Monday, April 8, 2013

6th Week in Fresno

Thread to Dad:

Hi Davey, I am on. I have to leave in a bit as I have an appt. at noon.

oh ok well what appointment?!

It is an appointment that I have with one of my business contacts to do some consulting with them. Katelynn was down over the weekend we really enjoyed having her for general conference. She spent all last week on a cruise down in California and had a lot of fun. We went out to eat to celebrate Braden's birthday while she was down at Golden corral. Tonya's family came over to celebrate conference with us and we had a barbecue in between the two sessions.

oh dang that sound super fun! i am jealos ha i loved conference though i got so much out of it! we went to a members home for the saturday morning session then after we went and gave service then went to the church and watch the remainder

So you can watch it at a house in California? I thought you could only watch it at the church. They seemed to talk quite a bit about missionary work which was pretty cool having you in the field we could really relate. What did you think of the new temple announcement in Cedar city, that's pretty cool Huh?

oh it was so crazy about cedar city but that is so awesome! and yea we can watch it at a members house but just for one session and if they invite us to and if we have an investigator with us

When I was in the mission field they did not have it available on TV. I guess if they have satellite they could probably get it on TV or through BYU TV. But I remember being on a mission and just loving conference and looking forward to it and just learning and feeling so much. I suppose it was the same for you, just a lot different from when you're home trying to keep awake on the couch.

haha yeah it wasnt even that important to me at home but like when i am out here i realized the importance of it and how i really do love it and cant wait for conference! it helps so much and is just so awesome!

Jay Day sent me an email just a couple of days ago asking for your email address. He tried to email you at so I told him that your email was a bit different than the standard that most the missionaries have. So I gave him your new email address,, and also your blog so that he could check it out. A lot of people ask about you all the time. Just yesterday Dennis Mehr asked about you when we ran into him and his wife while mom and I were out walking and lots of people ask at church, I guess I should make note of who asks about you so you'll know.
We are having quite a storm right now the winds really blowing and it's raining a little bit. It's been warm the last couple of weeks but really came off cold this morning. So quickly, I got to go in a minute, tell me about your week and about your upcoming baptism and what you did this last week.

ya i got the email from coach Day it was great. umm shoot i dont have a lot to say ha i gave two blessings to members we have a ok size teaching pool now and all we gotta do is turn them into baptisms. so yea this last week was pretty normal nothing to exciting we just have been teaching and finding. The baptism is on the 19th of april and it is going great everything is going as planned she is super excited! then we had conference which was awesome! so ya.

Keep busy, sounds like you are. I'm glad you have a good teaching pool now.We ordered you some garments and had them shipped to the Mission home. We also bought some socks at Costco and shipped them with three CDs and stamps. You probably haven't seen them yet but you should be getting a couple of packages this week. Hope that doesn't ruin the surprise and thrill of getting packages.
I just had an old missionary companion call me yesterday. He is in one of our old areas. He was asking if I remembered where we live. I went to my journal and also went to find letters and I couldn't find anything. So Davey, write down everything, all the little details where you live what your house was like, take pictures of your house, things change 20 years later when you want to take your wife back there. When mom and dad went back to Texas we had a hard time, things change so much so document all the little details of your mission.
I hope the one elder in your district likes to play basketball. He is one tall drink of water. He's got to be 6'8" or 6'9"?

oh thanks so much! and ya he plays ball ha he is awesome! so what else do ya wanna know haha? i kinda feel outta things to say

I am driving now emailing you on my phone instead of my iPad. Mom took the computer so she can email you easier at school. So I'm on my way to my appointment right now. So I guess I won't be able to talk more with you. I am sorry. I love you and pray for you and want you to be successful!

thanks dad i love you too and am working very hard! i wish the best for you and am so grateful for all you do keep it up and be that great example that i know you are! love you!

