Monday, April 29, 2013

Letter Davey forwarded from his Mission President about Mother's Day

Mother's Day is one of two telephone calls home you are allowed. In today's letter home ask your family to send you a suggested calling time. You may want to tell them when you are available. For missionaries whose homes are in the US, you will talk by telephone. For international missionaries serving in the CFM, your family may use a telephone or Skype. If they opt for Skype it is to be sound only, no Skype picture. Please bne exactly obedient.

You are allowed up to 40 minutes total for the call. If your parents are divorced, you may call each parent/family for a total not to exceed 50 minutes.

Please explain to your family the strict nature of calls home and not to push you to go beyond your allowed telephone time or use a Skype picture.

More instructions will be forthcoming.

President Gelwix

9th P-day in Fresno

Davey wrote us a letter (below)  then Tamara and Dave got on for minute and were able to chat with him (even further below):

okie dokie so what has happened this week? since we don't have bikes we did a lot of walking, till we got some bikes from some other missionaries, till we get our own again. 

so we were knocking some doors trying to find more people to teach this wonderful gospel to when we came to a lady named elane. she is 95 years old and still going strong! oh, and i have to tell you that she made us root beer floats so i broke not drinking soda which i felt super sick after, haha, but ya, so she is old and used to meet with other missionaries like 10 years ago but she is super cool and just needs to be baptized. her whole family has passed away and she is all thats left, besides her son, and she always wonders why that is. so we told her its because she needed to be baptized the right way, haha, and that was interesting to see her response. but we are still meeting with her and she will get baptized! 

it is up in the 90's degree and with riding bikes and being in church clothes, i will just say, i have never sweated more.

i love the ward here they feed us like crazy! i have gained 15-20 pounds so far on my mission and i wanna say it is all muscle but if i did i would be 2 Nephi 9:34. 

so we have a investigator that hasn't come to church but she is so close to baptism she just needs to come to church. her name is nikole and she will hopefully get baptized this next month! 

alrighty, now a funny story that happened this week so we were clear up north in our area and we had dinner with a member, then we had to go see people down south which is about 20 mins away on bikes. so we start going along then Elder Dunford's (my compaion) bike peddle broke so he couldn't ride which meant we both had to walk but it would have taken forever so i came up with the idea that i use my lock for him to hold on to one end then i hold onto the other and i pull him all the way home! everyone we passed on the way home thought we were was so funny! the comments people make are hilarious but yea that was my week. i love you all and hope all is well! GodSpeed!

David (Dad):

well shoot dad i don't know the bikes are getting taken care of i won't probably buy one if all goes well and this week went well i sent a letter home with it so you will just read that but how are you doing?

I am glad to hear the bike situation is under control. I think President got fed up with me emailing him so much and he gave me the phone number to Elder Williams and so I talked to him last. Things are going good with me. I am most concerned about your mother and how much she is working and how she feels about working that much. She is sure a trooper.

ya i don't think he liked you emailing be honest so maybe don't do that unless it is a real emergency or something of more importance but ya i still love ya and thought it was extremely thoughtful that you did that so i need to cut up my zions bank card? and yes mom is a trooper and doing a lot so serve her as much as you can! haha i know you do and will :) your awesome dad. i sent mom a challenge i want the family to do so you will have to see that. 

Mom probably already told you this, but Katelynn came down this weekend, it was sure good to see her. I think it was really good for mom to have her here to talk to and be with. We sure miss you too just the same as when Katelynn is not with us. Can't wait to talk to you on Mother's Day. We will leave most of the time for Mom. But the boys and I still want to talk to you a little bit. When are you available so that we can make sure that the time we pick works for your schedule?

i don't know what time i am available yet.

Tamara (Mom):

Hey Davey,
How are things going?  Did you get your bike problem worked out?

still working on the bikes situation. so on the bike don't worry some members are trying to get us some but if not we will just have to buy some. So how you all doing?

