Monday, March 25, 2013

4th P-Day in Fresno

We chatted with Davey today and the thread is below.  He also sent some pictures:

This is his apartment

They usually eat breakfast and lunch on their own and then eat at a members for dinner

At the MTC with his friend from home Michael Jensen

Bowling on P-Day at the MTC

Getting ready to leave the MTC for the airport

Goodmorning/afternoon Davey,

I hope you have had an eventful week, full of service and fun.  We have had a full week, with tennis, basketball practice and dad's birthday.

holy cow i totally forgot it was dads birthday! shoot well happy birthday dad!!!! how was it?

Sorry I just got on. I hope you are still online. We went out for dinner when Katelynn was down. We went to Olive Garden, it was so good. Then the day of dads birthday I took him to Bill Cosby and feed him KFC. I know I had fun I hope he did.

haha that sounds so great and fun! and yes i am still on!

Sunday we has a special fast for Connor Livingston. He has been sent to the ER 3 times with really bad headaches. The doctors aren't sure what is wrong with him, if they can't find out then he will be sent home to have Connor's Doctors look at him. We also decided to fast for a few more things.., we fasted for you on your mission, so you will find success in your mission and that you will be safe. And we fasted to have help with finding some full time jobs that we will be happy with for dad and I.  We figure if we need to fast we might as well put in our list (haha).

well ya that is crazy and might as well put your names also in it ;)

THANK YOU for the pictures!!!!  I love seeing you look so happy and NO you don't look like you've gained any weight.  You look GREAT!!

ha those pictures are for you!! haha

Thanks Davey, I'll love looking at the pictures and I will think of all of the fun and spiritual things you are doing. Love you, Mom

I'll let you go so you can write to other family and friends. 
Love you and miss you.  May God be with you always!

What is your eating schedule like each day, do you eat breakfast and lunch at your apartment and then dinner at a members? I also wanted to ask who else sent you a birthday present and what it was?

ha no one else sent me a present besides grandma coombs and grandpa it was a hyme book and judy lee sent me 20 bucks which was way nice i think that was it though.  oh and grandma and grandpa moss sent some cash and yea thats exactly what happens with the eating scedule 

That is what they gave me was cash too. On another note, tell us about your week I want all the details would've you been doing?

ok i don't have time so it is either me sending you pictures or telling you about my week which shall it be? ha

You have an hour and a half. I want it all. I know however that you are emailing other people while you're doing this with us so you'll just have to try to weigh it all out. At least you figured out how to send pics or found the cord or both. Oh, and thank you for the happy birthday wish that you sent to mom for me!

well the computers we are on have time limits up to a half hour so i will try to include it all

So has it changed then? You only get a half hour now? You will have to quickly describe the pictures that you were sending so we can put a caption on them when we post them on your blog.

umm shoot idk they are of ones that i went bowling and when i was leaving the mtc and when i got to fresno and yea ha idk just a lot of stuff and no jsut the computers that we are on have that time limit

I see elder McClung And Peterson in the pictures they look like they're on the field is that correct? Is the picture with your bunkbed is that in your apartment? Just looking for some quick descriptions. Also if you ever want to send home the card we can download them but will just need description in the letter feel free to do that. One other thing Brian Grisanti Just got his mission call to....wait for it....wait for it... the Fresno California mission!
So after a half hour can you renew it and then stay on another half hour then?

ha no way are you serious!!!?? when does he report?

Brian went and served a service mission I think to the Las Vegas mission for the last couple months.  He did really well so they went ahead and extended a full-time mission call to him and it was to Fresno. I don't know if he has to go to the MTC for two weeks or what but his farewell was yesterday.

that is so awesome!!

Maybe you two will be companions, who knows? It might be really good for him. Hey you haven't told me about your week yet, your lessons taught, the members you met with, investigators you have... how's it going?

ha ok so this week it has been tough we have been doing a lot of finding because we still don't have that many people that we are teaching but a cool and spiritual story about two weeks ago we found this guy on the street and he said to come back and share a messege but everytime we tried to go back he was sick or something so we couldn't go in and teach him. this went on for like 2 weeks which stunk but a couple days ago we finally got in with him and taught him and like seriously he is the most prepared person that i have ever met!! same with my companion it is just so crazy how prepared he is and he has a family a wife and an 8 year old son and he comitted to be baptised and it is just so awesome so that is a way cool story it may not sound like it but experiencing it was awesome! and then we found two other familys that are taking the lessons which is great and just ahh so awesome so that is pretty much my week!
Mom got busy at work so she is not able to talk to you right now. She will be disappointed. So, you need to be prepared, in case you don't get a reply back from us someday, to type out a long message, that is, if some Monday we are not able to get on because we are busy at work.

