Monday, March 4, 2013

First P-Day in the field

We received three emails from Davey today; one to Tamara, one to Chase, and one to David, they are posted below. Davey has been assigned to Fresno as his first area.   

We also received a phone call today from a member of our ward, Tonya Horlacher.  Her nephew, who was called to Argentina, was re-routed to Fresno while waiting for his travel paperwork.  He and Davey ran into each other and he found out that Davey was from the St. George/Santa Clara area; so, when he wrote his mother today he mentioned Davey being from where is Aunt Tonya was from.  His mother called Tonya to see if by chance she knew a Davey Moss and Tonya, of course, said Davey's family is in her ward - it is a small world.

Hey mom, I love you so much I just sent home an email explaining a little, ha. My tooth wasn't as bad as the other doctor said so I just got it buffed, so yea, it is fine no worries, it took like 10 mins, nothing really happened it is just the same! I will be sending pictures home next week, it is a very obedient mission here and I hardly every get the opportunity to take pictures, it is hard, I have only taken one picture so far while here. So, don't be mad at me, I am trying my best, ha, and yes we will most likely email around 10:30am, but it is not a set time so we might not, idk, today that's just when we went to email. I have a lot of funny stories, but, um, a spiritual one is last Thursday we met a Samoan family. They weren't Mormon and didn't like us, well the mom didn't like us at all, but the sons did. So they live really close to our apartment. So the next day we had appointments fall through and we didn't meet hardly anyone that was interested. So around 8:20pm we went tracting one last time because we had to be home by 9pm. So yea, we were walking out of our apartment, but first we knelt down and prayed that we might find someone to teach, and then while we were riding out we got this impression to go see the Samoan family. So we started to head over there and right as we were going to turn into the complex the older son, about 24 years old, was walking around smoking so we went over and talked about families and taught him what we believe and he was so awesome. He invited us to come back because he wants to learn more and they are going to cook dinner for us, so pretty much the whole family wants to know more except the mom... We have to get through to the mom and once we do we will be baptizing a whole bunch of Samoans! Haha, it is so awesome. :) But I will tell you this right now, I am getting fat...I eat so much everyday! It is nuts! Haha, so yea, everything else is good and great and I love it out here, it is hard but so worth it! love you Elder Moss

Hey buddy, it is great here. I love it already, but it is super hard work. A little advice: Start working and preparing right now! I am serious, if you wanna be a way effective missionary start now! And I don't know the phone number or really anything yet, haha. But it sounds like you are having a lot of fun, and yea I will for sure let you know of some places! and chase I know there aren't any L's so i didn't even fall for that old trick, haha. Love ya -Elder Moss

OK, so today is my preperation day, and just so you know, you all ask way to many questions! tell grandmas and grandpas thanks for the letters on my birthday and also aunt Judy and Shawn. My companion is named Elder Dunford, he is from salt lake and an extremly great missionary. He has about 4-5 months left till he goes home. I don't know what the street address is but we live right by the fresno high school. We went out tracting and also went and did harvest blessing which is when you go around and knock on doors and you just ask them if we can leave a blessing and prayer on the home and family. We just taught a bunch of non members we both got doubled into the area so we have no clue where the streets are, haha, but we have met a lot of potentials and hopefully everything will be great and work out with them, ha. But, I'm sure we will baptize them all. ;) We haven't had any appointments yet with investigators except these two girls ages 14 and 15. They have some problems, they smoke and drink and arent virgins, one of them has had a abortion already which is so sad. But yeah, we taught them about temples and they attended church which was good. But ya, it's a really rough neighborhood here, but like I said we have just been improving and meeting a lot of new peole and seen miracles happen. I am on my bike, we don't have a car which is awesome!! :) We can talk to everyone and I just love it! My bike is so nice, I think I am in love. It's like having naomi (my car) back in my life. ;) Haha, just playing, but I like it a lot. I have my bedding and the flight was great. President Gelwix picked us up and took us to the mission home. We are emailing from the mission home and we have an hour everyday to do so. Umm, what else... our apartment is not nice at all. It is very dirty and needs a lot of TLC which we will be giving it today. Ha, if mom saw it she would go crazy! Haha, so yea, that is all I can think of at the moment! Love you all -Elder Moss

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