I'm glad you have some members who are trying to help you guys out.  We had to scramble to find money to put it into your chase account just in case you had to buy a bike.  I am praying that things will work out so you wont have to buy a bike.  Dad said not to have you worry about the money and to focus on your mission. 
We are all doing good.  Katelynn did break up with Jade.  The last 2 weeks have been a little rough for her.  She came down this last week to get away and have a break from work.  It was so fun to see her.  On Sunday we got out the home videos and watched them.  It was so much fun seeing you when you were younger, it gave me tears watching you.  I definitively miss seeing your sweet smile and hate to admit it but miss your teasing.  
It looks like Chase got a job at Tuacahn in concessions.  It has been a blessing knowing he will be able to help pay for some of his school expenses.  He was asked to help at the Ivins princes pagaent.  On Sat. we went and got him fitted for his first tux.  It brought back memories of when you got to do the pagaent.  Chase seems to be following in your footsteps.  The girls are sure excited about him helping with the pagaent.
Brayden finished with basketball and is only playing baseball now.  He is looking really good.  Playing two sports has helped him with staying fit.
I love the pictures.  It looks like the baptism went good and I love your playful picture in the nursery room.  

ya don't worry i probebly wont have to buy another one. and shoot i knew you would miss my teasing! ;) ha and gezz chase needs to watch out for the girls i hope he does better than me! brayden needs to keep working hard and always improve same with chase! also i know you are very busy with everything but if the family can find time to get outside or go to the church to play sports or do something together i know it will help unity and strength each other and keep each other fit! i love you mom how are you doing?

I'm doing good.  Really busy with work. I seem to be putting in around 60 hour weeks lately.  Dad has been wonderful, he feels in making dinner, buying food, and anything I seem to not be able to get to.  
He has been taking time to practice baseball with Brayden and doing things with the boys.  On Saturday we went to Tuacahn's Saturday's market. They were doing a thing where if you spelled supercalifragilistikexpialidousios right that you would win a prize.  Brayden practiced all week learning how to spell it and did it perfect and he won 2 tickets to Mary Poppins.  He was a little bumbed  he thought the prize would be a lot cooler than that. (oh by the way I know I didn't spell that right).
I love the hat!!  I totally need one!! 

haha that is awesome! and yes i know the hat is sweet! i was going to send it home to you! but idk how ha so i also challenge you all to when the ensign about conference comes out to read it every day or to do a talk for family night till you have gotten through it all and really apply it to your lifes and repent and change for the better! that is what i do everyday well try to at least! but i know it will strengthen you extremely if you do that.

Dad has started having us do scriptures again.  We do it a little differently than when you were home. We each take turns being in charge of a day of scriptures.  We can either read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon or teach each other something that we have been reading in our personal scripture studies.  It has been a lot of fun doing it this way.
I will definitely read the conference talks again and will make it apart of my personal scripture time. I find that when I take time to do this I am so much happier and things don't get me down.
It is so neat to see your testimony grow in the gospel.  
You are so funny when you say you have gained weight.  You always wanted to gain weight but it seemed like you couldn't ever.  I'm sure it is all muscle, in your pictures you look really good!

your awesome mom i know that as you read your scriptures and pray diligently everyday your days will be easier and heavenly father will strengthen you beyond all comprehension so i plead with you and with dad never let a day pass that you didn't read the scriptures and pray NEVER let a day pass! and always strive to share your testimony as much as possible and at least once a month i challenge you to give out a book of mormon to someone thats not a member. as you share your testamony and share the gospel i promise you as a representative of jesus christ you will feel the atonement more in your life and receive and retain a remission of your sins! i love you and plead that you do this. always be an example and choose the right!

I've got to head out to Tuacahn now so I've got to leave.  Let dad know a time that will work with your schedule with the Mothers day call. Love You so much and I always pray for you.  Thank you for the advise and I will be diligent in reading and praying.  I love Mondays!! It is my most favorite day!! Love hearing from you.  Love Mom 
Oh, I forgot to tell you Parker Richey gave his farewell speech on Sunday and did a great job.  And I have someone ask me if you have seen Elder Grisenti yet?  And I saw Connor Livingston at church yesterday too.  He asked how you are doing.  I told him you are doing great. I asked him about how he was doing, he said that the doctors dont know why he is getting the headaches but think it is a nerve at the back of his head/neck.  He looks great and seems to be in good spirits.

oh yes i have seen elder grisenti!! he is so awesome and his trainer is great! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Letter from President Gelwix

We received a reply to a letter we sent to the Mission President and Davey.  We sent it to both so they would know what we were doing about the bike that was stolen.

Thank you for your note. I will be seeing your son this morning and will copy this letter and hand it to him today.

