name is alec and it is for the 13th of july he is awesome we also just met a girl named taylor she is a softball player for fresno state and he is sweet so hopefully we will get her in the water as well!! i love being a missionary even though my companion gets on my nerves at times he is just not focused so it is hard to get a lot of work done. but i am pushing him a lot and he gets frustrated but it is good cuz the work in this area i have been told is has picked up a lot and shown tremendous progress. i hope all of yall watched that world wide broadcast yesterday and i hope you will appy it into your lives it was so good! i cried at parts the spirit was so strong and yes i know i said cry but it is true i am becoming so much more in tune with the spirit i love it and it is so good to see the changes i am making to become better i love you all so much and i bet your stressing over the wedding hahaha it is coming quick but enjoy it! i love ya all!

So, you can't email back and forth then today huh?  Bummer.  Mom is at work and I am home for lunch with the boys.  Thank you for the father's day gift, I loved it!  We all went to the broadcast and it was fun to think we were there just like you.  I am so happy to hear you are becoming more in tune with the wonderful.  Brayden loves the car and thanks you for it - how did you aquire it?

oh so you got the package?! and my letter for fathers day to You?! how did you like all that? and the car i thought was awesome it was given to me

ya i just got the package from Grandma and everyone i loved it so much!

I am glad.  When grandma was telling us what we were doing at the reunion I thought it was a great idea.  We did one for Kelsey too.

that is so cool i still have till the members come pick us up for the trip so keep emailing me!

Take it back, i am sorry the members are here i will make up for it next week in writing tell everyone i love them and you will be getting pics of this trip next week i love you all so much and keep you in my prayers good luck with this week! love your son and brother Elder Moss

Ok, go have fun.  We will look forward to a big session next week.  Love you tons.

Monday, June 10, 2013

14th Week

Davey didn't get on long today as basketball took priority.  He did send some pictures and wrote a little about his week.

in the car...elder pace is in the front right (driver0 behind him is elder Fisi'ihoi and behind me is elder sullivain

driving and the traffic is crazy...!

this is a pic of the temperature here in fresno like two days ago and also a poem that i liked a lot!

haha an elder took this of me while i was driving...

Hey son, I see your on.  I'm not home now, I am at the tire store getting some flats fixed.

oh nice how did they get flat?

We were in pinto for our family vacation and one went flat going out.   Kevin plugged it.  The other went flat going home so luckily, since we plugged it, we had a spare to put on.

shoot that is craZy! so is katelynn engaged now or? and what went down with meeting with him?

Yes, she is engaged.  He and I talked for about 2 hours then he finally asked.   Not a lot I could say except yes since that is what Katelynn wanted.

hahahahaha oh jezz you chickened out dad!! come on you ;)

Maybe so, but I can't have Katelynn hate me for the rest of her life. She said Jeff makes her really happy so I've got to go with what she told me.
So what about your week, how have things been going?

my week has been great it is really frustrating though i will be honest elder pace doesnt like to work or do anything to find. i met with pres gelwix and he told me i has to lead the area and be that example i love being a missionary and all the tasks that come with it he also told me something that was great he said " elder moss in the pre earth life and during the war in heaven you were one of the generals leading' that was so awesome to hear its crazy to think about who we were before we came here and why we were held back but each of us came here with a special task and we need always strive for it. we have 2 baptism dates for this month but they havent come to church so that is super annoying! but ya it is hard but i love it so much and i feel that i have much to do and to be!

I am sorry to hear of your struggles with your companion. I had some companions like that also. So you're not alone. One of the greatest benefits of being a missionary is what happens to the missionary. So maybe if you think of it like a challenge - that you are there to help elder pace - it might make it easier.

yes exactly well i am going to play basketball against some non members cuz they wanted to play us haha so they just got here so we will see how that goes! i love you anything else you need? or anything to tell or anything at all?

Well, I just got home.  Do you have time to talk to your brothers?

no i don't i am sorry i love you all and hope all is well next week i will sorry again i love you all!

This evening we received an email with a photo from Sister Ball titled, "Your handsome sons" and with a caption on it.

At the park with YSA for FHE.