It sounds pretty cool that you have committed someone to be baptized and that he was so prepared please keep us updated on this guy, we will pray for him.

 i got to go now so i love you! and i pray for you all daily i miss you a lot! godspeed! church is true!

We love you too, it's been great talking to you today. We pray for you every day and really really miss you as does the rest your family. We were over to grandma and grandpas yesterday and everybody was asking about you and reading the blog that we post for you so everybody really love you and Misses and prays for you.  Bye son.

Monday, March 18, 2013

3rd P-day in Fresno

We were on again with Davey.  Tamara did a thread and Dave did a thread with him as we were both in different locations.  He also wrote an email to each of his brothers.

To Chase:
hey man i got your letter and that is so awesome that your going to be teachers quorum president! the advice i give you is that you dont follow the as christ would be talk to everyone be a perfect example and give service. we are not all perfect but as long as we repent daily and keep ourselves in harmony with the gospel we well off and blessed. so do that and don't let anyone influence you to do wrong if the lord wouldn't do it then you don't and stand up for what is right and true! be an example of the believers in everything you do at all times! things may be hard trials always come Satan is working hard on the righteous but don't let him ever win! i know you won't chase you are an amazing kid and your brother is also. mom is one of the greatest example ever of being a righteous women and following the lord learn from your family and be better and stronger, help brayden as he is growing up love him and help your mom and dad anyway you can never complain ever. BE AN EXAMPLE to everyone never be shy of your faith and religion. here are some scriptures i have read the past days and i want you to apply to your life expecially the last one; Mosiah 1:17, Mosiah 2:22, Mosiah 2:41, Mosiah 5:15, D&C 104:82, D&C 33:8-10, and have the family read them also  Love you Elder Moss. 

To Brayden:
HEY little guy!! how are you doing? how is that nerf gun saving coming? i hope you are great and have lots of fun man! :) i miss you a bunch you better keep practicing sports and working out and doing all you can to be the best! and also listen to mom and dad they know whats best ;) i love you so much let me know how everything is going with you ok? -Elder Moss

How are you doing? Are things going good?

hey! things are great i still don't know how to send pictures though..

Dang, ask dad maybe he knows how to.  Abby Hafen has gotten her mission call. I think she is going to the philipians, not sure though

I ended up taking the computer to school with me. I didn't know dad would come home and use it. I think next time I will ask if i can just use one of the portable laptops at the school. 
Do you have any fun stories?

ha well that is cool with abby! and hmmm let me think umm we talked to this drunk guy a couple of nights ago he haha was trying to break into a truck to get some dope haha so i stoped and told him that he needs to repent and that those things arent good and we talked and talked and he it was just so funny and just a jolly good time ha 

Well good for you. I think I would have been nervous going up to him not knowing what he would do.
Over spring break i worked out at Tuacahn all but 2 days. Chase and Brayden worked over at Grandma Coombs doing yard work. She paid them for the work. They came out earning $35 each over the week.

t holy cow sound like you guys were busy! how is everything what else is new?

How do you like you companion?
We are all doing good. Keeping really busy. Brayden was asked to be on a club basketball team. James Brown will be his coach. He will also play baseball, it hasn't started yet. Chase is still doing tennis and finished asking for donations from family members for a "serve a thon".  he gets money on every serve he makes out of 100. He thinks he can make between 60-70 serves. 

he is just great such an amazing elder. but that sounds way cool! tell braden and chase to always practice! seriously if they want to be the best they have to practice and not beat around the bush! 

Everyone at school has been asking how you are doing.  Mrs. Woodbury can't say enough good things about you. She told me the other day that she always knew that there was something special about you. You were always so friendly and of course she reminded me of your energy as well ;)  She had a huge smile while she was talking about you. 
What is the weather like?

haha i am great! the weather has been mostly amazing there was two days in which it rained which was awesome! haha but yeah other than that it has been hot i have a tan line already from my ring and watch haha

Brayden wants you to send him a letter just to him. I think he feels left out from our conversations and wants you to direct something just to him.
I will definitely tell your brothers to practice. I think by having them pay for half of the money they will work hard at the sports. 
Chase is trying to save money for a DS game which costs around $200.  When ever he has some free time it seems like he is on the computer trying to get more info on the gaming system.
Brayden is still trying to save money for the nerf gun he wants. It has been kind of hard saving money while paying for sports. I think they are learning the value of money.