On a different note, let me tell you something you already know, your son is impressive. He has thrown himself into his missionary work, always has a smile on his face, and is growing so fast as a missionary that I could not possibly be more happy with him.  He and his trainer, Elder Dunford, get along quite well and are a powerful companionship. You have every reason to be proud of him.

Best regards,
President Larry Gelwix

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

8th Week

Davey didn't write us on Monday like usual.  We were not able to be online anyway, so we just wrote a letter to him on Sunday Night explaining that we wouldn't be online and other normal letter writing stuff, just filling him in on what has been happening at home.

When we got home from work and school on Monday night we checked the email and there was nothing from Davey.  This is the second time this has happened.

Anyway, Tuesday (yesterday) we got a letter from him.  Today we are scrambling to get some things done, find some money, make deposits, etc, etc.  You will understand from the letter posted below:

Dear Family,

Hey so sorry about not writing you, our preparation day is today and wasn't yesterday so of coarse i am not mad at you haha silly. 

Well i thank you for the garments but i don't have extra bottoms to go with them i don't know if you left them out or what ;) haha, any way i totally grabbed the wrong journal so i cant remember all that has happened this week and i forgot the cord to the camara so i won't be sending any pictures home this week i am super sorry! so any way let me try my best to catch you up to speed on my past week:

First of all it sounds like you all at home have been super busy and running all over the place! that is crazy but it is good to stay busy and that is so awesome to hear about chase and brayden and tonya's family that is great. i love hearing about what has been happening! so ummm here in fresno it has hit 90 degrees as the high of the week and it is supposed to only get hotter! 

haha so my week thus far we have taught a lot of people and set another baptism date but she didn't come to church so that will get pushed back but i will keep you posted on that. then just some exciting things that have happened is of course the baptism that was awesome! i gave a talk on the holy ghost and it could have gone better but it was okay, we had so many people show up for her baptism the room was packed way way over capacity it was so hot and crowded. we also had another investigator show up to it, her name is nikole and is moving along real well so hopefully she will get baptized next! hmm so that was the biggest thing that happened this week. 

but the next thing that happened would have to be this...we had a dinner appointment with a family in the richest part of our area, not down in the getto or anywhere close. so they have a very nice house and a huge gate in front of their home. so we get there and put our bikes up on the porch and the windows are all opened and the gate is shut closed and we are right on the other side of the door... but to make a long story short our bikes got stolen..some son of satan came and took them and we don't have bikes anymore and we don't have a car and our area is super long!! so i am going to be buying a bike pretty soon and i don't know how i will pay for it or not but i will probably umm use the chase card? so yea i am going to use that one ha but ya it stinks to not have my bike.

but ok so the next thing is that why i am emailing you today instead of yesterday we went to the temple today!! so that was super amazing the fresno temple is so little! but it was great i enjoyed it so much. so yup that was my week i cant remember any specific experiences that happend but i will include that next week if i remember my journal and cord to send you pictures so ya! 

Alright well i got to get going but i love you all! thanks for all you do and being there for me your the best and continue on in strength and love and unity!  

Love your son and brother Elder Moss.

Monday, April 15, 2013

7th P-day in Fresno

hey how are ya'll doing?!


Hey Davey, I just got home and forwarded you a message from Coley and here you are.  We are doing great.  How was your week?

ya i got the message about coley but i don't know if i can listen to it. but i love the pictures! my week was good i do have one request ha the garments you sent me were mesh i don't like mesh i like the 50/50 and dry lux round neck tops ha so if you could send me a could of those that would be amazing! :) ha but thanks for the other garments they are great also. so my week huh hmm idk it was great we had some lessons and we have a baptism this coming friday but i am not doing the baptism my companion is so ya i don't really remember anything specific happening this week i shoulda brought my journel to read back cuz its hard to remember.

good idea to bring your journal so you can remember stuff to tell us.  Doesn't matter who is doing the baptism, the companionship gets the credit along with the lord, right?  Don't worry about listening to Coley's thing, it probably would play but the best way is to download it and you wouldn't be able to listen later anyway.  Sorry about the garments, I was going to get dri lux but mom said no, that you like the mesh.  I will get some dri lux with the same tops.  That is what I wear except I wear the crew.  Remember, don't use fabric softener on Dri Lux.

ya thanks and really no fabric softener? we use it all the time!? ha but ok so how is everything at home?

