Sunday, February 17, 2013

First MTC Letter

We received our first letter from Elder Moss on February 16:

"Dear Family!!
Well I was going to write your names out but it was too long so I just put family, ha ha.  So the MTC is so amazing!!  The spirit is so strong and everyone here is ready to go on everything.  The food is ok, not the best like moms and dads from home but it's still good.  We had a lot go on today and I don't even know where to begin!  Well today is Thursday and I just barley got made the District Leader which is the highest calling you can have at the MTC, ha ha.  So ya, I am always so busy now it is crazy!  I have to give interviews to all the missionaries and go to all the meetings and conduct and get the mail for everyone and give lessons on Sunday, it is crazy but very good.  I love it here so much.  The basketball isn't as good as I thought, to be honest I am a lot better than most of the guys here.  When we played today they were amazed at my shooting ability, I rarely missed!!  It was awesome... So ya, the experience and learning the gospel is going great.  It is helping me so much in preparation for the field.  Ia m so blessed for you guys at home and I love you so very much.  Sorry, I would write more my my hand hurts!  Let me know how everyone is an doing and tell everyone that I love them so much!  Stay safe!  Love Elder Moss  p.s. I will write more next time, I am very busy so...yea!"

Elder Moss included another page where he wished all the girls in his life a happy valentines day.

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