WHAT! a tan line? I can't believe my Davey would ever have a tan line... haha

ha ok i will do that and that is good they are learning that! so mom how are you how is everyitng? and oh yea how is grandpa Moss?

Grandpa Moss is doing so much better. He is only on oxygen at night, he still sounds weak but he is looking better each day.
I'm doing good, of course;) I gave the lesson in YW on Grace yesturday. I think it went really good. I had several people tell what a wonderful lesson it was. 

of coarse it was a wonderful lesson! it is you we are talking about ha mom can i just tell you how much of an example you have been to me i am so grateful for you and all you do your spirit is so strong and i love you so much. you mean the world to me thanks for all you have done and helped me grow. 

Oh, you are so sweet. Thank you and I think the same about you. I've always know that you are a special kid, full of spunk and always on the go. You have a spirit about you that is very contagious and that is one small reason why people are drawn to you.
Every once in a while Chase or Brayden will do something you would have done, like when you would give me a "wink" or give me a hug out of the blue and say "haaa mom I love you".  I love how some things have rubbed off on them. Though I still have a hard time with the teasing, haha.

I'm on but mom and I are going to try and do different threads so its not as confusing, does that make sense?

yea i think so? ha

So I'll still read what mom is writing and she'll read what I'm writing and what you're saying on both threads. I really like the new rule though that is awesome. I am on my way home right now and so I am doing it by phone so be patient with me.

oh ok sounds good and yea it will be great and make things a lot easier. 

Mom is on her phone too I believe, so she will be a little slower in replying as she is at work. So, why are you not able to send pictures? Did you find the cable? You should just be able to hook the camera with the cable to the computer and load the pictures over and then send them

i forgot the cable back at our appartment so i cant today maybe i should just send home the memory card in a letter?

You can send home the card that you used and have the other 1 to take pictures that's fine or you can just wait until next week and try again.
You had better be able to tell me that you received some letters from us now through the mail.

yes i got the two gift cards! thank you so much ha it was sweet we went out to eat and got the large pizza but becasue we were on bikes we couldn't take home the leftovers so we had to eat and eat and eat haha we were so full! ha

That is what we wanted, we thought that would be fun for you.  So tell me about your week, what did you do since we talked last.

hmm i don't know just taught some lessons and gave harvest blessing to get new investigators president has made it a strong point that we need to take the investigators to progressing investigators which i think is huge but no one likes to meet with us more than once. umm the ward is finally doing a lot better also they are starting to like us more i think.

So is the president happy with your weekly reports on what you're doing?  
I assume you are slow in replying because you are writing other people while you're writing us to try and use your time efficiently, is that right.

yes he is we can be doing so much better though, umm president has super high expectations for me i guess he says he sees something in me that he hasnt seen before and just always stresses that i need to learn everything quicker so yea

Well, don't let him down.  You do have something Davey, something special, everyone sees it.  That is why you were on seminary council, president of all your quorums, everyone always told mom and me that, etc.  I've said before, leave behind childish things and be a man, I love that scripture, I'm still learning to do that too, the sooner you learn it, the more successful you'll be In whatever your doing.  I know missions can be fun, and I am not saying to not have fun ( men can still have fun) but you're potential is so great and leaving behind everything and losing yourself in the work is so rewarding and you will learn so much and be so blessed if you do.

thats what i am striving to do i just want to be the best i can be and lose myself in this great work! 

So glad to hear that.  I can tell by your letters that you are maturing spiritually and that makes me really happy.  It is so easy to forget the feelings you feel when dedicating your all to serving The Lord and others...and it is easy to become used to that feeling when feeling it all the time so check yourself once in a while and realize that the good feelings you have from the spirit can be recognized by others when you are teaching or testifying and you might not even recognize it because you're so used to it, so you have to pause once in awhile and identify it to yourself in the same way you identify it to investigators.

i am so grateful for your advice dad it means so much to me i am doing my best and trying to be better and be a better missionary and person. how are you doing with everything?