Yea, no fabric softener on the dri lux, it takes out the properties that make the garment work good in the heat and then it starts to stain and break down.  This is from the LDS distribution center website:  
"Dri Lux is a soft and comfortable fabric that helps keep the body dry. It is made from Dri-releaseTM fibers, which wick moisture away from the body. This wicking ability is a characteristic of the fibers and will not wash out. Dri Lux fabric is comfortable in many environments and may be especially wearable where it is hot and humid. Dri Lux garments dry quickly and resist odor. They are made in jersey and rib knit fabrics.
Care:Machine wash warm, gentle. No fabric softener. Use nonchlorine bleach as needed. Tumble dry medium."

Brayden won our ward pinewood derby last week on Thursday.  He got a golden ticket to compete at the district level.  I think mom sent pictures to you.  We then went to the Scout Expo and competed this last Saturday.  He won his first heat and placed second in the next one.  They only race twice and then the winners are based on time.  He didn’t place but had fun.  Chase went up North for Science Olympiad competition and Katelynn and Jade went and got him from the school group and took him to a Jazz game.  He didn’t place in the competition but had fun on an overnight school trip.  Mom and I just follow the two boys around.  Mom got promoted to Group manager at Tuacahn and is pretty excited but nervous at the same time.

oh ya ya fabric sofener! i was thinking of dryer sheets haha ya we dont' use fabric softener.  do you get mad if i don't send home presents for the family? i mean i will later on when i figure things out but i feel bad not doing anything for you guys but that is so aawesome and yes i got the picutures and why is that nervous about mom?

No, we don't get mad.  We don't expect you to send anything home except if you get to much stuff or aren't using something and need to offload some stuff in the form of a package for us to keep for you.  Mom is nervous because group sales are a huge part of revenue for Tuacahn and she wants to do better than the last person and nervous she won't as she has so much to learn.  But, like the book fair, she will do great once she gets it figured out.

ok good thanks and yeah that was all i was thinking on sending home. but i know mom will do amazing and she is perfect for the job just like me i felt like not a very good missionary cuz i didn't know that much doctrine comparied to my trainer but its all a learning process and she will do amazing!  hey this picture was at one of the members homes we watched conference at!

That looks like a really nice home, and big, where you watched conference at.  It looks like your whole zone is there, is that the case?  Did they have food for you too?  Do you go to the Kuhn’s often?  I went to school and also served a mission with a Kuhn but he was from St. George.  Are they related to any Kuhn’s in St. George?

yea it was huge! like seriously it was  a huge home just the theater room alone cost over 200,000 dollars it was amazing. and he is a recent convert to the church and isn't in our area the whole zone was there. and i don't know if he is related or not.

Do they give you a cell phone to use to make appointments or confirm appointments with members or investigators.  Do you go on splits with members?  How involved is the ward your assigned to – or are you assigned to more than one ward.

yup we have a cell phone! and i have gone on a split once so far. the ward is slowly picking up and doing better. it is hard cuz the best teaching appointment are the ones that the members refer us to but we havent' gotten any so far. and nope we have just one ward. its the Van Ness ward!

So are you asking members when you eat with them if there are any neighbors or friends you could visit?  I assume you are.  Do all missionary companions have cell phones or just the district and zone leaders?

nope all missionary compainionships have cell phones! and yes we are asking them all the time and trying to get them excited to do missionary work

That has to be a huge help to have cellphones.  When I went only the district leaders and zone leaders had phones and obviously they weren't cell phones as they didn't exist then.  We got your hand written letter this week.  We delivered G and G Moss' last night when we went over for supper.  We will deliver G and G Coombs' tonight when we go over there to plant a garden.

yea times keep changing! it is nuts! so yeah everyting is great actually a experiance i had was yesterday we were riding our bikes and we passed this family laying on the grass together but i noticed the fathers shirt was a rugby one so i inquired to know more so i boldy went up to him and with a firm voice i asked about the shirt and come to find out he is from irland and played rugby over there! it was so aweosme so long story short we tried to make a return appointment but he didn't know when he would be home but we are praying we will catch him again and baptize him! him and his family are awesome!

Thanks for sharing.  We love hearing from you.  Love you.  Have a great week!  Send pics and details next week, K?

ok i will do my best i love you dad!  this was a great scripture i came across Mormon 9:28-29.

