Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

Davey sent a recording today for weekly letter, it is transcribed below:

here ya are! (attachment)

Hey Davey how are things? We are over at grandma coombs getting their garden ready for them.

i am just doing amazing we had a great week as you will hear about in the voicemail. how are ya?

We all doing really good.  We will have sold our house and be out of it probably by February the 21st. I am not sure what's going on with our life after that. Dad and I have talked about lots of different things, I'm still working at tuacahn and my job is getting more fun and more relaxing they are giving more responsibility with making sure my sells are up and marketing which have been fun. Brayden is having a lot of fun and basketball and doing amazingly well.  Sorry we just noticed you were on. We really didn't think you would be on since it is a holiday. We love you miss you I'm so glad you're doing well and I'm looking forward to hearing your voice mail.

wow that is cool. sounds like everyone is doing very well and sounds like you and dad are going to be stressed! hey watch the mormon message called "moments that matter most" 

We will, thank you for the encouraging words. We're doing good we're doing everything we should be doing and we know that we are being blessed with you being on a mission. Dad and chase wants to know if you got the voicemail?

haha ya i got the voicemail of chase it was awesome i loved it
 haha i love it so much chase you are the best i love it and nice day date i love the fourwheeling bro nice job! ha so what else have you and the whole family been up too?

We also just sent you a couple more voicemails so before you get off hopefully you'll be able to listen to them um we've got one from the whole family and one from the boys.

hey hey i got your voicemails and i loved them haha ya i kinda knew what the x box 1 was but not everything about it but it sounds awesome so ya i am glad you are having a fun time as a family together that is awesome, i love you all and chase all the missionaries in the zone here with me thought you sounded like me haha (your finally growing up) ha just messin. thanks for all the prayers you say for me and all that you do for me i loved the new years package i got from you all it was awesome and i finally got through all the fortune cookies so that was good! we got to go to the hospital yesterday which was cool because we got to give a blessing to a lady we have never met someone just called us up like always and asked for a blessing it is really cool to be able to hold the priesthood and minister to people.  well have a great time eating i love you all have a great day off! 
Love Elder Moss 

Alright, good morning family and friends, this is Elder Moss talking.  Hey, I just wanted to send you a voice recording this week. I mean nothing super huge has happened, no differences or anything.  But um, it's just been a really good week.  These past few weeks we've just seen a lot of miracles in our area, our area is just on fire right now.  This past week we found ten new investigators; one investigator, his name's Joseph, he's getting baptized this weekend on Saturday and so that's going to be really awesome, you'll hear more about it next week I guess.  This past week we had specialized training with all the Fresno zones, so I think there was like four, yea, I think four Fresno zones.  We gave an accounting and just learned a lot was edified and uplifted by the spirit.  I'm with Elder Bettinger right now, we're driving to go pick up some missionaries.  We just got done shopping and eating lunch - today is our preparation day of course.  At one o'clock we're going to be playing dodge ball with the zone, so that should be a lot of fun.  Also, something cool - there's like this part member family that we met out in the country and stuff and they have two like super-star kids: one's like the MVP in football and the other's super good in basketball.  One of them isn't baptized so we challenged them to a two on two basketball game today and if we win then they take the, yea pray for us right.  But we got it in the bag, Elder Bettinger's the best, so he's going to be doing it.  Ummm, what else happened this week?  Yea, we've just been finding like crazy and just seeing a lot of people.  We went on an exchange and I was in a bikin...wait wasn't biking we had a car too.  I went with a new missionary who was waiting on his Visa and we had such a really great time, saw a lot of miracles and just met a lot of cool people so...  I think that's about it for this week (can you think of anything else? nope, alright). Well I love you all, the Church is true and always live it.  I love you so much and I just hope you have a great week and just everything goes good.  Love you, bye.

Photos of Davey's Companion's, Elder Bettinger's, Birthday Party

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