Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013


yup i am on are ya?

You're on earlier than normal.  I haven't typed you a letter yet.  

ha ya we came earlier cuz we have a quad zone activity this afternoon

Awesome, what are you doing?  I am trying to plan out my holiday schedule.  They gave us the option of banking our time off for the holidays to use at another time.  I think I am going to do that so that I can take off if I need to go home for something or if the house sells, etc.  Have you started thinking about the holidays?  I am not trying to make you homesick or anything, just wondering about plans.  You've been in Clovis for a while, do you think you will get transferred?

i have been here for about 5 months or more idk ha and ya i think i will transferrs are the 6th and i really haven't even had time to think about holidays but the members usually just say "oh your coming over to our house!" ha so idk whatever happens happens.  what is your job again? 

It is called Observation and Assessment.  I work for Juvenile Justice Services as a counselor.  We do activities such as service or hiking or sports or reading groups and then observe and assess the boys to see how they function and if they are learning to control themselves to stay out of trouble.  We are trying to rehabilitate kids so they can go back to society and their homes.  During the week on dayshift we go to school with them and just sit in school from 8am to 2pm and observe their interactions and discipline in school.

dang that is cool and you see some cool stuff going on i love you dad i hope you know that and i am proud of you and you are an amazing example to me. i love you

Thank you!  I love you too.  More than you will ever know.

well i am going to go tear it up you can always count on me. i will never slack off again!

I love your attitude.  Go get em!

Weekly Letter:

Well this week has really been great miracles always happen!  i hope your life is great right now and don't worry if it isn't i pray for you so don't worry it will pick up really quick i love you so much and am so greatful for your example to me we have gone on 2 exchanges this past week to help out our zone some of the companionships are struggling so we helped them out and had a great time! we have had to hand off a lot of referrals to other missionaries due to we thought they were YSA but they actually weren't cuz they have broken the Law of chastity and have now kids and it is sad cuz they aren't married even so a lot of the time the husband leaves the wife and kid and i just want to slap them cuz they need to be the role model and look out for his family. but the world is a wicked place that is why i am here to call them all to repentance! i love it, but really if people truely understood the atonement of christ then they wouldn't hesitate to join the true church so they could partake of the blessings that are in store for those that truely accept christ as there savior. i have  2 Nephi 33:3 experiences a lot i water my pillow for my fellow brothers and sisters that are living lifes without the gospel. This is the great work of salvation i was such a dillweed before my mission but now because i have overcame obstacles that have allowed me to grow and be the child of God i am today. this is one of my favorite quotes "God is preparing people to receieve your testimony of restored truth. He requires your faith and then your action to share fearlessly what has become so precious to you and those you love." -Henry B. Eyring

Today for preparation Day we are having a quad zone activity and are playing sports i am super excited and cant wait! i love you and hope you have an amazing week become better than you were the day before.
Love Elder Moss


Hey Davey,
It was fun to see the pictures, although I felt bad that I haven't written you a "letter".  I've shown the house a handful of times which can I say is a little hard.  I love my home so much and it is hard to here comments about how they would change things.  I keep telling myself that it is only a material thing and not important.  There are other things that are more important.
I got some pictures from the Burnetts.  I loved seeing you making cookies, did you get to watch AFV? (lol)
How are you doing?

ha no i didn't watch AFV that would be apostate mom ha and it is fine i havent gotten a letter no worries at all we just thought that was a funny picture. and i bet it would be hard to leave the home it was a great place and i love it and know you do too. i am just great mom! ha a little down we were supposed to have a baptism yesterday but he called us and told us that he couldn't come cuz of his dad so that stunk super bad but he still wants to get baptized so that is awesome!

