Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Third MTC Letter

Hey family, I finally got on the computer, ha. So real quick, I have no clue where the things are so that I can email you guys my pictures and have that extra memory card and wall charger  I cant find them anywhere and it sucks! Also, everything is going great I cant email long cuz we are timed. So ya, if you guys could help me know where that stuff is I could send ya some emails with pictures! So ya, can't wait to hear from ya again. I will mostly send letters to answer your guys letters. LOVE YOU, the church is true!!! Love elder moss

Alright, so district leader is so hard but such a good experience! Umm, some things that have been going on is we went to the temple today and it was Awesome! ha ha. I really don't know what to talk about I love your guys letters and I will answer what you asked in them when I write you back in a letter. So right now we are doing laundry and it takes forever! It's our preparation day if u didn't guess that already. Umm, my companion is Elder Kyle and I would send ya a picture but oh ya i don't have anything to be able to do that with, all I have is my camera and nothing else that goes with it! All we do is class, class, class, all day everyday ha. I started to fall asleep in class the other day and so I had to do a wall sit in order to keep me awake, it was awesome and just great. We have already pulled many tricks on our roommates and such. Umm, the MTC is wonderful I really do enjoy it. The gospel is so true and I love feeling the spirit everyday and being around all missionaries, it is such a great blessing. I swear tho that the days are becoming longer and longer. Elder Kyle and I taught our first investigator yesterday and did amazing. The spirit was there and just everything went so smooth. We jumped around a lot because he would just ask question upon question about different things we believe in but I can testify to you that we nailed them all and it was a great experience. We invited him to pray and read the Book of Mormon and then we also invited him to get baptized, all in the first lesson! he said he would have to talk with his wife first to see what she thinks but we are meeting with him again tomorrow to follow up on things and further teach him. That is so funny about Todd, ha, we will be in Cali together, ha ha, and also about Parker, that is so great, he needs to honor that priesthood. Umm, I drink chocolate milk everyday at every meal. The basketball is great, everyone at the MTC knows me as the three point king and I am going to try to break the three point record today held at the MTC which is 13 threes made in a row. tell my friends I miss them and need to hear from them more!! Oh... and I guess I miss you guys too ;) ha. I love you family! So ya, I cant wait till I head out and get to Fresno, we leave the 27th in the morning so you guys better answer the phone when I call! I will call mom's phone cuz I don't remember dad's number. So ya, I wish I could find the cord to send you pictures, ha, it would be so great to do that so you can see my face! ;) I pray for you all, including my friends, everyday and in every prayer. I hope you all are doing well and  I love you all!
LOVE, Elder Moss

I GOT THE PHOTOS I used a USB thing from an elder here:

OK, so my companion Elder Kyle is the one that is in the photos with just me and him if that makes any sense at all, but the pics that have just me and someone else in it, that someone else is Elder Kyle.

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