Wednesday, April 24, 2013

8th Week

Davey didn't write us on Monday like usual.  We were not able to be online anyway, so we just wrote a letter to him on Sunday Night explaining that we wouldn't be online and other normal letter writing stuff, just filling him in on what has been happening at home.

When we got home from work and school on Monday night we checked the email and there was nothing from Davey.  This is the second time this has happened.

Anyway, Tuesday (yesterday) we got a letter from him.  Today we are scrambling to get some things done, find some money, make deposits, etc, etc.  You will understand from the letter posted below:

Dear Family,

Hey so sorry about not writing you, our preparation day is today and wasn't yesterday so of coarse i am not mad at you haha silly. 

Well i thank you for the garments but i don't have extra bottoms to go with them i don't know if you left them out or what ;) haha, any way i totally grabbed the wrong journal so i cant remember all that has happened this week and i forgot the cord to the camara so i won't be sending any pictures home this week i am super sorry! so any way let me try my best to catch you up to speed on my past week:

First of all it sounds like you all at home have been super busy and running all over the place! that is crazy but it is good to stay busy and that is so awesome to hear about chase and brayden and tonya's family that is great. i love hearing about what has been happening! so ummm here in fresno it has hit 90 degrees as the high of the week and it is supposed to only get hotter! 

haha so my week thus far we have taught a lot of people and set another baptism date but she didn't come to church so that will get pushed back but i will keep you posted on that. then just some exciting things that have happened is of course the baptism that was awesome! i gave a talk on the holy ghost and it could have gone better but it was okay, we had so many people show up for her baptism the room was packed way way over capacity it was so hot and crowded. we also had another investigator show up to it, her name is nikole and is moving along real well so hopefully she will get baptized next! hmm so that was the biggest thing that happened this week. 

but the next thing that happened would have to be this...we had a dinner appointment with a family in the richest part of our area, not down in the getto or anywhere close. so they have a very nice house and a huge gate in front of their home. so we get there and put our bikes up on the porch and the windows are all opened and the gate is shut closed and we are right on the other side of the door... but to make a long story short our bikes got stolen..some son of satan came and took them and we don't have bikes anymore and we don't have a car and our area is super long!! so i am going to be buying a bike pretty soon and i don't know how i will pay for it or not but i will probably umm use the chase card? so yea i am going to use that one ha but ya it stinks to not have my bike.

but ok so the next thing is that why i am emailing you today instead of yesterday we went to the temple today!! so that was super amazing the fresno temple is so little! but it was great i enjoyed it so much. so yup that was my week i cant remember any specific experiences that happend but i will include that next week if i remember my journal and cord to send you pictures so ya! 

Alright well i got to get going but i love you all! thanks for all you do and being there for me your the best and continue on in strength and love and unity!  

Love your son and brother Elder Moss.

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