Monday, March 18, 2013

3rd P-day in Fresno

We were on again with Davey.  Tamara did a thread and Dave did a thread with him as we were both in different locations.  He also wrote an email to each of his brothers.

To Chase:
hey man i got your letter and that is so awesome that your going to be teachers quorum president! the advice i give you is that you dont follow the as christ would be talk to everyone be a perfect example and give service. we are not all perfect but as long as we repent daily and keep ourselves in harmony with the gospel we well off and blessed. so do that and don't let anyone influence you to do wrong if the lord wouldn't do it then you don't and stand up for what is right and true! be an example of the believers in everything you do at all times! things may be hard trials always come Satan is working hard on the righteous but don't let him ever win! i know you won't chase you are an amazing kid and your brother is also. mom is one of the greatest example ever of being a righteous women and following the lord learn from your family and be better and stronger, help brayden as he is growing up love him and help your mom and dad anyway you can never complain ever. BE AN EXAMPLE to everyone never be shy of your faith and religion. here are some scriptures i have read the past days and i want you to apply to your life expecially the last one; Mosiah 1:17, Mosiah 2:22, Mosiah 2:41, Mosiah 5:15, D&C 104:82, D&C 33:8-10, and have the family read them also  Love you Elder Moss. 

To Brayden:
HEY little guy!! how are you doing? how is that nerf gun saving coming? i hope you are great and have lots of fun man! :) i miss you a bunch you better keep practicing sports and working out and doing all you can to be the best! and also listen to mom and dad they know whats best ;) i love you so much let me know how everything is going with you ok? -Elder Moss

How are you doing? Are things going good?

hey! things are great i still don't know how to send pictures though..

Dang, ask dad maybe he knows how to.  Abby Hafen has gotten her mission call. I think she is going to the philipians, not sure though

I ended up taking the computer to school with me. I didn't know dad would come home and use it. I think next time I will ask if i can just use one of the portable laptops at the school. 
Do you have any fun stories?

ha well that is cool with abby! and hmmm let me think umm we talked to this drunk guy a couple of nights ago he haha was trying to break into a truck to get some dope haha so i stoped and told him that he needs to repent and that those things arent good and we talked and talked and he it was just so funny and just a jolly good time ha 

Well good for you. I think I would have been nervous going up to him not knowing what he would do.
Over spring break i worked out at Tuacahn all but 2 days. Chase and Brayden worked over at Grandma Coombs doing yard work. She paid them for the work. They came out earning $35 each over the week.

t holy cow sound like you guys were busy! how is everything what else is new?

How do you like you companion?
We are all doing good. Keeping really busy. Brayden was asked to be on a club basketball team. James Brown will be his coach. He will also play baseball, it hasn't started yet. Chase is still doing tennis and finished asking for donations from family members for a "serve a thon".  he gets money on every serve he makes out of 100. He thinks he can make between 60-70 serves. 

he is just great such an amazing elder. but that sounds way cool! tell braden and chase to always practice! seriously if they want to be the best they have to practice and not beat around the bush! 

Everyone at school has been asking how you are doing.  Mrs. Woodbury can't say enough good things about you. She told me the other day that she always knew that there was something special about you. You were always so friendly and of course she reminded me of your energy as well ;)  She had a huge smile while she was talking about you. 
What is the weather like?

haha i am great! the weather has been mostly amazing there was two days in which it rained which was awesome! haha but yeah other than that it has been hot i have a tan line already from my ring and watch haha

Brayden wants you to send him a letter just to him. I think he feels left out from our conversations and wants you to direct something just to him.
I will definitely tell your brothers to practice. I think by having them pay for half of the money they will work hard at the sports. 
Chase is trying to save money for a DS game which costs around $200.  When ever he has some free time it seems like he is on the computer trying to get more info on the gaming system.
Brayden is still trying to save money for the nerf gun he wants. It has been kind of hard saving money while paying for sports. I think they are learning the value of money.

WHAT! a tan line? I can't believe my Davey would ever have a tan line... haha

ha ok i will do that and that is good they are learning that! so mom how are you how is everyitng? and oh yea how is grandpa Moss?

Grandpa Moss is doing so much better. He is only on oxygen at night, he still sounds weak but he is looking better each day.
I'm doing good, of course;) I gave the lesson in YW on Grace yesturday. I think it went really good. I had several people tell what a wonderful lesson it was. 

of coarse it was a wonderful lesson! it is you we are talking about ha mom can i just tell you how much of an example you have been to me i am so grateful for you and all you do your spirit is so strong and i love you so much. you mean the world to me thanks for all you have done and helped me grow. 

