Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fifth MTC Letter

After posting the below letters, we received this short email today also and have included it here since it came the same day as the other letters:

So I want you all to know that I tried to break the three point record today, the record is 13 three pointers made in a row and I made 11 in a row... ugh it was so frustrating! So ya, that's all I wanted to hurry and say.

Davey included several letters in two envelopes but we are lumping them all into one letter since we got them all the same day, today.  He sent two bookmarks (we gave them to Chase and Brayden since Davey didn't say who they were for, we just assumed it was for them as they had a picture of two missionaries on them with the Called To Serve song on one side and a scripture, D&C 42:6, on the other):

Well I thought I would quickly write and tell you whats been happening.  Today it is snowing at the MTC and my companion is freaking out, he loves the snow!  Its way funny, bless his soul.  Another thing that has happened was my fake tooth is chipped, well almost, its like falling off, ha ha.  So yea, I get to take a shuttle to go to a dentist office to get it fixed which sucks, but oh well!  Umm, we depart this next Wednesday so that's awesome!  Dad, I met a sister missionary here that did drug stings with you, she is the daughter of the other officer we did it with.  We got a new bunch of missionaries come in and they are just fun, we have a fun spiritual time here at the MTC, let me just tell you that!  And to all of you, I don't get tired of getting letters, I love getting them.  Well, hope everything is going great!  And I sent you some emails and pictures, hope you guys got them! God speed.  Love, Elder Moss
p.s. No, letters dominate my day dad, serving the lord is my number one priority, nothing is distracting me from that (smiley face).

Today was so amazing, we taught our investigator, he is ready to be baptized, he is reading the B.O.M. and praying all the time.  I have such a strong testimony of this gospel, it truly blesses lives.  I love seeing it through the MTC.  Everyone here has just put everything else aside and have come to serve the Lord, it's so amazing.  Tonight one of the elders in my district asked me to give him a blessing.  He was getting sick so he asked his companion to anoint and me to seal it and give the blessing.  It was so awesome being an instrument in the Lord's hands and holding his priesthood and especially being worthy of using it.  The church is true everyone.  So just always stand up for what's right.  And really remember, DARE TO BE A MORMON!!  Be the one who is different, who holds his faith to be true, and never be unworthy or do anything that is not good in the sight of the Lord.  I love you all and miss you!  God Speed.  Love, Elder Moss

To Chase:  Did mom and dad put you up to ask me to be more specific?  Ok, I will answer your question:  Yes, most of the them played college and high school and all sorts of competitive ball.  But, there are some that just really aren't good.  There are all kinds of guys that played many different sports and yes, rugby is one of them.  Elder Kyle likes video games and eating donuts and guns and cars, ha ha.  Our room has 4 guys in it including me and yes, they are all going to Fresno.  The room is small but still nice.  I am on the top bunk.  I eat the food but the food isn't that great.  The eggs suck.  We are allowed to leave the MTC for temple days or if you have to go to the dentist.  I have seen Connor Jensen, Michael Jensen, Rory Miller, Marrissa Martin, Colton Pendelton, and many more.  We all follow a schedule depending on our zone.  I have gotten to know a lot of people and friends.  Hopefully the Xbox will be all right.  How is my baby doing? (and I'm talking about my car).  So, all right, hope everything stays good.  Love you bro and love the family and everyone, Elder Moss

Dear family, grandparents, and anyone else:  OK, here are specifics.  I wake up at 6:25 am, shower and get ready, then eat breakfast at 7:10 am, we have personal study till 8:40 am, then after that it's more study time for another hour, then classroom instruction for 3 hours, then lunch break, then gym time for an hour, then more study time for 1-2 hours, then classroom instruction for 3 hours, then teach our investigators for about 40 mins., then dinner and more study time.  This isn't all in order but that's pretty much a typical day.  We get in bed by 10:30 pm everyday, so we are pretty busy all the time.  Sorry I don't know what to say.  My companions name is Nick Kyle or Elder Kyle.  I usually get the mail and do district leader stuff during gym time or after meal times.  My companion is from Georgia.  Umm...thanks for all the support from grandma & grandpas, Jana, and Corbin and Margo, it really means a lot, truly it does.  Well love you all lots!!  Elder Moss

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