Tamara (and Brayden):

Hey the garments was my fault. I could have sworn you liked the mess tops. As again your dad was right. Sorry for not getting the right ones. 
How are you doing?

hahaha oh silly mommy! this isn't one of those times about how was right and who was wrong haha i liked the mesh before my mission but i have come to like the dry lux a little better ;) ha so no one was right or wrong your both amazing and i thank you for all you do! :) i am doing amazing still trying to learn more and more to becoming a great missionary but it is a prosess so no rush just doing my best each day! how are you doing?! how is everything?

I hope you got to see all of the pictures I sent you. I thought this might be a little fun to see some of the things we have been doing this last week. We are all doing really good.  I kind of got a promotion at Tuacahn, I'm over group sales and the roaming manager working 1pm- 9pm. It will be a seasonal full time job (no benefits, but that is okay). The Lord has be looking out for our family and this added help will be nice. 
If you noticed the pictures Brayden and Chase have been busy with sports and extra activities like the Science Olympiad and the Pinewood Derby.

do you get paid more? and yes i got the pictures and love them! and i am sorry i don't send huge long letters home like dillon hurt or anyone..

Oh your funny, I love what ever you send us. It just reminds me of how you were and still are. I am going to remember to take pictures with my phone and send them as often as I can. I think some pictures can say a lot more than words can. 
With my new job I will get a small pay increase. I don't know how much, though. My boss is still trying to figure it out. One of the managers that I am taking over for was on a salary and the other manager was getting paid $9.50 hr. I won't be on salary and I am hoping for more than the $9.50. I am just grateful the Lord is looking out for us.
Please don't ever feel like you have to give us gifts. Your gift to us is you being on your mission. You make me feel so proud of you. This is the biggest and best present of all and you need to always remember that!!!

that is awesome mom and i know you will be just amazing at that don't be nervous! your perfect for the job! i will tell you though i got my first hair cut yesterday and my hair is so short my companion messed up so we had to shave it..haha i look fabulous! haha not! but yea it was fun and i gotta tell you i miss watching AFV on sundays and making cookies!! ahh it kills me somtimes! haha so yea thats enough about me so umm yea back to somthing you ya i agree that umm ya like you said pictures say a lot more than words so ya i prayed about what that really mean and wow that was deep and i agree mom. 

I'm at school and Brayden just came down to say hi. 
Hi, Davey
How are you doing? Can I have your big lolly pop?

hmmm let me pray about it and i will get back to you ok brayden? ha just kidding yea! of coarse you can have that lolly pop! :)

Brayden says, "you are the best!!!"  "and I love you a lot and I want you to be safe, and I pray for you everyday"
You are so funny, now Davey you are supposed to say of course you can have my lolly pop I saved it for you as a birthday gift to you.

thats right! its your birthday tomorrow!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

You are so funny my birthday is this Wednesday the 17th, close though. You must be working so hard that you have your days mixed up. Its okay and thanks for wishing me a happy birthday.

oh yea duh i know that! i was testing you! i had to make sure you knew your own birthday!

You just mad Brayden laugh really hard. He says, "you are the best big brother  and he love you very much and also misses you." 
Brayden has to go back to class.  He says, "goodbye".

haha hes awesome! i love you all and i am about out of time so yeah i hope everything is going to go great this next week!

Love you to have a wonderful week!!

okie dokie! you as well!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Letter through the mail

Today we received a letter through the mail from Davey.  It appears he wrote it last P-day.  He also included letters to both Grandparents that I assume we are suppose to deliver to them - Gotta love him for saving postage.

To the Moss Family!

So, I am finally writing you all a hand written letter.  And I have absolutely no idea what to say.

Um, conference was super good!  I love being a missionary it tis the best.  I love and miss you all and don't know what to write; sorry, I'm so bad at this.

I am in the Gym right now.  Everyone is playing ball right now while I am writing this so you guys must be pretty important!

So yea, I love you all and the mission is great!  I challenge all of you, when the Ensign comes out for conference, to read it again and really study it like crazy!

Well, I wish you all the best and I love you!

Elder Moss

Monday, April 8, 2013

6th Week in Fresno

Thread to Dad:

Hi Davey, I am on. I have to leave in a bit as I have an appt. at noon.

oh ok well what appointment?!

