Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hey, good afternoon family, this is Elder Moss.  I'm super late trying to fit everything in sorry.  First of all, Mother's day is coming up so Happy Mother's Day mother.  I am definitely going to be able to talk to you on Mother's day.  It will be awesome, super looking forward to it.  So we just got to talk to the person that we're going to the family with.  This last week we had a lot of fun, we uhmm, of course we baptized Dillion which was awesome we had his baptism, he did super, just great.  We've been bringing back a lot of members from like school and different things and so we've been really successful at that.  We also, we found a lot of new investigators - all from members.  Like we've been teaching a lot of members' friends in their houses and so were just working really great.  Specifically, like, our branch mission leader, he hasn't been coming for like the past three weeks and we've been really concerned so we went out and saw him and I guess he's been having some problems.  He's a recent convert and so like we went through different things with him and helped him along.  We also had an investigator who came and played basketball with us.  Her name's Michelle and she plays basketball at MJC and we beat her, it was pretty good, it was pretty awesome.  That was a lot of fun though.  Let me think, besides that, just the baptism which was awesome and we're setting up for this month for two more baptisms and we're just working really well with all of the people in the branch.  Nothing like super new or super crazy that happened but it was just an awesome week full of miracles.  The church is true.  That's all I can really say.  I'll talk to you more about it on Mother's Day definitely but I love you all so much.  I definitely know this church is true and I'm so grateful for being able to be a part of it.  I've gotten to see myself change so much, it's awesome.  Allright, love you all, bye bye.

“Reading, studying, and pondering are not the same. We read words and we may get ideas. We study and we may discover patterns and connections in scripture. But when we ponder, we invite revelation by the Spirit. Pondering, to me, is the thinking and the praying I do after reading and studying in the scriptures carefully.” - President Henry B. Eyring

Monday, April 28, 2014

Are you still on?

yes i have 12 mins left ha

I am so glad I didn't miss you! I would have been really sad if I did. 
So, you weren't able to get my voice mails?

yup you still get me no worries! and ya like i haven't been able to listen to them it stinks...

I will have to see if dad has an answer.  We got your package last Friday. It was full of all of your letters/journals. I had fun going through them
I won't be sending you your package (toothbrushes, ect) until next week. 
We finally have put money down on a home that we will be building in Lehi. Dad has got a new 3rd part time job, he will be teaching at the Provo community college. I'm still looking for a job up north.
Chase went to Senior Ball this last Saturday and I was able to have him do all of the prep for the date with out the Mom's help.  He did get and he said that everything went good!
How are you doing? Still Healthy?

thats totally fine no worries! dad has 3 jobs?! holy cow he is going to be working himself to hard! and that is awesome i hope he had fun! and i am great as always you know me mom ha and yes i am healthy!

I know you usually are always healthy and I've learned that my cute boy is also very positive.  I've learned a lot from you that it is important to always be positive in everything that happens in your life. To find the good in everything.

Brayden is going to write you, he just found out that you are on.

alright sounds great but mom i have to get off now i am over time! i am so sorry i love you all and am grateful for you!

I love you too! May the Lord bless you and protect you!

Hi Davey, I am on my way to work so I am talking on my phone. I'll be at work in a minute and converse with you for a little bit before I have to actually go to work. Haven't had a chance to listen to your voicemails yet. How was your week?

it was great a bit slow we are striving for new investigators we do see miracles everyday though and i love my mission. all i can control is how many people i invite a day and so it is great!

Glad to see such a positive attitude. This weekend is fathers and sons with the 9th ward. I'm going down and taking the boys and also parker Hayes with us again. I need to buy some bullets so that braden can shoot his new gun while we're out there. We are going to Pinto to the ence cabin. This will be the second fathers and sons you miss, can't wait till next year when you'll be with us

dang that sounds sweet have fun and i know right next year will be a blast!

