Monday, April 29, 2013

9th P-day in Fresno

Davey wrote us a letter (below)  then Tamara and Dave got on for minute and were able to chat with him (even further below):

okie dokie so what has happened this week? since we don't have bikes we did a lot of walking, till we got some bikes from some other missionaries, till we get our own again. 

so we were knocking some doors trying to find more people to teach this wonderful gospel to when we came to a lady named elane. she is 95 years old and still going strong! oh, and i have to tell you that she made us root beer floats so i broke not drinking soda which i felt super sick after, haha, but ya, so she is old and used to meet with other missionaries like 10 years ago but she is super cool and just needs to be baptized. her whole family has passed away and she is all thats left, besides her son, and she always wonders why that is. so we told her its because she needed to be baptized the right way, haha, and that was interesting to see her response. but we are still meeting with her and she will get baptized! 

it is up in the 90's degree and with riding bikes and being in church clothes, i will just say, i have never sweated more.

i love the ward here they feed us like crazy! i have gained 15-20 pounds so far on my mission and i wanna say it is all muscle but if i did i would be 2 Nephi 9:34. 

so we have a investigator that hasn't come to church but she is so close to baptism she just needs to come to church. her name is nikole and she will hopefully get baptized this next month! 

alrighty, now a funny story that happened this week so we were clear up north in our area and we had dinner with a member, then we had to go see people down south which is about 20 mins away on bikes. so we start going along then Elder Dunford's (my compaion) bike peddle broke so he couldn't ride which meant we both had to walk but it would have taken forever so i came up with the idea that i use my lock for him to hold on to one end then i hold onto the other and i pull him all the way home! everyone we passed on the way home thought we were was so funny! the comments people make are hilarious but yea that was my week. i love you all and hope all is well! GodSpeed!

David (Dad):

well shoot dad i don't know the bikes are getting taken care of i won't probably buy one if all goes well and this week went well i sent a letter home with it so you will just read that but how are you doing?

I am glad to hear the bike situation is under control. I think President got fed up with me emailing him so much and he gave me the phone number to Elder Williams and so I talked to him last. Things are going good with me. I am most concerned about your mother and how much she is working and how she feels about working that much. She is sure a trooper.

ya i don't think he liked you emailing be honest so maybe don't do that unless it is a real emergency or something of more importance but ya i still love ya and thought it was extremely thoughtful that you did that so i need to cut up my zions bank card? and yes mom is a trooper and doing a lot so serve her as much as you can! haha i know you do and will :) your awesome dad. i sent mom a challenge i want the family to do so you will have to see that. 

Mom probably already told you this, but Katelynn came down this weekend, it was sure good to see her. I think it was really good for mom to have her here to talk to and be with. We sure miss you too just the same as when Katelynn is not with us. Can't wait to talk to you on Mother's Day. We will leave most of the time for Mom. But the boys and I still want to talk to you a little bit. When are you available so that we can make sure that the time we pick works for your schedule?

i don't know what time i am available yet.

Tamara (Mom):

Hey Davey,
How are things going?  Did you get your bike problem worked out?

still working on the bikes situation. so on the bike don't worry some members are trying to get us some but if not we will just have to buy some. So how you all doing?

I'm glad you have some members who are trying to help you guys out.  We had to scramble to find money to put it into your chase account just in case you had to buy a bike.  I am praying that things will work out so you wont have to buy a bike.  Dad said not to have you worry about the money and to focus on your mission. 
We are all doing good.  Katelynn did break up with Jade.  The last 2 weeks have been a little rough for her.  She came down this last week to get away and have a break from work.  It was so fun to see her.  On Sunday we got out the home videos and watched them.  It was so much fun seeing you when you were younger, it gave me tears watching you.  I definitively miss seeing your sweet smile and hate to admit it but miss your teasing.  
It looks like Chase got a job at Tuacahn in concessions.  It has been a blessing knowing he will be able to help pay for some of his school expenses.  He was asked to help at the Ivins princes pagaent.  On Sat. we went and got him fitted for his first tux.  It brought back memories of when you got to do the pagaent.  Chase seems to be following in your footsteps.  The girls are sure excited about him helping with the pagaent.
Brayden finished with basketball and is only playing baseball now.  He is looking really good.  Playing two sports has helped him with staying fit.
I love the pictures.  It looks like the baptism went good and I love your playful picture in the nursery room.  

ya don't worry i probebly wont have to buy another one. and shoot i knew you would miss my teasing! ;) ha and gezz chase needs to watch out for the girls i hope he does better than me! brayden needs to keep working hard and always improve same with chase! also i know you are very busy with everything but if the family can find time to get outside or go to the church to play sports or do something together i know it will help unity and strength each other and keep each other fit! i love you mom how are you doing?

I'm doing good.  Really busy with work. I seem to be putting in around 60 hour weeks lately.  Dad has been wonderful, he feels in making dinner, buying food, and anything I seem to not be able to get to.  
He has been taking time to practice baseball with Brayden and doing things with the boys.  On Saturday we went to Tuacahn's Saturday's market. They were doing a thing where if you spelled supercalifragilistikexpialidousios right that you would win a prize.  Brayden practiced all week learning how to spell it and did it perfect and he won 2 tickets to Mary Poppins.  He was a little bumbed  he thought the prize would be a lot cooler than that. (oh by the way I know I didn't spell that right).
I love the hat!!  I totally need one!! 

haha that is awesome! and yes i know the hat is sweet! i was going to send it home to you! but idk how ha so i also challenge you all to when the ensign about conference comes out to read it every day or to do a talk for family night till you have gotten through it all and really apply it to your lifes and repent and change for the better! that is what i do everyday well try to at least! but i know it will strengthen you extremely if you do that.

Dad has started having us do scriptures again.  We do it a little differently than when you were home. We each take turns being in charge of a day of scriptures.  We can either read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon or teach each other something that we have been reading in our personal scripture studies.  It has been a lot of fun doing it this way.
I will definitely read the conference talks again and will make it apart of my personal scripture time. I find that when I take time to do this I am so much happier and things don't get me down.
It is so neat to see your testimony grow in the gospel.  
You are so funny when you say you have gained weight.  You always wanted to gain weight but it seemed like you couldn't ever.  I'm sure it is all muscle, in your pictures you look really good!

your awesome mom i know that as you read your scriptures and pray diligently everyday your days will be easier and heavenly father will strengthen you beyond all comprehension so i plead with you and with dad never let a day pass that you didn't read the scriptures and pray NEVER let a day pass! and always strive to share your testimony as much as possible and at least once a month i challenge you to give out a book of mormon to someone thats not a member. as you share your testamony and share the gospel i promise you as a representative of jesus christ you will feel the atonement more in your life and receive and retain a remission of your sins! i love you and plead that you do this. always be an example and choose the right!

I've got to head out to Tuacahn now so I've got to leave.  Let dad know a time that will work with your schedule with the Mothers day call. Love You so much and I always pray for you.  Thank you for the advise and I will be diligent in reading and praying.  I love Mondays!! It is my most favorite day!! Love hearing from you.  Love Mom 
Oh, I forgot to tell you Parker Richey gave his farewell speech on Sunday and did a great job.  And I have someone ask me if you have seen Elder Grisenti yet?  And I saw Connor Livingston at church yesterday too.  He asked how you are doing.  I told him you are doing great. I asked him about how he was doing, he said that the doctors dont know why he is getting the headaches but think it is a nerve at the back of his head/neck.  He looks great and seems to be in good spirits.

oh yes i have seen elder grisenti!! he is so awesome and his trainer is great! 

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