It is an appointment that I have with one of my business contacts to do some consulting with them. Katelynn was down over the weekend we really enjoyed having her for general conference. She spent all last week on a cruise down in California and had a lot of fun. We went out to eat to celebrate Braden's birthday while she was down at Golden corral. Tonya's family came over to celebrate conference with us and we had a barbecue in between the two sessions.

oh dang that sound super fun! i am jealos ha i loved conference though i got so much out of it! we went to a members home for the saturday morning session then after we went and gave service then went to the church and watch the remainder

So you can watch it at a house in California? I thought you could only watch it at the church. They seemed to talk quite a bit about missionary work which was pretty cool having you in the field we could really relate. What did you think of the new temple announcement in Cedar city, that's pretty cool Huh?

oh it was so crazy about cedar city but that is so awesome! and yea we can watch it at a members house but just for one session and if they invite us to and if we have an investigator with us

When I was in the mission field they did not have it available on TV. I guess if they have satellite they could probably get it on TV or through BYU TV. But I remember being on a mission and just loving conference and looking forward to it and just learning and feeling so much. I suppose it was the same for you, just a lot different from when you're home trying to keep awake on the couch.

haha yeah it wasnt even that important to me at home but like when i am out here i realized the importance of it and how i really do love it and cant wait for conference! it helps so much and is just so awesome!

Jay Day sent me an email just a couple of days ago asking for your email address. He tried to email you at so I told him that your email was a bit different than the standard that most the missionaries have. So I gave him your new email address,, and also your blog so that he could check it out. A lot of people ask about you all the time. Just yesterday Dennis Mehr asked about you when we ran into him and his wife while mom and I were out walking and lots of people ask at church, I guess I should make note of who asks about you so you'll know.
We are having quite a storm right now the winds really blowing and it's raining a little bit. It's been warm the last couple of weeks but really came off cold this morning. So quickly, I got to go in a minute, tell me about your week and about your upcoming baptism and what you did this last week.

ya i got the email from coach Day it was great. umm shoot i dont have a lot to say ha i gave two blessings to members we have a ok size teaching pool now and all we gotta do is turn them into baptisms. so yea this last week was pretty normal nothing to exciting we just have been teaching and finding. The baptism is on the 19th of april and it is going great everything is going as planned she is super excited! then we had conference which was awesome! so ya.

Keep busy, sounds like you are. I'm glad you have a good teaching pool now.We ordered you some garments and had them shipped to the Mission home. We also bought some socks at Costco and shipped them with three CDs and stamps. You probably haven't seen them yet but you should be getting a couple of packages this week. Hope that doesn't ruin the surprise and thrill of getting packages.
I just had an old missionary companion call me yesterday. He is in one of our old areas. He was asking if I remembered where we live. I went to my journal and also went to find letters and I couldn't find anything. So Davey, write down everything, all the little details where you live what your house was like, take pictures of your house, things change 20 years later when you want to take your wife back there. When mom and dad went back to Texas we had a hard time, things change so much so document all the little details of your mission.
I hope the one elder in your district likes to play basketball. He is one tall drink of water. He's got to be 6'8" or 6'9"?

oh thanks so much! and ya he plays ball ha he is awesome! so what else do ya wanna know haha? i kinda feel outta things to say

I am driving now emailing you on my phone instead of my iPad. Mom took the computer so she can email you easier at school. So I'm on my way to my appointment right now. So I guess I won't be able to talk more with you. I am sorry. I love you and pray for you and want you to be successful!

thanks dad i love you too and am working very hard! i wish the best for you and am so grateful for all you do keep it up and be that great example that i know you are! love you!

My appointment just canceled so I am not tied up I don't know how much longer you have on the email or not.
About what to tell us...It's really easy, we want to know everything about what you do each day. We want to know what you eat for breakfast, how many appointments you have, and with who, about visiting the members and what there like, riding your bike and what it's like we don't even seen a picture of your bike nor heard about it, etc, etc, etc.

um i eat food, and my bike is an ok bike, we have appointments every day and i love being a missionary, the members are warming up to us and things are great here....haha jk but i don't know the details cuz it would take forever to write them all (that probably doesnt make sense..) ha well ya

We Don't care how long it takes to write it down. We know you eat food but want to know about shopping for food and what you're buying and what you're eating specifically. How about your ward mission leader and about meeting with stake and with the ward and correlating? Do you have some favorite members that you visit more often than others that are really good at taking care of the missionaries? What are their names and what do they do for you? How about your laundry, how is that coming are you learning a lot? Etc. etc.
I thought you said your bike was a great bike and now you say it's an okay bike, what's up with that?

