Monday, April 15, 2013

7th P-day in Fresno

hey how are ya'll doing?!


Hey Davey, I just got home and forwarded you a message from Coley and here you are.  We are doing great.  How was your week?

ya i got the message about coley but i don't know if i can listen to it. but i love the pictures! my week was good i do have one request ha the garments you sent me were mesh i don't like mesh i like the 50/50 and dry lux round neck tops ha so if you could send me a could of those that would be amazing! :) ha but thanks for the other garments they are great also. so my week huh hmm idk it was great we had some lessons and we have a baptism this coming friday but i am not doing the baptism my companion is so ya i don't really remember anything specific happening this week i shoulda brought my journel to read back cuz its hard to remember.

good idea to bring your journal so you can remember stuff to tell us.  Doesn't matter who is doing the baptism, the companionship gets the credit along with the lord, right?  Don't worry about listening to Coley's thing, it probably would play but the best way is to download it and you wouldn't be able to listen later anyway.  Sorry about the garments, I was going to get dri lux but mom said no, that you like the mesh.  I will get some dri lux with the same tops.  That is what I wear except I wear the crew.  Remember, don't use fabric softener on Dri Lux.

ya thanks and really no fabric softener? we use it all the time!? ha but ok so how is everything at home?

Yea, no fabric softener on the dri lux, it takes out the properties that make the garment work good in the heat and then it starts to stain and break down.  This is from the LDS distribution center website:  
"Dri Lux is a soft and comfortable fabric that helps keep the body dry. It is made from Dri-releaseTM fibers, which wick moisture away from the body. This wicking ability is a characteristic of the fibers and will not wash out. Dri Lux fabric is comfortable in many environments and may be especially wearable where it is hot and humid. Dri Lux garments dry quickly and resist odor. They are made in jersey and rib knit fabrics.
Care:Machine wash warm, gentle. No fabric softener. Use nonchlorine bleach as needed. Tumble dry medium."

Brayden won our ward pinewood derby last week on Thursday.  He got a golden ticket to compete at the district level.  I think mom sent pictures to you.  We then went to the Scout Expo and competed this last Saturday.  He won his first heat and placed second in the next one.  They only race twice and then the winners are based on time.  He didn’t place but had fun.  Chase went up North for Science Olympiad competition and Katelynn and Jade went and got him from the school group and took him to a Jazz game.  He didn’t place in the competition but had fun on an overnight school trip.  Mom and I just follow the two boys around.  Mom got promoted to Group manager at Tuacahn and is pretty excited but nervous at the same time.

oh ya ya fabric sofener! i was thinking of dryer sheets haha ya we dont' use fabric softener.  do you get mad if i don't send home presents for the family? i mean i will later on when i figure things out but i feel bad not doing anything for you guys but that is so aawesome and yes i got the picutures and why is that nervous about mom?

No, we don't get mad.  We don't expect you to send anything home except if you get to much stuff or aren't using something and need to offload some stuff in the form of a package for us to keep for you.  Mom is nervous because group sales are a huge part of revenue for Tuacahn and she wants to do better than the last person and nervous she won't as she has so much to learn.  But, like the book fair, she will do great once she gets it figured out.

ok good thanks and yeah that was all i was thinking on sending home. but i know mom will do amazing and she is perfect for the job just like me i felt like not a very good missionary cuz i didn't know that much doctrine comparied to my trainer but its all a learning process and she will do amazing!  hey this picture was at one of the members homes we watched conference at!

That looks like a really nice home, and big, where you watched conference at.  It looks like your whole zone is there, is that the case?  Did they have food for you too?  Do you go to the Kuhn’s often?  I went to school and also served a mission with a Kuhn but he was from St. George.  Are they related to any Kuhn’s in St. George?

yea it was huge! like seriously it was  a huge home just the theater room alone cost over 200,000 dollars it was amazing. and he is a recent convert to the church and isn't in our area the whole zone was there. and i don't know if he is related or not.

Do they give you a cell phone to use to make appointments or confirm appointments with members or investigators.  Do you go on splits with members?  How involved is the ward your assigned to – or are you assigned to more than one ward.

yup we have a cell phone! and i have gone on a split once so far. the ward is slowly picking up and doing better. it is hard cuz the best teaching appointment are the ones that the members refer us to but we havent' gotten any so far. and nope we have just one ward. its the Van Ness ward!