Well things will work out with your baptism. Tell him that he will be blessed and his life will be so much more happy! I am so proud of you and even though this might be a set back it will be okay. The Lord will bless you in your efforts and he will be touched in a way that he will get baptized.  I'll pray for him.
It is getting colder? The weather is starting to change here and we have a big storm coming in today and tomorrow.

ya yesterday it is getting colder ha but dang that is crazy about the storm

Brayden had his Last primary program on Sunday.  He brought tears to my eyes, they songs that they sang and the whole meaning of the program was wonderful!  You would have been proud of him.  He smiled most of the time he sang.  
Chase was texting me a bit ago... and said that he loves you and wishes you the best.  He tried to get me to get a redbox, he does just what you did. When he gets a text from redbox he sends it on to me. Then he will text me... "so mom what do you think? Movie tonight?"  He is funny.  The other day he did a Davey... he totally scarred me then with his cute smile he said oh, sorry mom. Then laughed.  All I could do was smile and laugh.
I love to read about what you are doing on your mission. 

chase is so amazing he is going to be a far better missionary than i am i am so proud of him and of brayden they are just examples to me i pray for you all everyday expecially them i love them so much they are my best friends i hope they know that..and mom you are the most amazing women i love you and will always be there for you! 
Love you so much

This is dad - I read that last one to mom while she was on her way to work.  She started crying.  She loves you.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Tamara was able to get on with Davey on Monday. Below is their conversation:

 I love you all so much i am online emailing right now!

 Hey! This is mom. How are you doing?

 great how are you doing?

 I'm at work right now and will try to write you back (in between calls). I was asked to talk about you in relief society... and again I cried. I guess I cry because I am so proud of you! I told them about your baseball game that you told the people if you won then they had to go to church. I also told them how you will give us a challenge to work on for the next week, like when you challenged us to know more about the atonement or to read the conference talks and then challenge us to share the gospel.

 ah no way that is awesome ha i love ya so much how is the family and moving and how are the boys?

 I am having someone over to take pics of the home tomorrow. Things are going good, I do feel overwhelmed sometimes, but keep reminding myself that I can do it and to take a day at a time. Tonight is really busy... Brayden has a football party and Chase has a Student Body video project that they are making.
mom your amazing truely you are so strong and just amazing and shoot it sounds like a fun night!

What size of pants do you wear? no clue im not that smart...32in waist?

 Ok, are you a large in shirts/jackets?


Also, do you have any more thoughts on what you would like me to talk about for December? The bishop has asked me to take a few minutes to talk about you and what you are doing. Any words of wisdom? How are you doing? are you still tired? How can I help you with that?

 ha no i am dong great mom i don't really know what you want me to tell you to say haha i am sorry i am doing awesome i love it out here ya i am tired but thats just because i am always working ha

 I'm glad you are doing so good and you are loving being a missionary. Will you be sending your weekly? I am excited to read about your week. I love you so much! Enjoy your week!!

 He sent some pictures too:
In the tunnels (he didn't say what tunnels, we assume under a church)

Empty Mailbox

And here is his weekly report:

 So this past week has been great we have had zone conference which was really good and we have just had a lot of lessons with investigators and have set 2 baptismal dates one for the 27th of October his name is armondo and he wants to serve a mission he is 21 years old and i found him while talking to people on the street and the other for Nov. 9th his name is adrian and wants him and his family to go to the celestial kingdom he is 18 years old it is going to be so sweet to see these people get baptized! I was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting about having a christlike life so i talked about humility the christlike attribute i loved learning about it so much then speaking to the youth about how they can repent and become better! The Christlike attributes are so important to develop always try to develop them and improve them. I started reading the Book of Mormon again and dang i love it so much i learn something new everytime but thats not what is important its when i apply the things that i have studied in my personal reading into my daily life thats when i start seeing myself change and being better. So sorry it is not very long this week we are doing president interviews right now so i don't know how much time i have so i love you all and i love being a missionary! Chase and brayden strive everyday to touch someone new you meet and lift them up, be a light to all and always stand strong in your belifs and standards. be a leader to all you meet but don't be prideful always humble i love you boys your awesome and you better be working out if you are going to beat me at anything when i get home! ;) love your brother and son Elder Moss

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Davey got on and emailed a thread with Mom and Dad.

