Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Second MTC Letter

Davey kind of broke the letter up and wrote to each person in our family separate and tried to answer the questions we had asked.  Below is not exactly what he wrote but is quotes from his letter put into context with what was asked:

To Dad - In response to a question about the room setup and telling Davey how it was when he was there, "The bunkbeds and closets are still hooked together."

In response to how the money works at the MTC, "They put money on a card or you can pay cash, you get $6.00 every week on your card."

"My companion is not like me at all.  His name is Elder Kyle.  He is not like me, he is very shy but has a strong testimony.  I try and include him and get him going.  I love him, he is awesome...The first day here was  crazy busy and overwhelming but so spiritual and great!  Well love you all and love you dad. God Speed, Elder Moss

To Mom - "I loved the gifts I got, thanks so much!

In response to the gifts and cards, with comments about getting ready for the mission, which mom hid in his suitcase, "Ha Ha, those were some good times we had especially scaring you (smily face)."

"Thanks for all your love.  I love you so much.  Hope you are doing good and the family also.  The MTC is so great.  I love it here.  Everyone at the Gym keeps making me try to break the three point record because they think I am good enough to do it, ha ha.  Well the spirit is amazing and I love you again.  God speed, Love Elder Moss"

To Brayden - "I love you little buddy.  I will give you one piece of advice, you better practice sports and get in shape.  You have so much potential, so don't waste it!  Do all you can to be the best!!  God Speed, Love Elder Moss

To Chase - "Thanks for everything bro.  You will be a great kid.  Stay strong in the gospel man and always practice your sports.  If you want it bad enough you can achieve it!  Be smart with MY PHONE!!  Don't kiss any girls is my advice man.  Like really, it's better for you just to to, so please heed my warning and DON'T!  Love Elder Moss

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