Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Phone call and letter

Davey called today while he was at the airport.  It was about 1030am when he called and Tamara and I did a three way call.  Tamara was at the school and went in and got Brayden so he got to get on for a minute with Davey too.  We only had a short time.  He said he waited about 10 minutes to use the phone and there was a big line and everyone was timing each other to about 5 minutes.  We forgot to ask about his tooth...I guess we were just too excited to hear him even if it has only been two weeks.  Later tonight we received a quick email:

Okay, so I am in Fresno California now! It has been a blast.  Right as I
got here we went out tracking and taught the gospel, it was so harder
than the MTC taught, haha.  So about the mailing letters to the address:
You have to send them to the mission home and then they will then send
them out to the appartment addresses, so please let everyone know that
haha.  So yea, and you can send packages or whatever you would like, it
just has to get sent to the mission home address then they will then send
it to the missionaries. So this is the address and this is how it would look
if you were to send me mail or a package... this is what it would look

Elder David Moss
California Fresno Mission
1814 North Echo Ave
Fresno, California 93704

Ok, so yea, I think you understand that and shouldn't get it wrong, haha.
So yeah, everything is just going great here and I love you all.  It was
great to talk to you and hear you guys.  Everyone is great here, all the
missionaries and President Gelwick (I don't know how to spell it) but
he is awesome! So ya, the mission is going to be hard but so great!
Love you all! God Speed!
-Elder Moss

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