Saturday, March 9, 2013

Letter through the mail

Today we got a letter from Davey in our mailbox.  He wrote it last week but didn't mail it until the first of this week on his last P-Day:

Dear Family,

I am on the plane right now flying to Fresno!  It is so sweet to be in an airplane full of missionaries, ha ha.  I loved hearing your voices and getting the opportunity to talk to mom and dad and Brayden on the phone, sorry I had to hang up; the other missionaries were getting peeved with me.  So yea, I am just super bored and thought it would be a perfect time to write all of you.  I am so curious about my companion and teaching my first investigator and just everything!  We have 29 new missionaries going to Fresno.  It is just wonderful how the lord's work is moving along!  Well, I'm going to study Preach My Gospel and the good old Scriptures, so I will TTYL!!!  Love ya'll,

Elder Moss

P.S. The turbulence while flying is so crazy!  I love it!  It makes it exciting (smiley face).

P.P.S. I also need you to send me a copy of my social security card, medical insurance card, and that's it, thanks!

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