Mom is at work and the boys are at school.  I am the only one home.  I came home this weekend because it is Columbus day today and I got tomorrow off since Sunday and Monday are my regular days off.  So, I got off work Saturday and drove down and arrived at 7pm and I don't have to work until Wednesday at 3pm so I am going to drive back to SLC on Wednesday morning after everyone leaves for school.

nice! so when are you all moving up north and what is all happening with that? how are the boys doing?

We are not even going to start looking for a house or plan a move until we sell the houses, at least the Ivins house.  They boys seem to be doing well.  Mom is awesome and is doing a good job as Mom and Dad.

well that is great to hear i pray for you all the time!

How are you feeling about all this?

haha i am totally fine with it! it will be weird tho not gonna lie i love St. George and if i was home i wouldn't want to leave. i am just thinking it will be hard for chase but he is strong so i know he will be fine.

McKay Kennedy gave his homecoming yesterday and after Bishop Hurt stood up next to him and said, "It is hard when your parents move while you're out on a mission but it happens a lot, my parents even moved while I was out and I was fine, everyone else does fine, so you'll do fine too."

Brayden is playing in the Pumpkin Bowl today for the championship.  His team is the only undefeated team so hopefully they will stay that way and win tonight.

ha i know i will. and shoot no way that is so sweet tell him i say good luck and to go play his hardest and to sack the QB for me!

I will tell him.  Are you writing a weekly letter for us?


Oh good.  You are pretty popular so you need to keep writing good letters.  I have put 50 posts on your blog since you left and I went in and looked and there has been 3086 page views of your blog since you left.  Obviously, some of those are us, maybe 100-200 or so but the rest are other family and friends - that seems like quite a few don't you think?

psh not really there is work that could be done to boost that number

ha ha, well then you need to put in the work to boost it.

well thats the hard part!

So, you haven't said much about your new companion.  He is, I assume, a zone leader too and an experienced missionary?  How is it going with him and the work?

he is awesome and very good we are still trying to get everything settelled we are going to be moving apartments soon so we are disorganized and it is driving me crazy we also need to be essential with our time more i feel but that is about it so far

So, you said he is from Vernal.  Does he Elk Hunt.  Grandpa told me that when he gets off his mission he wants to do one more elk hunt and get an elk.  He told me I need to find someone to take us so that he can get an elk before he gets too old.  

yup he hunts a lot he says he has horses if you want to use them also and that he would take you out hunting definitely 

When does he get home?  Grandpa and you get done at about the same time in 2015.  I think that fall for the Elk hunt we should plan on it, October 2015 Elk Hunt in Vernal.

he gets home next year in january 

Oh, so he is going to be done a year before you then, he will probably be your companion till he goes home and you will send him home then.

Oh, your letter reminded me to tell you that Brayden has been doing missionary work.  He has invited a couple of friends to come to church with him and it looks like they are going to come.

Weekly Letter:
Week in the field harvesting souls!
I love being a missionary so much i have grown more than you can imagine i love it! so some fun thing that happened this week umm just basically one thing we went to the burnetts for dinner and long story short i got SMASHED by a cake in my face! ahh it stunk so bad haha

Well we are teaching this kid named Armondo and set a baptismal date with him for the 26th so that was really cool he wants to serve a mission so that is really sweet. but not really a whole lot besides that has happened this week just been busy and i am always tired! but it is good one of my favorite things is just seeing miracles as i talk to everyone (i know i talk about this a lot) but really we meet crazy people and have hard experiences but then really cool spiritual one as well i love it so much. I have been studying christlike attributes this week and i also started the Book of Mormon i love the gospel so much and more importantly we as people do not understand the Atonement as much as we should i love my savior i challenge you this week to study in depth Jesus Christ's Atonement really learning to internalize it into our lives. The church is true i love it and live it everyday don't take advantage of how lucky you are to be members. Share the gospel share it everyday it is one thing to read your scriptures and that is a great thing you should be doing it everyday but also along with the while we read the scriptures apply what you learn and share it with others! Here are two quotes from gordon b hinckly that i found this week that i love: "Be true to who you are and the family name you bear." "You have not failed until you quit trying." 
I love you so much Stand as Example always
Love Elder Moss

Hey Davey I don't have much time, but wanted to let you know how much fun I had with the Burnetts - Rachael and Sister Burnett!  They are such good people and I am so grateful that they help the missionaries as much as they do.  
Rachael talked the most about you.  She is so sweet and you can tell she has such a strong testimony of the gospel.  
They both told me a story about you and kept saying what a gentleman you are.

what story?

