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Davey is in the Fresno Mission.  The only address they want the missionaries to use to receive letters/package through the mail or delivery is that of the mission home (see below directive).  The address of the mission home is below:

Elder David Curtis Moss
California Fresno Mission
1814 N. Echo Avenue
Fresno, CA 93704-6046

His email address is below:


The rule used to be that he only could reply in email to family but he sent this on March 18, 2013:
hey so actually there is a new mission rule that just came out now we can email anyone friends or family and we get an hour and a half to email! it is so crazy all the older missionary's were peeved cuz they don't have that much longer till they go home and now with this new rule it changes a lot! 

Davey also forwarded this directive from the Mission President on March 18, 2013:

To: Parents of California Fresno missionaries

Dear parents & families,
Full-time missionary service provides a wonderful opportunity for young men and young women to grow and mature in a safe and structured environment. Missions are an adjustment for both the missionary and his/her parents, in particular the daily contact we are accustomed to. Please be assured that your child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well being are of primary concern. We have wonderful members and senior missionaries that keep a loving and watchful eye over our young Elders and Sisters.

With the minimum age change, we are fortunate to be receiving an increase in the number of missionaries. Very soon we will have 250 young Elders and Sisters plus our senior missionaries. In order to facilitate the work of the mission and our increased numbers, please review the following:

As a parent, you must make the decision as to whether or not you need to call the mission office. It is suggested that you carefully consider such a call on a “need to know” basis. Generally speaking, please limit such telephone calls to those situations that are absolutely essential, including, but not limited to:
• Serious health and safety issues
• A death of an immediate family member
• Other family emergencies that really cannot wait until your weekly email

Please send ALL mail, letters, and packages to your missionary c/o our mission office address: 1814 N. Echo Ave., Fresno, CA 93704-6046. Please do not ask your missionary for his residential address nor ask members to deliver packages as this puts your son or daughter in a compromising position with mission rules. There are several reasons for this, including restricting inappropriate materials being received by missionaries, local members wanting to establish a romantic relationship with an Elder or Sister, and missionaries being transferred. Our experience is that mail is not always forwarded by other missionaries and the possible theft of packages left by the postman or delivery service on the door step. Letters are forwarded to your missionary the day they are received. Packages are delivered once or twice a week and almost daily during the Christmas season. 

If you send a prescription medication please do NOT identify it as such on the packaging. It makes the parcel a target for theft. Please send the package addressed to your missionary, c/o Sister Care, to the mission office address. Our office missionaries will rush prescriptions marked with c/o Sister Care to your son or daughter.

Please do not contact the mission office and ask the office missionaries to intercede until it has been three consecutive weeks without receiving a letter or e-mail. President Gelwix regularly reminds missionaries to write home. We ask that you remind in your letter to write every week.

Please allow a reasonable amount of time for your packages to arrive and be delivered to your missionary. Our mission office has a very detailed procedure for receipt, delivery, and tracking of all packages. If your missionary has not received his/her package within two weeks of posting, you may call the mission office and ask for a status report.

The approved missionary library is listed in “Preach My Gospel.” Please do not send any books or reading materials that are not specifically approved by the church.

We are fortunate to have expert medical and mental health care professionals, including specialists. We also LDS Family Services counselors. One of our senior missionaries, Sister Judith Ure, CMA (Certified Medical Assistant), serves as our medical coordinator and is the first person of contact for missionary physical health problems and concerns. In addition, Dr. Thomas Fife, MD, is our “24-7 on call” physician and is serving as church service missionary medical doctor. We have a long list of medical and mental health specialists, many of whom are members of the church and sensitive to the rigors of missionary service, who respond to the needs of our missionaries. In all health related issues that your input, knowledge, and permission is necessary you will be contacted. 

If your missionary is covered by your personal/family health insurance, please make sure your son or daughter has a copy of the insurance card

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