Monday, February 25, 2013

Sixth Letter

Dear Family,

Mom, I hope you get better and everything is alright!  I pray for you guys daily.  Yes, I did get the pants finally, ha ha.  And dad and mom, I think you should do whats ever best for the family with the job offer dad got.  Keeping the house now would be the best I think.  So that's my input.  Along with the flight and my departure, I fly out at 11:24am Salt Lake City time and arrive in California at 12:49pm California time.  An that is on the 27th.  And I am not worrying about "girls."  This work is my number one thing.  Nothing is interfering or distracting me... yea,  Anyway, my tooth is basically just chipping away.  One morning I woke up and it was like that.  So yeah.  And yes, I was in the background when the lady called mom and it woulda been nice to hear her and talk but we can't do that, ha ha.  And one last thing, I don't know what I want for my birthday.  I don't really care, ha ha.   So yup.  I love you all and just to answer mom's question, I have scared my companion many times (smiley face) it is so fun!  Ha ha, well love ya all!!!  Elder Moss

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