oh i do have something to say, a member family video recorded me and an elder and i guess she tagged me in it and put it on face book but i am not sure so you should check and also you should accept all the friends on my face book and expecially president gelwix cuz he wanted to look at some photos of mine. and my bike has just got worse ha but it gets me from place to place so i cant complain. there is one family named the kossos that love us and feed us all the time everyone else we have just been by once. so ya

What do you mean it is gotten worse? If you're having any problems at all with it it's got a year warranty from the people we bought it from. That's the reason we bought it down there so you can take it in and get it tuned up and fixed and not have any problems. I will go in and check out your Facebook and see if anything's changed I haven't been on there since I last invited everyone and told them about your blog which was like over a month ago.

Oh, and that was a little better, you gave a little bit more detail. Now you just got to keep doing that.

ok good and yea there isn't much time to go get a tune up but the breaks are acting up and being bad. so ya ha i am going to try and write you all a letter today and get that done! i gotta go now i love you dad and want you to know that i am proud to call you my father i wish only the best for you and all you do. love you alot!

Storm Troopers, the members where they watched conference are big into collecting sci-fi stuff.

Sword of Aragon

Davey's Zone

Davey's District

Thread to Mom:

How are you doing?

hey i am great how are you?

Doing good too.  We had a great day yesterday watching conference.  There was so many good talks, I learned so much and want to strive to do better in my life.  Where you able to watch conference or listen to it?

yup we watched it it was so great i loved it!

We got to go to Braydens basketball game on Saturday. He did so good.  Are you getting ready to baptize that one girl who is 16?

that is awesome! i bet he did good have him keep practiceing and become even better! and yup her date is for the 19th of this month!

It looks like Chase will be the new Soph. class Secretary/Historian.  He is excited to have made it.  It was by default because no one ran against him, but that is okay because when the kids found out he was running no one wanted to run against him ;)  He will be very busy.  He also got the highest award with 4 other kids; something dealing with honor points and earning enough to get the highest  award as possible.

wow i love the pictures! and shoot chase that is so great! keep it up bro! i hope he listened to that talk, i cant remember who it was by, but it talked about the deacons and teachers and it was super good and i thought it was perfect for chase

I'll tell Chase.  He just asked if you were on.  I think he is trying to get on to talk to you. Katelynn is doing good.  

hahahaha jk jk well that is awesome though! i am glad

Funny,  Katelynn and I both talked about you.  We figure that when you get home from your mission we'll give you 1 year before we hear wedding bells (ha, ha)

haha a year? pshh mom come on now lets be real i am not getting married for at least 5 months...i mean years!!!

Funny, real funny ;)
You can take as long as you need.  But I'm sure there will be many girls waiting to date you when you get home.
I know you have to go to your appointment so I'll say goodbye.  Love you so much and may God be with you.  

I just read that your appointment just canceled. Yeah, more emailing!

mom i don't have an appointment that was dad. ha but ok fine if we must go now i just want to let you know how much i love you you are the best ever mom truely you are i am so grateful for you and your testimony and your love for everyone it is amazing and i am so blessed to be able to say that you are MY mother i love you with all my heart and pray for youand the family each day. god bless you and the family. stand as witness's always and in all things! never settle for less. love you so much
love your son, Elder Moss

You sure know how to make me cry.  I am so proud of you.  I went downstairs to start to clean your room and it was sure hard to do it.  There were things that you wore or some items that were out that brought back many fun memories.  I know that every male in the family has worn something that belongs to you.  I guess they feel that since you are gone that it is okay to wear your clothes or shoes.  Maybe it is a way for them to remember you too.  It just means you have great taste into clothes.  I hope you will like the CD's we sent you.  Two of the 3 you might think they are girl CD's, but if you listen to the words you will understand the deep meaning and I know they will encourage you and help you when you need a little of boost.

thanks so much for the cd's i want a lot of them that will be just aweosme ones and that i wont get tired of. so thanks! and shoot they better not ruin those clothes ;) ha i don't care if they do or not! well i love you ma i gotta go now but i wish ya the best and the boys also! let them know that i love them and am so proud of them and wish them the best in all they do

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day After P-Day

Davey didn't write to us on Monday - we didn't hear a thing.  Tamara was a little worried.  But today we received several emails from him (posted below).  Apparently because of Easter he wasn't able to access the computers on Monday.  We went shopping this evening after reading the emails and bought him some things that he said he needed and are going to ship him another package.