You didn't answer a previous question I had...are you emailing multiple friends and family while trying to email us back and forth?  Also, are you able to hand write letters at other times on pday or during the week or do you just have an hour and half for everything?

ya i email my friends now too i just got done talking to braden derrick ha he was just on also. and we have till 6pm to write hand letters also

I am doing well, just struggling a little with the new job and trying to decide if its my thing, that's all.
Ok, so good, I'm glad you have other times to write.  Be sure to write your grandparents and sister.  If you need addresses just let us know.

oh ok well good thats way good, how is your dad?
yea once i am done today emailing you can you send me all of there emails together in a separate email if that makes sense? and i will email them next week

You ought to write as much on email as you can and then hand write everyone you didn't get to on email. 

ok i will try that haha i like to email better tho ha it is just easier.

Grandpa is doing well, much better, he is off oxygen during the day.  They found that it was not what they thought it was, that the doctor messed up and pulled out a tube too soon and he aspirated some stomach acid into his lungs and damaged them and it will take about 6 months to totally heal.

oh gezz wow that is crazy well i have been keeping him in my prayers hope he gets well soon

I will send emails and physical address as well.  I haven't written a mail letter this week, usually I do that on Sunday but didn't because of st Patrick's day (we ate corned beef, cabbage, and red potatoes at grandmas and talked about you), home teaching, and then mom invited all her family to our house last night for a green mint dessert.  Bro mehr asked about you, lots do, but he was specific and had lots of questions.

Aright well i got to get going now but i love you so much and thank you for all that you have done for me :)

K, time sure flys.  Love you tons. Can't wait till next week!

Letter from the Mission President

We got a letter from the Mission President today with two pictures inside, one of him with President and Sister Gelwix and one with his companion and trainer Elder Dunford:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Email-Chat on P-day

This last Monday (p-day) we were able to be on the computer at the same time as Davey and email back and forth.  Below are both sides of the email; they aren't labeled, I think you can figure out who is talking.  They start at the bottom of this post:

It looks like your hour is up so before you go want you to know I love you and miss you and I am glad you are happy  and getting along.Love you, mom

It sounds like we need to send a care package full of granola/energy bars ;)

We love you too.  We know you are doing what is right.  We pray for you too.  Keep up the good work.  It was wonderful chatting with you.  Love mom and dad.

well i am out of time and just want you all to know that i love each and everyone of you and that i am doing very well! the church is true! ha ha love you all :) and i keep you in my prayers every day:) Love, your missionary, Elder Moss

and yes i think i am fitting in well!

if we get fed by the members like we are supposed to then yes it is enough but if we don't get fed like we are used to then its cutting it really really close ha

yea it is enough 

So, do you think you are fitting in and adjusting well?  Mom, asked about food and I think she meant, is it enough for all month, not all week?

Is the money they give you for food is it end up being enough to feed you all week?

the district leader is my trainer actually and i have met the the zone leaders and the assistants and i have seen pres. gelwix a lot i don't know how offten just we catch him working or something idk ha and we havent been on splits or anyting yet and we have around 20 missionarys in our zone i am not sure on that number but yea

How many missionaries in your district, your zone.  Have you been on splits with the DL or ZL?  Have you met the AP?  Are they all pretty cool?  How often do you see Pres. Gelwix?

That is funny.  I am going to make sure your brothers know what stuff they need to be eating and getting used to.   

I sounds like you need to find some members who know how to cook better ;)

we don't eat there offten enough haha but we are working on that the past two days i had tomato chunk soup which was basically just cut up tomatos...eww.. haha and yesterday i had cabbage and onion soup.. so yea not my favorite haha 

How often do you eat at members homes?  

i think it is just a debit card and yes it gets reloaded each month and the left over money carrys over so it is nice but if the money on your  food card gets above like 200 bucks they drain it out idk why they just do cuz they don't want you to just be saving or something ha so yea

just tired from riding all day! haha and yes i eat too much i am fat! and yea we were tracting and this black guy wanted to kill me basically cuz i was a mormon and he got all up in my face and he was drunk and yea just another typical day in fresno haha dont worry though mom! ;) haha it is fun and i love being a misisonary :) 

this is mom,
Why are you so tired... are you eating enough?
In one of your letters you said you almost got into a fight. WHAT? I know you will be safe but you better write that story down.

