Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fourth MTC Letter

Dear Dad,
I have received letters from you, I don't know if I have got 4 yet, I haven't really counted them, ha ha.  That is sweet and funny you got an Ipad and it sounds like you had a crazy time, but very successful one.  Umm...I would say I don't really care if you kept the WiFi, ha ha, since I am not even there!  I will also have to look up the kid going to Fresno, I will be there next week!  It's so crazy.  That sucks though you missed your flight or it got delayed.  Ha ha ha, that is so like you to do that to one of the airline workers, you were just tired I bet (smiley face).  You need to be nice dad!  ha ha ha, and no I haven't been nervous or anything and nope I don't want to go home.  I was totally good the first day!  And don't worry, I am way ahead of you.  I have a daily journal I have been keeping.  Love ya dad.

Wow, Tonya got a new house?  That's great to hear!  That's so sweet to hear about the basketball team.  And hearing about Todd makes me laugh but California is a great place!  The necklace I love, I wear it on P day.  Laundry day sucks.  There is so much to do.  I mostley had the sister missionaries help me, ha ha.  Um, favorite food?  I don't know at all probably the chicken and ham sandwich.  Least favorite would be the breakfast eggs, they suck so bad!  I made 7 three pointers in a row...I can do better.  So ya, TTYL!!! Love ya mom.

First of all you need to practice your sports!  That's cool about basketball!  And yes, I love the necklace bro.  Well, I don't know what to say, so ya.  I am on limited time so ask questions that I can answer to you! Love ya little man

You will have a good time with that Nerf gun man!  You are close to getting it!  And yes, we will totally have a Nerf gun war!  Love you buddy

That's awesome man, good luck in San Diego and don't go to the military bases and do what we did on our trip, ha ha ha.  I don't have much to say cuz i am so busy with helping out my district and learning.  Good luck.  Elder Moss

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