About when you ran to get the mom's inhaler when she was having an athsma attack.

oh ya that was crazy i will tell you what i am fat cuz when that happened i was out of breath! ha normally i wouldn't have been!

They said that you always say that you are fat and you have lost your 6 pack.  I showed them a lot of pictures of you, even baby ones.

oh shoot mom like what ones!? haha your so silly i love ya! 

My favorite baby picture, they all went Ohhhh- so cute.  I showed him pics of you at the lake and on dances.  Rachael said she liked the white tux.  What is the moms name?  
Rachael also said she would send some pics she would be taking and a dvd.  Tell here she can email them or go to facebook and look me up.

Jennie is her name and aalright i will

Also,  If you have a little bit of time I forwarded Alec's first email.  He is struggling a little with being homesick!  Maybe you could give him some words of advise that might help him.  Tonya, of course, is worried about him.

i already did mom ;)

You are the best....  don't let that get to your head.
Have you made your famous chocolate chip cookies for the Burnetts?

no not yet ha i don't have time!

I love talking to you!!  I'm glad that you are doing well and you are keeping busy.  I know you are more busy now that you have more leadership things to do.  
Did you get my goodie basket?

yes i did i loved it haha so much thanks mom for it!

What do you want for Christmas... I need some ideas

well i would like a  jacket, i have one now but i want a smaller one like light weight just solid black and a khaki pant. but really i dont' know haha 

What type of a jacket? A fleece jacket, wind breaker, or rain jacket?
What size of pants?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7, 2013

Tamara was communicating with the Burnett's from Davey's mission.  The Burnett's are a family that feeds Davey on a regular basis and also does his laundry for him once a week.  They contacted her (Davey gave them her phone number) when they were here to watch conference.  On their way home they stopped by our home and visited with Tamara for a minute.  Tamara put me on speaker phone so I could visit also and I immediately heard Tamara crying and thanking sister Burnett for taking care of Davey.  While the Burnett's were at our house, I noticed Davey get on the email.  Tamara quickly took a picture with them and sent it to him.

hey how are ya this fine day?

We are so very very good today.  Sis. Burnett is at our house right now.

haha that is super funny!

Did you meet any of the missionaries that were at the airport with Grandma and Grandpa?

ya one of them said they saw them it was awesome

Did you see the picture of Mom with the Burnetts?

haha ya i did it was awesome!

Is mom typing to you?  She might have had to go to work.  I am just not seeing anything from her?

i don't know i don't think she is

Well we will just wait for your weekly letter and give you time to do that.  I wish I was home to meet the Burnetts.

bro burnett is awesome as well but he wasnt' with them he is the one that you would like a lot.

I didn't hear his voice on the phone or see him in the picture, so that makes sense.

Yesterday we went over to Teri's house and watch conference and ate breakfast lunch and dinner, it was very fun. Grandma and Grandpa drove up yesterday and ate dinner with us after conference. Grandpa is in surgery right now over the Riverton hospital I'm going to get dressed in a minute and run over and see him. He asked me to give him a blessing last night, which I did, so your faith and prayers would be requested.

defenantly i will keep him in my prayers i sent the weekly letter let me know if you got it