That is fine.  I just wondered.  I am sure they pay your rent and utilities with the rest of the money.  So what kind of debit card is it, visa type?  Do they just reload it each month.  If you don't spend all $135 will it carry over so you can save to buy some good stuff once in a while?

i am trying to attach them but they arent letting me it is messed up.

i don't know what happens to the 400 bucks but we get 135 dollars a month for food and such on a debit card that they give us.

Why can't you send the pictures?  Did you find your cord and other stuff that goes with the camera?

How does the money work?  We put in $400 a month do you pay utilities and pay your rent or does the mission.  Do they give you cash for food money?  

ok well i cant send the pictures yet sorry and the meembers are alright they are kinda weird haha but good and we get the referrals from other misisonarys

What about members?  How are they?  Are they taking care of you?  Are there some pretty cool ones? Where do you get referrals from?

 we havent had too many teaching appointments... we got doubled in so nither of us know the area and the other elders didn't leave us with anything so yea we have been finding a lot!! thats pretty much all we do. and go see referals. 

Ok, so we need to give you time to upload the pictures.  Did you teach a lot this last week?

i am pretty sure it is fine and not against the rules and i have an hour to email i will be sending you pictures like 2 ha cuz thats all i have been able to take so far ha sorry mom ;) but yea.

How long do you have to reply to letters and be on the computer.  I am sure you have a few to reply to and we don't want to take away from that by doing this.  Is doing this OK?  We don't want to do anything that is against the rules.  I know Connor and his parents do it but that doesn't mean it is acceptable in your mission.

my shack is the smallest thing ever haha it is just where we live idk how to explain it. and mom i am doing great! it is hard and i am tired all the time ha but it is the best thing ever! :)

This is mom,
I would have gotten on earlier but it is crazy busy. I don't know how long I have. So the most important question from a mom is how are you doing?

This is mom,
I tried giving your letters to Shy, but she is out of town. I will give them to her when she gets back. I also facebooked Capris and told her how to send you letters and you would like to here from her.

Did you see that Mom is on the email too now?  What is your "shack" like?

i dont know the address yet we live really close to the mission home. we live in a little shack behind a nonmembers house 

Mom is here

So how close are you to the mission home.  Do you know your address yet? 

haha ya i know i need to serve him but yea he is smart and knows his doctrine so i hope i can be that good soon.

well like the mail gets sent to the mission home and they send it out to us but  becasue of where my appartment is they cant send it out to us so she said she will hold the mail but when we come to get it she says there is no mail for us it stinks cuz as a missionary you look forward at night to hearing from people..idk i don't worry about it too much.

Do you get mail everyday or do they deliver it from the mission home in batches?

Sorry to hear that.  Serve him, that's the best way to survive someone hard to get along with. 

yes we get a long he is hard to put up with to be honest sometimes 

So, tell me about your companion, everything good between the two of you, do you get along?

yea like i have recieved three letters from friends and family but not you guys or anything it it weird i don't know what the problem is just i haven't been getting mail? 

Really, we sent your birthday last week to the mission home.

i have only recived emails no letters... 

Did you get the two letters we sent last week

oh awesome that sounds like fun! yea i am doing well it has been fun and hard here!

Everybody is doing well.  We went to Kelsey's farewell in Vegas yesterday.  Everyone asked about you.  We wrote you a letter while there so you will get it in 3 days or so I guess.

so how are you all doing?! whats new?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Letter through the mail

Today we got a letter from Davey in our mailbox.  He wrote it last week but didn't mail it until the first of this week on his last P-Day:

Dear Family,

I am on the plane right now flying to Fresno!  It is so sweet to be in an airplane full of missionaries, ha ha.  I loved hearing your voices and getting the opportunity to talk to mom and dad and Brayden on the phone, sorry I had to hang up; the other missionaries were getting peeved with me.  So yea, I am just super bored and thought it would be a perfect time to write all of you.  I am so curious about my companion and teaching my first investigator and just everything!  We have 29 new missionaries going to Fresno.  It is just wonderful how the lord's work is moving along!  Well, I'm going to study Preach My Gospel and the good old Scriptures, so I will TTYL!!!  Love ya'll,

Elder Moss

P.S. The turbulence while flying is so crazy!  I love it!  It makes it exciting (smiley face).

