Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Davey got on and emailed a thread with Mom and Dad.

Mom is at work and the boys are at school.  I am the only one home.  I came home this weekend because it is Columbus day today and I got tomorrow off since Sunday and Monday are my regular days off.  So, I got off work Saturday and drove down and arrived at 7pm and I don't have to work until Wednesday at 3pm so I am going to drive back to SLC on Wednesday morning after everyone leaves for school.

nice! so when are you all moving up north and what is all happening with that? how are the boys doing?

We are not even going to start looking for a house or plan a move until we sell the houses, at least the Ivins house.  They boys seem to be doing well.  Mom is awesome and is doing a good job as Mom and Dad.

well that is great to hear i pray for you all the time!

How are you feeling about all this?

haha i am totally fine with it! it will be weird tho not gonna lie i love St. George and if i was home i wouldn't want to leave. i am just thinking it will be hard for chase but he is strong so i know he will be fine.

McKay Kennedy gave his homecoming yesterday and after Bishop Hurt stood up next to him and said, "It is hard when your parents move while you're out on a mission but it happens a lot, my parents even moved while I was out and I was fine, everyone else does fine, so you'll do fine too."

Brayden is playing in the Pumpkin Bowl today for the championship.  His team is the only undefeated team so hopefully they will stay that way and win tonight.

ha i know i will. and shoot no way that is so sweet tell him i say good luck and to go play his hardest and to sack the QB for me!

I will tell him.  Are you writing a weekly letter for us?


Oh good.  You are pretty popular so you need to keep writing good letters.  I have put 50 posts on your blog since you left and I went in and looked and there has been 3086 page views of your blog since you left.  Obviously, some of those are us, maybe 100-200 or so but the rest are other family and friends - that seems like quite a few don't you think?

psh not really there is work that could be done to boost that number

ha ha, well then you need to put in the work to boost it.

well thats the hard part!

So, you haven't said much about your new companion.  He is, I assume, a zone leader too and an experienced missionary?  How is it going with him and the work?

he is awesome and very good we are still trying to get everything settelled we are going to be moving apartments soon so we are disorganized and it is driving me crazy we also need to be essential with our time more i feel but that is about it so far

So, you said he is from Vernal.  Does he Elk Hunt.  Grandpa told me that when he gets off his mission he wants to do one more elk hunt and get an elk.  He told me I need to find someone to take us so that he can get an elk before he gets too old.  

yup he hunts a lot he says he has horses if you want to use them also and that he would take you out hunting definitely 

When does he get home?  Grandpa and you get done at about the same time in 2015.  I think that fall for the Elk hunt we should plan on it, October 2015 Elk Hunt in Vernal.

he gets home next year in january 

Oh, so he is going to be done a year before you then, he will probably be your companion till he goes home and you will send him home then.

Oh, your letter reminded me to tell you that Brayden has been doing missionary work.  He has invited a couple of friends to come to church with him and it looks like they are going to come.

Weekly Letter:
Week in the field harvesting souls!
I love being a missionary so much i have grown more than you can imagine i love it! so some fun thing that happened this week umm just basically one thing we went to the burnetts for dinner and long story short i got SMASHED by a cake in my face! ahh it stunk so bad haha

Well we are teaching this kid named Armondo and set a baptismal date with him for the 26th so that was really cool he wants to serve a mission so that is really sweet. but not really a whole lot besides that has happened this week just been busy and i am always tired! but it is good one of my favorite things is just seeing miracles as i talk to everyone (i know i talk about this a lot) but really we meet crazy people and have hard experiences but then really cool spiritual one as well i love it so much. I have been studying christlike attributes this week and i also started the Book of Mormon i love the gospel so much and more importantly we as people do not understand the Atonement as much as we should i love my savior i challenge you this week to study in depth Jesus Christ's Atonement really learning to internalize it into our lives. The church is true i love it and live it everyday don't take advantage of how lucky you are to be members. Share the gospel share it everyday it is one thing to read your scriptures and that is a great thing you should be doing it everyday but also along with the while we read the scriptures apply what you learn and share it with others! Here are two quotes from gordon b hinckly that i found this week that i love: "Be true to who you are and the family name you bear." "You have not failed until you quit trying." 
I love you so much Stand as Example always
Love Elder Moss

Hey Davey I don't have much time, but wanted to let you know how much fun I had with the Burnetts - Rachael and Sister Burnett!  They are such good people and I am so grateful that they help the missionaries as much as they do.  
Rachael talked the most about you.  She is so sweet and you can tell she has such a strong testimony of the gospel.  
They both told me a story about you and kept saying what a gentleman you are.

what story?

About when you ran to get the mom's inhaler when she was having an athsma attack.

oh ya that was crazy i will tell you what i am fat cuz when that happened i was out of breath! ha normally i wouldn't have been!

They said that you always say that you are fat and you have lost your 6 pack.  I showed them a lot of pictures of you, even baby ones.

oh shoot mom like what ones!? haha your so silly i love ya! 

My favorite baby picture, they all went Ohhhh- so cute.  I showed him pics of you at the lake and on dances.  Rachael said she liked the white tux.  What is the moms name?  
Rachael also said she would send some pics she would be taking and a dvd.  Tell here she can email them or go to facebook and look me up.

Jennie is her name and aalright i will

Also,  If you have a little bit of time I forwarded Alec's first email.  He is struggling a little with being homesick!  Maybe you could give him some words of advise that might help him.  Tonya, of course, is worried about him.

i already did mom ;)

You are the best....  don't let that get to your head.
Have you made your famous chocolate chip cookies for the Burnetts?

no not yet ha i don't have time!

I love talking to you!!  I'm glad that you are doing well and you are keeping busy.  I know you are more busy now that you have more leadership things to do.  
Did you get my goodie basket?

yes i did i loved it haha so much thanks mom for it!

What do you want for Christmas... I need some ideas

well i would like a  jacket, i have one now but i want a smaller one like light weight just solid black and a khaki pant. but really i dont' know haha 

What type of a jacket? A fleece jacket, wind breaker, or rain jacket?
What size of pants?

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