Yeah I got it I haven't read it yet though.   mom gave some chocolate chips to the Burnett's. She said that the next time you're over they would have to have you make them chocolate chip cookies. That you know it from memory. But mom said to give you the recipe so you can memorize it to make sure you know it before you go over there.
3 cube soft butter
2 c white sugar
2 c Brown sugar
Cream together
Add 2 eggs
2 tea vanilla
2 tea soda
1 tea salt
4.5 c flour (maybe a little more)
Chocolate chips
haha nice! well shoot dad i love you so much and i keep you and the family in my prayers all the time i have to get going now love you 
Elder Moss 
Love you too.  I do the same for you.  Have a great week.
Hey all of ya'll! 
Shoot it has been super great this past week we have had a bunch of leadership meeting and just have been receiving revelation like crazy! I love this work more than anything it is truly the greatest to be apart of. Our zone is doing really well today we are planing on going bowling so that should be fun! i have been lagging on taking pictures i know i am sorry so hopefully today i will be able to remember. Elder Oldham and i have been busy as the zone leaders with a lot of meetings but i am proud to say we are having a competition of scaring each other every night haha it is fun and brings back some fun memories! 
We have seen some pretty cool miracles this week after the saturday first session of conference we had a less active member and her non member brother and there friends challenged us to a baseball game so we accepted only on the condition that if we beat them then they had to come to church haha and so we played and it was the first team to get to 15 points wins and so we start and haha well long story short we beat them 15 to 0 haha so they are coming to church next week! ha then a different story we had some sisters in our zone text us as we were in a lesson with an investigator and we felt prompted to leave so we ended the lesson right there on the spot our investigator understood and was totally cool and we left and so one of the sisters needed a blessing something happened and so we went and gave her one my companion admitted the oil and i gave the blessing and then after the blessing i told her to go to bed and that she would be healed in the morning and the next morning we saw her at conference she was perfectly fine! it was really amazing and such a blessing to be able to hold and use the priesthood as a service to all those that stand in need. i am grateful for that. another miracle is as we talk with EVERYONE, that is seriously the funnest to do just talking to random people all the time i love it. so as we were doing that we were driving to see a less active member and along the way if we see YSA people we pull over and talk to them and last night we did that and found like 2 guys that we are going to start teaching one of them wants to serve a mission so it was really cool also last night as we were out in downtown fresno we were on one street and just walked right around the corner and then we heard 4 gun shots go off on the other side of the corner hahaha it was so fun i didn't even feel threatened because i know i am doing what i should be. (by the way don't tell mom that one she will freak out) 
Holy bible conference was super great i loved it so much i took for granted so much watching it and taking it in and just ahh i love it so much i love feeling the spirit and receiving revelation as i listen to the prophets and apostles speak. we had 3 investigators show up to conference and 1 to the priesthood session it was way cool. well i love you so much stay strong and review the talks over again i am so excited now to get the ensign haha i love it. Always stand in holy places and be worthy at all times of the spirits influence. The Church is SOOO True i love it so much! grow in testimony everyday and apply the Atonement Every Hour. 
Love Elder Moss

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey family this past week has been really busy and great! i love it so much as you know i am now a zone leader and i am just always busy always ha its the best president Gelwix and i have a great relationship i am grateful to be within leadership to help missionaries and to live up to the calling.

This past week we had zone leader conference which was amazing we will be getting ipad's pretty soon we don't know when yet but they are coming soon.

Elder Cahill Oldham is my new companion he is from vernal utah and loves the out doors and dirt biking.

so ya we just have had a lot of meeting for zone leaders and we have been going around trying to find new appartments for our missionaries in our zone. i love being a missionary it is the best i am doing just amazing and my spirit is super up and continues to grow everyday. we have set a couple of baptismal dates so it will be great.

mom just remind me about the christmas thing like next week cuz i don't have a lot of time right now ha and chase i know you are strong and such an example to me this move that may happen is going to be big and hard but you are so strong truely you have been an example to me don't get down your testimony is powerful you will do amazing things but in every situation look for the right things and always be valiant i love you bro i always keep the family in my prayers and i love you so much sorry this is short i have been running around everywhere this week due to transfers and my calling so sorry i love you all so much and am so proud of you!

Love your son and brother 
Elder Moss