Oh, you are so sweet. Thank you and I think the same about you. I've always know that you are a special kid, full of spunk and always on the go. You have a spirit about you that is very contagious and that is one small reason why people are drawn to you.
Every once in a while Chase or Brayden will do something you would have done, like when you would give me a "wink" or give me a hug out of the blue and say "haaa mom I love you".  I love how some things have rubbed off on them. Though I still have a hard time with the teasing, haha.

I'm on but mom and I are going to try and do different threads so its not as confusing, does that make sense?

yea i think so? ha

So I'll still read what mom is writing and she'll read what I'm writing and what you're saying on both threads. I really like the new rule though that is awesome. I am on my way home right now and so I am doing it by phone so be patient with me.

oh ok sounds good and yea it will be great and make things a lot easier. 

Mom is on her phone too I believe, so she will be a little slower in replying as she is at work. So, why are you not able to send pictures? Did you find the cable? You should just be able to hook the camera with the cable to the computer and load the pictures over and then send them

i forgot the cable back at our appartment so i cant today maybe i should just send home the memory card in a letter?

You can send home the card that you used and have the other 1 to take pictures that's fine or you can just wait until next week and try again.
You had better be able to tell me that you received some letters from us now through the mail.

yes i got the two gift cards! thank you so much ha it was sweet we went out to eat and got the large pizza but becasue we were on bikes we couldn't take home the leftovers so we had to eat and eat and eat haha we were so full! ha

That is what we wanted, we thought that would be fun for you.  So tell me about your week, what did you do since we talked last.

hmm i don't know just taught some lessons and gave harvest blessing to get new investigators president has made it a strong point that we need to take the investigators to progressing investigators which i think is huge but no one likes to meet with us more than once. umm the ward is finally doing a lot better also they are starting to like us more i think.

So is the president happy with your weekly reports on what you're doing?  
I assume you are slow in replying because you are writing other people while you're writing us to try and use your time efficiently, is that right.

yes he is we can be doing so much better though, umm president has super high expectations for me i guess he says he sees something in me that he hasnt seen before and just always stresses that i need to learn everything quicker so yea

Well, don't let him down.  You do have something Davey, something special, everyone sees it.  That is why you were on seminary council, president of all your quorums, everyone always told mom and me that, etc.  I've said before, leave behind childish things and be a man, I love that scripture, I'm still learning to do that too, the sooner you learn it, the more successful you'll be In whatever your doing.  I know missions can be fun, and I am not saying to not have fun ( men can still have fun) but you're potential is so great and leaving behind everything and losing yourself in the work is so rewarding and you will learn so much and be so blessed if you do.

thats what i am striving to do i just want to be the best i can be and lose myself in this great work! 

So glad to hear that.  I can tell by your letters that you are maturing spiritually and that makes me really happy.  It is so easy to forget the feelings you feel when dedicating your all to serving The Lord and others...and it is easy to become used to that feeling when feeling it all the time so check yourself once in a while and realize that the good feelings you have from the spirit can be recognized by others when you are teaching or testifying and you might not even recognize it because you're so used to it, so you have to pause once in awhile and identify it to yourself in the same way you identify it to investigators.

i am so grateful for your advice dad it means so much to me i am doing my best and trying to be better and be a better missionary and person. how are you doing with everything?

You didn't answer a previous question I had...are you emailing multiple friends and family while trying to email us back and forth?  Also, are you able to hand write letters at other times on pday or during the week or do you just have an hour and half for everything?

ya i email my friends now too i just got done talking to braden derrick ha he was just on also. and we have till 6pm to write hand letters also

I am doing well, just struggling a little with the new job and trying to decide if its my thing, that's all.
Ok, so good, I'm glad you have other times to write.  Be sure to write your grandparents and sister.  If you need addresses just let us know.

oh ok well good thats way good, how is your dad?
yea once i am done today emailing you can you send me all of there emails together in a separate email if that makes sense? and i will email them next week

You ought to write as much on email as you can and then hand write everyone you didn't get to on email. 

ok i will try that haha i like to email better tho ha it is just easier.

Grandpa is doing well, much better, he is off oxygen during the day.  They found that it was not what they thought it was, that the doctor messed up and pulled out a tube too soon and he aspirated some stomach acid into his lungs and damaged them and it will take about 6 months to totally heal.

oh gezz wow that is crazy well i have been keeping him in my prayers hope he gets well soon

I will send emails and physical address as well.  I haven't written a mail letter this week, usually I do that on Sunday but didn't because of st Patrick's day (we ate corned beef, cabbage, and red potatoes at grandmas and talked about you), home teaching, and then mom invited all her family to our house last night for a green mint dessert.  Bro mehr asked about you, lots do, but he was specific and had lots of questions.

Aright well i got to get going now but i love you so much and thank you for all that you have done for me :)

K, time sure flys.  Love you tons. Can't wait till next week!

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