Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7, 2013

Tamara was communicating with the Burnett's from Davey's mission.  The Burnett's are a family that feeds Davey on a regular basis and also does his laundry for him once a week.  They contacted her (Davey gave them her phone number) when they were here to watch conference.  On their way home they stopped by our home and visited with Tamara for a minute.  Tamara put me on speaker phone so I could visit also and I immediately heard Tamara crying and thanking sister Burnett for taking care of Davey.  While the Burnett's were at our house, I noticed Davey get on the email.  Tamara quickly took a picture with them and sent it to him.

hey how are ya this fine day?

We are so very very good today.  Sis. Burnett is at our house right now.

haha that is super funny!

Did you meet any of the missionaries that were at the airport with Grandma and Grandpa?

ya one of them said they saw them it was awesome

Did you see the picture of Mom with the Burnetts?

haha ya i did it was awesome!

Is mom typing to you?  She might have had to go to work.  I am just not seeing anything from her?

i don't know i don't think she is

Well we will just wait for your weekly letter and give you time to do that.  I wish I was home to meet the Burnetts.

bro burnett is awesome as well but he wasnt' with them he is the one that you would like a lot.

I didn't hear his voice on the phone or see him in the picture, so that makes sense.

Yesterday we went over to Teri's house and watch conference and ate breakfast lunch and dinner, it was very fun. Grandma and Grandpa drove up yesterday and ate dinner with us after conference. Grandpa is in surgery right now over the Riverton hospital I'm going to get dressed in a minute and run over and see him. He asked me to give him a blessing last night, which I did, so your faith and prayers would be requested.

defenantly i will keep him in my prayers i sent the weekly letter let me know if you got it

Yeah I got it I haven't read it yet though.   mom gave some chocolate chips to the Burnett's. She said that the next time you're over they would have to have you make them chocolate chip cookies. That you know it from memory. But mom said to give you the recipe so you can memorize it to make sure you know it before you go over there.
3 cube soft butter
2 c white sugar
2 c Brown sugar
Cream together
Add 2 eggs
2 tea vanilla
2 tea soda
1 tea salt
4.5 c flour (maybe a little more)
Chocolate chips
haha nice! well shoot dad i love you so much and i keep you and the family in my prayers all the time i have to get going now love you 
Elder Moss 
Love you too.  I do the same for you.  Have a great week.
Hey all of ya'll! 
Shoot it has been super great this past week we have had a bunch of leadership meeting and just have been receiving revelation like crazy! I love this work more than anything it is truly the greatest to be apart of. Our zone is doing really well today we are planing on going bowling so that should be fun! i have been lagging on taking pictures i know i am sorry so hopefully today i will be able to remember. Elder Oldham and i have been busy as the zone leaders with a lot of meetings but i am proud to say we are having a competition of scaring each other every night haha it is fun and brings back some fun memories! 
We have seen some pretty cool miracles this week after the saturday first session of conference we had a less active member and her non member brother and there friends challenged us to a baseball game so we accepted only on the condition that if we beat them then they had to come to church haha and so we played and it was the first team to get to 15 points wins and so we start and haha well long story short we beat them 15 to 0 haha so they are coming to church next week! ha then a different story we had some sisters in our zone text us as we were in a lesson with an investigator and we felt prompted to leave so we ended the lesson right there on the spot our investigator understood and was totally cool and we left and so one of the sisters needed a blessing something happened and so we went and gave her one my companion admitted the oil and i gave the blessing and then after the blessing i told her to go to bed and that she would be healed in the morning and the next morning we saw her at conference she was perfectly fine! it was really amazing and such a blessing to be able to hold and use the priesthood as a service to all those that stand in need. i am grateful for that. another miracle is as we talk with EVERYONE, that is seriously the funnest to do just talking to random people all the time i love it. so as we were doing that we were driving to see a less active member and along the way if we see YSA people we pull over and talk to them and last night we did that and found like 2 guys that we are going to start teaching one of them wants to serve a mission so it was really cool also last night as we were out in downtown fresno we were on one street and just walked right around the corner and then we heard 4 gun shots go off on the other side of the corner hahaha it was so fun i didn't even feel threatened because i know i am doing what i should be. (by the way don't tell mom that one she will freak out) 
Holy bible conference was super great i loved it so much i took for granted so much watching it and taking it in and just ahh i love it so much i love feeling the spirit and receiving revelation as i listen to the prophets and apostles speak. we had 3 investigators show up to conference and 1 to the priesthood session it was way cool. well i love you so much stay strong and review the talks over again i am so excited now to get the ensign haha i love it. Always stand in holy places and be worthy at all times of the spirits influence. The Church is SOOO True i love it so much! grow in testimony everyday and apply the Atonement Every Hour. 
Love Elder Moss

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