Yep, and also hunting, we should hear the draw results in the next little bit. I hope the boys at least draw out.

shoot yeah it will be great, i love you dad i hope you always know that even through me being so stubborn growing up you knew this day would come when i would be so appreciative of all you did for me! thanks for butting heads with me ;) 

I am proud of you son


Modesto North Zone

Good evening family and friends, what's up?  This is Elder Moss up here in Modesto North.  So, This past week has been really good.  Tonight is Saturday night and we've had a really great time this week.  First off, some funny things that happened.  We were having dinner with some member, we were actually having Cafe Rio, it was so stinking good.  Ah, it was so much fun.  So, we were doing all that and at the beginning like I've grown to love salsa, chips and salsa, all right Chase and dad.  So, I'm stating to like it a lot more.  So, yea, I was getting some chips and salsa and I dropped them and the salsa spattered all over me, oh my gosh.  It just stunk so bad.  Yea, so I cleaned myself off.  The lady, or Sister Jankowsky, she went and got some of her makeup wipes, it was like moist towelettes pretty much, it was weird, cleaned me off, that was pretty embarrassing.  Everyone like laughed at me well not everyone but it was like a funny laugh cause I was laughing at myself.  But then we continued with the dinner, it was super good then at the end we were having strawberry shortcake and I go to take a bite of strawberry shortcake and it falls on me - I spilled on myself twice during dinner.  That is like the most I have ever done on my whole mission.  So, yea, oh my gosh, we were just laughing our heads off.  It was the best, super funny and everything so it was really cool.  So that took a lot of time to explain.  But, I also...we got a new district since transfers happened and everything - actually my district stayed the same I just got one new Spanish Elder his name Pena and they're doing really awesome.  That's really all the only changes.  We are still up here in Modesto North I just got three companionships in my district - it's me and three others.   We have one sister companionship, it's the only sisters in the whole zone and I'm the one stuck with them.  No, I'm just kidding I'm not stuck with them, they're awesome, they're the best.  So yea, that's just a little bit about that.  OK, going back, it was really cool, one of the other district leaders...someone in his district is getting baptized this weekend and so the district leader or the zone leaders are suppose to do the baptismal interview but I guess the zone leaders have taught this person so they can't do it and Elder Martinez, who's the district leader, was going to give the interview and everything and then I guess his baptism, he's baptizing somebody, pushed up their interview and so he couldn't go anymore and so he called me to do the interview.  It was up in Sonora which is the most northern part of our mission.  It's up in the mountains and the trees, it's pretty much just like all trees - I can't explain it - it is so beautiful.  So I got to go on an exchange up there to do a baptismal interview.  It was like the best.  It brought me back to like going up in the mountains hiking around and different things.  There is like lakes everywhere and there is like hills and you can't see nothing besides mountains and green trees and deer were everywhere.  Kinda funny story:  The elder I was with, his name is Elder Boyce and he bought a slingshot and we were shooting little slingshots at the deer because literally they would come up like to our door at the house that we were staying at - they sleep with members.  And so the deer would just come right up to the door and it was awesome.  We had a such a great a time, it was just the best.  And the kid passed his baptismal interview so he is getting baptized this weekend. So I had a great time up in Sonora, super green, I just loved it.  A rainstorm started up there and it was just so beautiful.  Just fresh air, up in the elevation, it was awesome.  Like truly just a tender mercy from Heavenly Father.  Um, we also taught Dillion who was suppose to get baptized this week, or this month, on the 13th.  But he had some law of chastity problems that he came out with and he couldn't get baptized.  And we met with him this week and we shared like super spiritual messages with him and we were trying to come up with a day, he was suppose to get baptized this Sunday, but he said that he wasn't ready so we were like, "Dang!"  We were like, "Dillion, when do you want to get baptized?"  We just like told him straight up like, "When is like the time for you?"  His birthday is on Monday and so he said that he wanted to get baptized on his birthday but we can't do baptisms on Monday night because of family night, it's just church policy.  So we're like, "Yea, you can't get baptized on Monday night."  And he's like, "OK."  And this whole time while he's talking - this is probably a confusing story - but the whole time since he said he couldn't get baptized I was like, "Heavenly Father, we need to baptize this month, like we need to, like it's a must, like please help us, who are we going to baptize?"  