Monday, August 4, 2014

July 7, 2014 - July 14, 2014

Mom - "How are you? I have a little of time so did you get my voicemails? "
Davey - "i got them and i love them so much thanks for all you do i love you so much! i hope your job is going well and that you can have fun still tell me how everything is! love ya"
Mom - "Hey davey, I'm taking my lunch right now. Perfect timing!
How are things? Are you healthy? What about Sarah - I've been praying for her parents to soften their hearts."
Davey - "i am so great and healthy, and she is doing well still same situation but still moving forward what about you?"
Mom - "I'm doing great, honestly! I love my job and I'm grateful things have turned out the way they have. By working at BYU my kids can all get 1/2 tuition. I am SO EXCITED to meet your president Garlic. I CANT wait! I have loved working on your blog and cant get enough of your voice. I can picture you so clearly when I hear you.
How is your companion doing with the language? How are you?"
Davey - "what BYU are you working at provo? and he is doing great improves everyday."
Mom - "Yes I'm working full time at BYU. You must not have got one of my voicemails. I talked about how I quit my job in Lindon and the same day I was hired at BYU. I am a supervisor of about 30 students in the registration office for CE, IS, EFY, and different conferences."
Davey - "so i get free tuition if i go to byu provo?!"

Dad -
Hello Son,
Just wanted to let you know what is going on and what has gone on.  I am taking off with Chase this morning and going to our Moss family vacation.  We are going to Parowan.  Katelynn is going with us and Brayden is going to scout camp.  Jeff started a new job with Direct TV or some cable company like that.  Mom has to work.  So we will hold down the fort without you and several others.  I am cooking dutch oven on Tuesday night for everyone but other than that I don't know what is planned.
I am meeting with the construction people this morning to get the house started...finally.
We had the Coombs reunion on Saturday and your mom got elected to be the chairperson for the next reunion in 2016 so she will be busy putting it together. Grandpa nominated her and everyone voted her in.
Congratulations on becoming a zone leader again.  You will do great.  Yes, president Gelwix told us that.  It was so good to meet him.  We were standing in the middle of a big crowd and he met the people next to us and said, "Elder Lord is such a good looking Elder, in fact, when he was with Elder Moss (at this point mom jumped in and said, "That's my son")  So, the Lord's turned and we met them quickly and president Gelwix went on, "When Elder Moss was with Elder Lord I expected the female baptisms to soar, those two are like models."  He then stopped talking to the Lord's (Mom felt bad that she may have intruded on their time by throwing your name out there) and turned to us and met Chase and Brayden.  He then said, "If you boys will follow your brother's example you will become great men and great missionaries."
Thank you Davey!  We love you and love that you are an example to all of us back home.


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