Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Email-Chat on P-day

This last Monday (p-day) we were able to be on the computer at the same time as Davey and email back and forth.  Below are both sides of the email; they aren't labeled, I think you can figure out who is talking.  They start at the bottom of this post:

It looks like your hour is up so before you go want you to know I love you and miss you and I am glad you are happy  and getting along.Love you, mom

It sounds like we need to send a care package full of granola/energy bars ;)

We love you too.  We know you are doing what is right.  We pray for you too.  Keep up the good work.  It was wonderful chatting with you.  Love mom and dad.

well i am out of time and just want you all to know that i love each and everyone of you and that i am doing very well! the church is true! ha ha love you all :) and i keep you in my prayers every day:) Love, your missionary, Elder Moss

and yes i think i am fitting in well!

if we get fed by the members like we are supposed to then yes it is enough but if we don't get fed like we are used to then its cutting it really really close ha

yea it is enough 

So, do you think you are fitting in and adjusting well?  Mom, asked about food and I think she meant, is it enough for all month, not all week?

Is the money they give you for food is it end up being enough to feed you all week?

the district leader is my trainer actually and i have met the the zone leaders and the assistants and i have seen pres. gelwix a lot i don't know how offten just we catch him working or something idk ha and we havent been on splits or anyting yet and we have around 20 missionarys in our zone i am not sure on that number but yea

How many missionaries in your district, your zone.  Have you been on splits with the DL or ZL?  Have you met the AP?  Are they all pretty cool?  How often do you see Pres. Gelwix?

That is funny.  I am going to make sure your brothers know what stuff they need to be eating and getting used to.   

I sounds like you need to find some members who know how to cook better ;)

we don't eat there offten enough haha but we are working on that the past two days i had tomato chunk soup which was basically just cut up tomatos...eww.. haha and yesterday i had cabbage and onion soup.. so yea not my favorite haha 

How often do you eat at members homes?  

i think it is just a debit card and yes it gets reloaded each month and the left over money carrys over so it is nice but if the money on your  food card gets above like 200 bucks they drain it out idk why they just do cuz they don't want you to just be saving or something ha so yea

just tired from riding all day! haha and yes i eat too much i am fat! and yea we were tracting and this black guy wanted to kill me basically cuz i was a mormon and he got all up in my face and he was drunk and yea just another typical day in fresno haha dont worry though mom! ;) haha it is fun and i love being a misisonary :) 

this is mom,
Why are you so tired... are you eating enough?
In one of your letters you said you almost got into a fight. WHAT? I know you will be safe but you better write that story down.

That is fine.  I just wondered.  I am sure they pay your rent and utilities with the rest of the money.  So what kind of debit card is it, visa type?  Do they just reload it each month.  If you don't spend all $135 will it carry over so you can save to buy some good stuff once in a while?

i am trying to attach them but they arent letting me it is messed up.

i don't know what happens to the 400 bucks but we get 135 dollars a month for food and such on a debit card that they give us.

Why can't you send the pictures?  Did you find your cord and other stuff that goes with the camera?

How does the money work?  We put in $400 a month do you pay utilities and pay your rent or does the mission.  Do they give you cash for food money?  

ok well i cant send the pictures yet sorry and the meembers are alright they are kinda weird haha but good and we get the referrals from other misisonarys

What about members?  How are they?  Are they taking care of you?  Are there some pretty cool ones? Where do you get referrals from?

 we havent had too many teaching appointments... we got doubled in so nither of us know the area and the other elders didn't leave us with anything so yea we have been finding a lot!! thats pretty much all we do. and go see referals. 

Ok, so we need to give you time to upload the pictures.  Did you teach a lot this last week?

i am pretty sure it is fine and not against the rules and i have an hour to email i will be sending you pictures like 2 ha cuz thats all i have been able to take so far ha sorry mom ;) but yea.

How long do you have to reply to letters and be on the computer.  I am sure you have a few to reply to and we don't want to take away from that by doing this.  Is doing this OK?  We don't want to do anything that is against the rules.  I know Connor and his parents do it but that doesn't mean it is acceptable in your mission.

my shack is the smallest thing ever haha it is just where we live idk how to explain it. and mom i am doing great! it is hard and i am tired all the time ha but it is the best thing ever! :)

This is mom,
I would have gotten on earlier but it is crazy busy. I don't know how long I have. So the most important question from a mom is how are you doing?

This is mom,
I tried giving your letters to Shy, but she is out of town. I will give them to her when she gets back. I also facebooked Capris and told her how to send you letters and you would like to here from her.

Did you see that Mom is on the email too now?  What is your "shack" like?

i dont know the address yet we live really close to the mission home. we live in a little shack behind a nonmembers house 

Mom is here

So how close are you to the mission home.  Do you know your address yet? 

haha ya i know i need to serve him but yea he is smart and knows his doctrine so i hope i can be that good soon.

well like the mail gets sent to the mission home and they send it out to us but  becasue of where my appartment is they cant send it out to us so she said she will hold the mail but when we come to get it she says there is no mail for us it stinks cuz as a missionary you look forward at night to hearing from people..idk i don't worry about it too much.

Do you get mail everyday or do they deliver it from the mission home in batches?

Sorry to hear that.  Serve him, that's the best way to survive someone hard to get along with. 

yes we get a long he is hard to put up with to be honest sometimes 

So, tell me about your companion, everything good between the two of you, do you get along?

yea like i have recieved three letters from friends and family but not you guys or anything it it weird i don't know what the problem is just i haven't been getting mail? 

Really, we sent your birthday last week to the mission home.

i have only recived emails no letters... 

Did you get the two letters we sent last week

oh awesome that sounds like fun! yea i am doing well it has been fun and hard here!

Everybody is doing well.  We went to Kelsey's farewell in Vegas yesterday.  Everyone asked about you.  We wrote you a letter while there so you will get it in 3 days or so I guess.

so how are you all doing?! whats new?

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