My appointment just canceled so I am not tied up I don't know how much longer you have on the email or not.
About what to tell us...It's really easy, we want to know everything about what you do each day. We want to know what you eat for breakfast, how many appointments you have, and with who, about visiting the members and what there like, riding your bike and what it's like we don't even seen a picture of your bike nor heard about it, etc, etc, etc.

um i eat food, and my bike is an ok bike, we have appointments every day and i love being a missionary, the members are warming up to us and things are great here....haha jk but i don't know the details cuz it would take forever to write them all (that probably doesnt make sense..) ha well ya

We Don't care how long it takes to write it down. We know you eat food but want to know about shopping for food and what you're buying and what you're eating specifically. How about your ward mission leader and about meeting with stake and with the ward and correlating? Do you have some favorite members that you visit more often than others that are really good at taking care of the missionaries? What are their names and what do they do for you? How about your laundry, how is that coming are you learning a lot? Etc. etc.
I thought you said your bike was a great bike and now you say it's an okay bike, what's up with that?

oh i do have something to say, a member family video recorded me and an elder and i guess she tagged me in it and put it on face book but i am not sure so you should check and also you should accept all the friends on my face book and expecially president gelwix cuz he wanted to look at some photos of mine. and my bike has just got worse ha but it gets me from place to place so i cant complain. there is one family named the kossos that love us and feed us all the time everyone else we have just been by once. so ya

What do you mean it is gotten worse? If you're having any problems at all with it it's got a year warranty from the people we bought it from. That's the reason we bought it down there so you can take it in and get it tuned up and fixed and not have any problems. I will go in and check out your Facebook and see if anything's changed I haven't been on there since I last invited everyone and told them about your blog which was like over a month ago.

Oh, and that was a little better, you gave a little bit more detail. Now you just got to keep doing that.

ok good and yea there isn't much time to go get a tune up but the breaks are acting up and being bad. so ya ha i am going to try and write you all a letter today and get that done! i gotta go now i love you dad and want you to know that i am proud to call you my father i wish only the best for you and all you do. love you alot!

Storm Troopers, the members where they watched conference are big into collecting sci-fi stuff.

Sword of Aragon

Davey's Zone

Davey's District

Thread to Mom:

How are you doing?

hey i am great how are you?

Doing good too.  We had a great day yesterday watching conference.  There was so many good talks, I learned so much and want to strive to do better in my life.  Where you able to watch conference or listen to it?

yup we watched it it was so great i loved it!

We got to go to Braydens basketball game on Saturday. He did so good.  Are you getting ready to baptize that one girl who is 16?

that is awesome! i bet he did good have him keep practiceing and become even better! and yup her date is for the 19th of this month!

It looks like Chase will be the new Soph. class Secretary/Historian.  He is excited to have made it.  It was by default because no one ran against him, but that is okay because when the kids found out he was running no one wanted to run against him ;)  He will be very busy.  He also got the highest award with 4 other kids; something dealing with honor points and earning enough to get the highest  award as possible.

wow i love the pictures! and shoot chase that is so great! keep it up bro! i hope he listened to that talk, i cant remember who it was by, but it talked about the deacons and teachers and it was super good and i thought it was perfect for chase

I'll tell Chase.  He just asked if you were on.  I think he is trying to get on to talk to you. Katelynn is doing good.  

hahahaha jk jk well that is awesome though! i am glad

Funny,  Katelynn and I both talked about you.  We figure that when you get home from your mission we'll give you 1 year before we hear wedding bells (ha, ha)

haha a year? pshh mom come on now lets be real i am not getting married for at least 5 months...i mean years!!!

Funny, real funny ;)
You can take as long as you need.  But I'm sure there will be many girls waiting to date you when you get home.
I know you have to go to your appointment so I'll say goodbye.  Love you so much and may God be with you.  

I just read that your appointment just canceled. Yeah, more emailing!

mom i don't have an appointment that was dad. ha but ok fine if we must go now i just want to let you know how much i love you you are the best ever mom truely you are i am so grateful for you and your testimony and your love for everyone it is amazing and i am so blessed to be able to say that you are MY mother i love you with all my heart and pray for youand the family each day. god bless you and the family. stand as witness's always and in all things! never settle for less. love you so much
love your son, Elder Moss

You sure know how to make me cry.  I am so proud of you.  I went downstairs to start to clean your room and it was sure hard to do it.  There were things that you wore or some items that were out that brought back many fun memories.  I know that every male in the family has worn something that belongs to you.  I guess they feel that since you are gone that it is okay to wear your clothes or shoes.  Maybe it is a way for them to remember you too.  It just means you have great taste into clothes.  I hope you will like the CD's we sent you.  Two of the 3 you might think they are girl CD's, but if you listen to the words you will understand the deep meaning and I know they will encourage you and help you when you need a little of boost.

thanks so much for the cd's i want a lot of them that will be just aweosme ones and that i wont get tired of. so thanks! and shoot they better not ruin those clothes ;) ha i don't care if they do or not! well i love you ma i gotta go now but i wish ya the best and the boys also! let them know that i love them and am so proud of them and wish them the best in all they do

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