In response to Brayden's short email saying hi to Davey:

hey Brayden!!! i love you buddy! hope you are doing well! :)

In response to Tamara's email the day before to see if he was on:  

hey mom i hope things are well i sent a letter about what happened and everything i hope everyone is great! 

In response to Chase's email about his regional basketball tourney with pictures:  

hey! i love the pics so much! and only 3rd?! gezz yea you really needed me!! "i coulda put the team on my back doe!" (tell parker i said that ha show him this) sorry i didn't email yesterday i would say that it was a april fools joke but it wasnt ha the computers weren't open cuz of easter but anyway it has been crazy a summery of my week so far. umm somthing crazy that happened was umm i got in a car accident? ha it was super crazy we were sandwitched and rear ended by a different missionary car ha no one was hurt but yeah pretty crazy. so um something spiritual... probably with ed and his family he is an investigator we have taught twice but he met with his pastor and he told ed not to meet with us anymore we didn't get to see him for like 4 days which was so sad and i was mad..but one day we felt impressed to go stop by and see him and he was home and started talking and he tried to get us out but i felt inspired to ask him if we could give him a blessing and he asked what that was so i told him and he just was so wanting one and after we were done he said he had only felt that way one other time in his life he said he could literally feel the power of heaven come through us to him. and we set a return appointment and now we go see him tomorrow! it was awesome. so how are you all doing?!

In response to David's email about not hearing from Davey on his P-day:  

yea it has been crazy with easter the computer places were all closed so sorry i didn't email! everyting is great and yes i got the package it was so awesome i loved it so much you don't even know! i pray for you all daily and hope things get better financially. put the lord and heavenly father first in all things and he will help you always. you all have great faith and in times of hardships let him carry you through. i love and miss you all! 

These aren't in response to anything just his letter home telling what is going on:  

ok last thing i found some books that looked super good so i want the family to read them! the first is called, EPHRAIM chosen of the lord, writen by R. Wayne Shute, Randy L. Bott, and Monte S. Nyman; the next book is Happy like Jesus lessons from Jesus Christ on how to live, writen by D. Kelly Ogden. the next thing is that we are only allowed to listen to music if it is writen by lds artists so in one of the packages you send me could you send me a cd? and also i need stamps and we don't go buy them cuz it takes too much time so could you send me those and also garments i need lots of more garments and also black church socks ha thanks so much! i love you all! and your all the best! 

oh and i should probably tell you about easter it was great it was a normal day haha but we did eat a lot we had two huge meals at members homes on sunday so yea it was great so that was my easter day haha :)

this was a poem sister Gelwix shared with us for easter.

Father, on this holy day
My thoughts are turned to thee
…so thankful for the glorious gift
Thy Son did share with me.

As King of Kings and world’s creator
I’ve pondered his last hours;
He humbly knelt and prayed for strength
To set aside His many powers.

They took his cloak and scourged his back:
Such pain and degradations.
The miracles they soon forgot;
Though He’ll reign and rule the nations.

In garden, trial and nailed to the cross;
He was left so all alone.
Forsaken, abandoned by those he dearly loved,
All to His purpose, just for us: To Atone.

The best thing then that I can do
And try each day to show
In giving love as He gave to others
And teach the truths I know.

I’ll follow his example
Of compassion; boldness too.
To understand and not judge others
Are things I’ll try to do.

My sincere hope and prayer is that
On some not distant day
My Lord, My Savior, brother dear
Will turn to me and say:

Come daughter, friend,
And sister too,
Come be with me.
You’ve proven true.
~Cathy Gelwix (March 31, 2013)

well shoot! i still have 20 minutes and don't know what else to say! i don't have my scriptures with me or i would give you some verses to read! i haven't been able to write a letter yet becasue we have been super busy and i only have like two stamps left so yea i gotta make them count! i do have my first baptism this month which is super exciting! her name is kara and she is almost 16 years old her dad is a mormon but her mom isn't and told her she couldn't get baptized till age 18 but through a miracle we saw her mom and now she just barely said as of like a week ago that she can get baptized! it was awesome! well yea i love you all and hope your jsut loving it at home and are doing really well. i hope your easter went well and was just super awesome! ha love you all!
Love your son, Elder Moss