Cause Dillion, we thought he was going to push back his date till next month but he was just like, "I think the very last day of this month I want to get baptized."  And so we're like, "No way, all right, sweet."  So, on the 30th of this month Dillion is getting baptized.  That's when his date is, he's solid for it.  And so just keep praying for him and everything.  He has to get re-interviewed since it's been awhile.  He's going to get re-interviewed so just keep praying for him and everything so it will go all well. We also saw another miracle.  We have really been trying to find new investigators and everything cause all of our investigators are like slowly dropping off.  So, we've been meeting with our members a lot and they've referred us to a lot people but every time we go by to see them and every thing they're never there.  So we're like, "What the heck, we need to find new investigators."  So like we were praying and everything and we felt impressed to go - we had already considered this person contacted because we had just tried so many times they were never there - and so we were like, "We need to go by and see her again."  Her name is Cecilia.  We caught her at home cause I guess she has been like really busy with finals and she was like, "Yea, Liz, she told me about you."  Liz is the member.  And we shared a super spiritual message just right outside with her and invited her to say the closing prayer - she's never said like a normal prayer cause she's Catholic so she has set prayers - and so we invited her to say the prayer and she said it beautifully and she's really excited to meet with us more and she's going to read the Book of Mormon, she understands it, and we're just going to meet with her next time and it's going to be really awesome.  That was like a miracle to us, it was a tender mercy that Heavenly Father granted unto us so all praise and everything goes to him cause he did it.  And then we also met with another investigator who we had dropped because we just hadn't been able to contact him and he met back up with us, we felt impressed to go and see him, went by his house and he was there, and he's like, "Hey, I got back with my Mormon girlfriend and I want to get baptized."  So we're setting everything up with Tosh, so keep him in your prayers too that he can be able to meet with us and get baptized.   While we were out in Oakdale contacting Cecilia, who was that other miracle I was telling you about, we were just trying to visit some other formers and other things and we were kinda confused, like we were just wrapping everything up and then we got a phone call from a member, it was actually a members father, he called us and he was like, "Hey, I need a blessing, I got really hurt, I got in an accident, I've been trying to call everyone but you're the last Elders which I called, could you please come over and give me a blessing?" We happened to be like three minutes away from his home so definitely the Lord's hand was in that.  It was really cool.  So, I gave the blessing and he felt super good after.  So, definitely priesthood blessings are amazing.  We also met one of the sisters, our members sister, who is married to a non-member.  I guess he's met with missionaries before and he says it's not for him right now and so I challenged him to a game of basketball and so he's going to come play basketball with us on Monday.  Hopefully we can be able to fellowship him through that and different things.  So, yea, that was a lot of fun.  The biggest thing, which was the most fun of the week, set aside from all those wonderful miracles, was the Roadshow.  So our YSAs put on this like regional Roadshow and it happened tonight, it was like with a bunch of YSAs around about the whole California region.  They do like these little skits and everything and they were so funny.  The funniest one was a bunch of Tongans who I connected with really well because they all played rugby growing up in Tonga and everything.  It was just so funny, that was this Saturday night and it was just like movie themed and different things and so it's like kinda different cause I'm like a missionary and everything and Elder King was just like, "This is so weird."  But it was super fun.  A lot of the other YSA Elders were there.  Like never on your mission will you be able to have an experience like that unless you're serving in the YSA cause like family wards just don't do that.  It was just a lot of fun I can't really explain it to you.  We had like a sweet devotional speaker and then the Roadshow and then dinner and it was just a bunch of fun skits and everything so...That was my week so far.  You'll probably hear one more about tomorrow if anything happens.  But, super great week, saw a lot of miracles, went through a lot of trials of faith and just doing really well.  Elder King's awesome.  He's doing so extremely well as a missionary.  So, yep, I love you all, have a great week, and God bless you all, and keep giving the praise to the Lord.  I love you, bye, bye.