So are you asking members when you eat with them if there are any neighbors or friends you could visit?  I assume you are.  Do all missionary companions have cell phones or just the district and zone leaders?

nope all missionary compainionships have cell phones! and yes we are asking them all the time and trying to get them excited to do missionary work

That has to be a huge help to have cellphones.  When I went only the district leaders and zone leaders had phones and obviously they weren't cell phones as they didn't exist then.  We got your hand written letter this week.  We delivered G and G Moss' last night when we went over for supper.  We will deliver G and G Coombs' tonight when we go over there to plant a garden.

yea times keep changing! it is nuts! so yeah everyting is great actually a experiance i had was yesterday we were riding our bikes and we passed this family laying on the grass together but i noticed the fathers shirt was a rugby one so i inquired to know more so i boldy went up to him and with a firm voice i asked about the shirt and come to find out he is from irland and played rugby over there! it was so aweosme so long story short we tried to make a return appointment but he didn't know when he would be home but we are praying we will catch him again and baptize him! him and his family are awesome!

Thanks for sharing.  We love hearing from you.  Love you.  Have a great week!  Send pics and details next week, K?

ok i will do my best i love you dad!  this was a great scripture i came across Mormon 9:28-29.

Tamara (and Brayden):

Hey the garments was my fault. I could have sworn you liked the mess tops. As again your dad was right. Sorry for not getting the right ones. 
How are you doing?

hahaha oh silly mommy! this isn't one of those times about how was right and who was wrong haha i liked the mesh before my mission but i have come to like the dry lux a little better ;) ha so no one was right or wrong your both amazing and i thank you for all you do! :) i am doing amazing still trying to learn more and more to becoming a great missionary but it is a prosess so no rush just doing my best each day! how are you doing?! how is everything?

I hope you got to see all of the pictures I sent you. I thought this might be a little fun to see some of the things we have been doing this last week. We are all doing really good.  I kind of got a promotion at Tuacahn, I'm over group sales and the roaming manager working 1pm- 9pm. It will be a seasonal full time job (no benefits, but that is okay). The Lord has be looking out for our family and this added help will be nice. 
If you noticed the pictures Brayden and Chase have been busy with sports and extra activities like the Science Olympiad and the Pinewood Derby.

do you get paid more? and yes i got the pictures and love them! and i am sorry i don't send huge long letters home like dillon hurt or anyone..

Oh your funny, I love what ever you send us. It just reminds me of how you were and still are. I am going to remember to take pictures with my phone and send them as often as I can. I think some pictures can say a lot more than words can. 
With my new job I will get a small pay increase. I don't know how much, though. My boss is still trying to figure it out. One of the managers that I am taking over for was on a salary and the other manager was getting paid $9.50 hr. I won't be on salary and I am hoping for more than the $9.50. I am just grateful the Lord is looking out for us.
Please don't ever feel like you have to give us gifts. Your gift to us is you being on your mission. You make me feel so proud of you. This is the biggest and best present of all and you need to always remember that!!!

that is awesome mom and i know you will be just amazing at that don't be nervous! your perfect for the job! i will tell you though i got my first hair cut yesterday and my hair is so short my companion messed up so we had to shave it..haha i look fabulous! haha not! but yea it was fun and i gotta tell you i miss watching AFV on sundays and making cookies!! ahh it kills me somtimes! haha so yea thats enough about me so umm yea back to somthing you ya i agree that umm ya like you said pictures say a lot more than words so ya i prayed about what that really mean and wow that was deep and i agree mom. 

I'm at school and Brayden just came down to say hi. 
Hi, Davey
How are you doing? Can I have your big lolly pop?

hmmm let me pray about it and i will get back to you ok brayden? ha just kidding yea! of coarse you can have that lolly pop! :)

Brayden says, "you are the best!!!"  "and I love you a lot and I want you to be safe, and I pray for you everyday"
You are so funny, now Davey you are supposed to say of course you can have my lolly pop I saved it for you as a birthday gift to you.

thats right! its your birthday tomorrow!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

You are so funny my birthday is this Wednesday the 17th, close though. You must be working so hard that you have your days mixed up. Its okay and thanks for wishing me a happy birthday.

oh yea duh i know that! i was testing you! i had to make sure you knew your own birthday!

You just mad Brayden laugh really hard. He says, "you are the best big brother  and he love you very much and also misses you." 
Brayden has to go back to class.  He says, "goodbye".

haha hes awesome! i love you all and i am about out of time so yeah i hope everything is going to go great this next week!

Love you to have a wonderful week!!

okie dokie! you as well!

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