Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day After P-Day

Davey didn't write to us on Monday - we didn't hear a thing.  Tamara was a little worried.  But today we received several emails from him (posted below).  Apparently because of Easter he wasn't able to access the computers on Monday.  We went shopping this evening after reading the emails and bought him some things that he said he needed and are going to ship him another package.

In response to Brayden's short email saying hi to Davey:

hey Brayden!!! i love you buddy! hope you are doing well! :)

In response to Tamara's email the day before to see if he was on:  

hey mom i hope things are well i sent a letter about what happened and everything i hope everyone is great! 

In response to Chase's email about his regional basketball tourney with pictures:  

hey! i love the pics so much! and only 3rd?! gezz yea you really needed me!! "i coulda put the team on my back doe!" (tell parker i said that ha show him this) sorry i didn't email yesterday i would say that it was a april fools joke but it wasnt ha the computers weren't open cuz of easter but anyway it has been crazy a summery of my week so far. umm somthing crazy that happened was umm i got in a car accident? ha it was super crazy we were sandwitched and rear ended by a different missionary car ha no one was hurt but yeah pretty crazy. so um something spiritual... probably with ed and his family he is an investigator we have taught twice but he met with his pastor and he told ed not to meet with us anymore we didn't get to see him for like 4 days which was so sad and i was mad..but one day we felt impressed to go stop by and see him and he was home and started talking and he tried to get us out but i felt inspired to ask him if we could give him a blessing and he asked what that was so i told him and he just was so wanting one and after we were done he said he had only felt that way one other time in his life he said he could literally feel the power of heaven come through us to him. and we set a return appointment and now we go see him tomorrow! it was awesome. so how are you all doing?!

In response to David's email about not hearing from Davey on his P-day:  

yea it has been crazy with easter the computer places were all closed so sorry i didn't email! everyting is great and yes i got the package it was so awesome i loved it so much you don't even know! i pray for you all daily and hope things get better financially. put the lord and heavenly father first in all things and he will help you always. you all have great faith and in times of hardships let him carry you through. i love and miss you all! 

These aren't in response to anything just his letter home telling what is going on:  

ok last thing i found some books that looked super good so i want the family to read them! the first is called, EPHRAIM chosen of the lord, writen by R. Wayne Shute, Randy L. Bott, and Monte S. Nyman; the next book is Happy like Jesus lessons from Jesus Christ on how to live, writen by D. Kelly Ogden. the next thing is that we are only allowed to listen to music if it is writen by lds artists so in one of the packages you send me could you send me a cd? and also i need stamps and we don't go buy them cuz it takes too much time so could you send me those and also garments i need lots of more garments and also black church socks ha thanks so much! i love you all! and your all the best! 

oh and i should probably tell you about easter it was great it was a normal day haha but we did eat a lot we had two huge meals at members homes on sunday so yea it was great so that was my easter day haha :)

this was a poem sister Gelwix shared with us for easter.

Father, on this holy day
My thoughts are turned to thee
…so thankful for the glorious gift
Thy Son did share with me.

As King of Kings and world’s creator
I’ve pondered his last hours;
He humbly knelt and prayed for strength
To set aside His many powers.

They took his cloak and scourged his back:
Such pain and degradations.
The miracles they soon forgot;
Though He’ll reign and rule the nations.

In garden, trial and nailed to the cross;
He was left so all alone.
Forsaken, abandoned by those he dearly loved,
All to His purpose, just for us: To Atone.

The best thing then that I can do
And try each day to show
In giving love as He gave to others
And teach the truths I know.

I’ll follow his example
Of compassion; boldness too.
To understand and not judge others
Are things I’ll try to do.

My sincere hope and prayer is that
On some not distant day
My Lord, My Savior, brother dear
Will turn to me and say:

Come daughter, friend,
And sister too,
Come be with me.
You’ve proven true.
~Cathy Gelwix (March 31, 2013)

well shoot! i still have 20 minutes and don't know what else to say! i don't have my scriptures with me or i would give you some verses to read! i haven't been able to write a letter yet becasue we have been super busy and i only have like two stamps left so yea i gotta make them count! i do have my first baptism this month which is super exciting! her name is kara and she is almost 16 years old her dad is a mormon but her mom isn't and told her she couldn't get baptized till age 18 but through a miracle we saw her mom and now she just barely said as of like a week ago that she can get baptized! it was awesome! well yea i love you all and hope your jsut loving it at home and are doing really well. i hope your easter went well and was just super awesome! ha love you all!
Love your son, Elder Moss

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