Monday, March 25, 2013

4th P-Day in Fresno

We chatted with Davey today and the thread is below.  He also sent some pictures:

This is his apartment

They usually eat breakfast and lunch on their own and then eat at a members for dinner

At the MTC with his friend from home Michael Jensen

Bowling on P-Day at the MTC

Getting ready to leave the MTC for the airport

Goodmorning/afternoon Davey,

I hope you have had an eventful week, full of service and fun.  We have had a full week, with tennis, basketball practice and dad's birthday.

holy cow i totally forgot it was dads birthday! shoot well happy birthday dad!!!! how was it?

Sorry I just got on. I hope you are still online. We went out for dinner when Katelynn was down. We went to Olive Garden, it was so good. Then the day of dads birthday I took him to Bill Cosby and feed him KFC. I know I had fun I hope he did.

haha that sounds so great and fun! and yes i am still on!

Sunday we has a special fast for Connor Livingston. He has been sent to the ER 3 times with really bad headaches. The doctors aren't sure what is wrong with him, if they can't find out then he will be sent home to have Connor's Doctors look at him. We also decided to fast for a few more things.., we fasted for you on your mission, so you will find success in your mission and that you will be safe. And we fasted to have help with finding some full time jobs that we will be happy with for dad and I.  We figure if we need to fast we might as well put in our list (haha).

well ya that is crazy and might as well put your names also in it ;)

THANK YOU for the pictures!!!!  I love seeing you look so happy and NO you don't look like you've gained any weight.  You look GREAT!!

ha those pictures are for you!! haha

Thanks Davey, I'll love looking at the pictures and I will think of all of the fun and spiritual things you are doing. Love you, Mom

I'll let you go so you can write to other family and friends. 
Love you and miss you.  May God be with you always!

What is your eating schedule like each day, do you eat breakfast and lunch at your apartment and then dinner at a members? I also wanted to ask who else sent you a birthday present and what it was?

ha no one else sent me a present besides grandma coombs and grandpa it was a hyme book and judy lee sent me 20 bucks which was way nice i think that was it though.  oh and grandma and grandpa moss sent some cash and yea thats exactly what happens with the eating scedule 

That is what they gave me was cash too. On another note, tell us about your week I want all the details would've you been doing?

ok i don't have time so it is either me sending you pictures or telling you about my week which shall it be? ha

You have an hour and a half. I want it all. I know however that you are emailing other people while you're doing this with us so you'll just have to try to weigh it all out. At least you figured out how to send pics or found the cord or both. Oh, and thank you for the happy birthday wish that you sent to mom for me!

well the computers we are on have time limits up to a half hour so i will try to include it all

So has it changed then? You only get a half hour now? You will have to quickly describe the pictures that you were sending so we can put a caption on them when we post them on your blog.

umm shoot idk they are of ones that i went bowling and when i was leaving the mtc and when i got to fresno and yea ha idk just a lot of stuff and no jsut the computers that we are on have that time limit

I see elder McClung And Peterson in the pictures they look like they're on the field is that correct? Is the picture with your bunkbed is that in your apartment? Just looking for some quick descriptions. Also if you ever want to send home the card we can download them but will just need description in the letter feel free to do that. One other thing Brian Grisanti Just got his mission call to....wait for it....wait for it... the Fresno California mission!
So after a half hour can you renew it and then stay on another half hour then?

ha no way are you serious!!!?? when does he report?

Brian went and served a service mission I think to the Las Vegas mission for the last couple months.  He did really well so they went ahead and extended a full-time mission call to him and it was to Fresno. I don't know if he has to go to the MTC for two weeks or what but his farewell was yesterday.

that is so awesome!!

Maybe you two will be companions, who knows? It might be really good for him. Hey you haven't told me about your week yet, your lessons taught, the members you met with, investigators you have... how's it going?

ha ok so this week it has been tough we have been doing a lot of finding because we still don't have that many people that we are teaching but a cool and spiritual story about two weeks ago we found this guy on the street and he said to come back and share a messege but everytime we tried to go back he was sick or something so we couldn't go in and teach him. this went on for like 2 weeks which stunk but a couple days ago we finally got in with him and taught him and like seriously he is the most prepared person that i have ever met!! same with my companion it is just so crazy how prepared he is and he has a family a wife and an 8 year old son and he comitted to be baptised and it is just so awesome so that is a way cool story it may not sound like it but experiencing it was awesome! and then we found two other familys that are taking the lessons which is great and just ahh so awesome so that is pretty much my week!
Mom got busy at work so she is not able to talk to you right now. She will be disappointed. So, you need to be prepared, in case you don't get a reply back from us someday, to type out a long message, that is, if some Monday we are not able to get on because we are busy at work.

It sounds pretty cool that you have committed someone to be baptized and that he was so prepared please keep us updated on this guy, we will pray for him.

 i got to go now so i love you! and i pray for you all daily i miss you a lot! godspeed! church is true!

We love you too, it's been great talking to you today. We pray for you every day and really really miss you as does the rest your family. We were over to grandma and grandpas yesterday and everybody was asking about you and reading the blog that we post for you so everybody really love you and Misses and prays for you.  Bye son.

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