P.P.S. I also need you to send me a copy of my social security card, medical insurance card, and that's it, thanks!

Monday, March 4, 2013

First P-Day in the field

We received three emails from Davey today; one to Tamara, one to Chase, and one to David, they are posted below. Davey has been assigned to Fresno as his first area.   

We also received a phone call today from a member of our ward, Tonya Horlacher.  Her nephew, who was called to Argentina, was re-routed to Fresno while waiting for his travel paperwork.  He and Davey ran into each other and he found out that Davey was from the St. George/Santa Clara area; so, when he wrote his mother today he mentioned Davey being from where is Aunt Tonya was from.  His mother called Tonya to see if by chance she knew a Davey Moss and Tonya, of course, said Davey's family is in her ward - it is a small world.

Hey mom, I love you so much I just sent home an email explaining a little, ha. My tooth wasn't as bad as the other doctor said so I just got it buffed, so yea, it is fine no worries, it took like 10 mins, nothing really happened it is just the same! I will be sending pictures home next week, it is a very obedient mission here and I hardly every get the opportunity to take pictures, it is hard, I have only taken one picture so far while here. So, don't be mad at me, I am trying my best, ha, and yes we will most likely email around 10:30am, but it is not a set time so we might not, idk, today that's just when we went to email. I have a lot of funny stories, but, um, a spiritual one is last Thursday we met a Samoan family. They weren't Mormon and didn't like us, well the mom didn't like us at all, but the sons did. So they live really close to our apartment. So the next day we had appointments fall through and we didn't meet hardly anyone that was interested. So around 8:20pm we went tracting one last time because we had to be home by 9pm. So yea, we were walking out of our apartment, but first we knelt down and prayed that we might find someone to teach, and then while we were riding out we got this impression to go see the Samoan family. So we started to head over there and right as we were going to turn into the complex the older son, about 24 years old, was walking around smoking so we went over and talked about families and taught him what we believe and he was so awesome. He invited us to come back because he wants to learn more and they are going to cook dinner for us, so pretty much the whole family wants to know more except the mom... We have to get through to the mom and once we do we will be baptizing a whole bunch of Samoans! Haha, it is so awesome. :) But I will tell you this right now, I am getting fat...I eat so much everyday! It is nuts! Haha, so yea, everything else is good and great and I love it out here, it is hard but so worth it! love you Elder Moss

Hey buddy, it is great here. I love it already, but it is super hard work. A little advice: Start working and preparing right now! I am serious, if you wanna be a way effective missionary start now! And I don't know the phone number or really anything yet, haha. But it sounds like you are having a lot of fun, and yea I will for sure let you know of some places! and chase I know there aren't any L's so i didn't even fall for that old trick, haha. Love ya -Elder Moss

OK, so today is my preperation day, and just so you know, you all ask way to many questions! tell grandmas and grandpas thanks for the letters on my birthday and also aunt Judy and Shawn. My companion is named Elder Dunford, he is from salt lake and an extremly great missionary. He has about 4-5 months left till he goes home. I don't know what the street address is but we live right by the fresno high school. We went out tracting and also went and did harvest blessing which is when you go around and knock on doors and you just ask them if we can leave a blessing and prayer on the home and family. We just taught a bunch of non members we both got doubled into the area so we have no clue where the streets are, haha, but we have met a lot of potentials and hopefully everything will be great and work out with them, ha. But, I'm sure we will baptize them all. ;) We haven't had any appointments yet with investigators except these two girls ages 14 and 15. They have some problems, they smoke and drink and arent virgins, one of them has had a abortion already which is so sad. But yeah, we taught them about temples and they attended church which was good. But ya, it's a really rough neighborhood here, but like I said we have just been improving and meeting a lot of new peole and seen miracles happen. I am on my bike, we don't have a car which is awesome!! :) We can talk to everyone and I just love it! My bike is so nice, I think I am in love. It's like having naomi (my car) back in my life. ;) Haha, just playing, but I like it a lot. I have my bedding and the flight was great. President Gelwix picked us up and took us to the mission home. We are emailing from the mission home and we have an hour everyday to do so. Umm, what else... our apartment is not nice at all. It is very dirty and needs a lot of TLC which we will be giving it today. Ha, if mom saw it she would go crazy! Haha, so yea, that is all I can think of at the moment! Love you all -Elder Moss