Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 15, Week 19

Ok.  So, you had a baptism this week?

yup we did! ha it was great!

So tell me about it.  Now that you have had a new companion for a week or is that going?

everything is great i love him and we get along super well this last week has been kind of tough but it was still great we talked to a lot of people and set some dates for baptism but they weren't with YSA age kids haha oh well we still are struggling with the ward they don't wanna do missionary work but they are picking up fortunately so yup we also had a leadership training and went on two exchanges which was fun just a crazy but i learned so much. i am growing so much i love it out here it is still hot and humid ha so yup how are you all doing?

Awesome.  Good to hear you and the comp are getting along well.  How is it being a trainer and senior companion.  I am glad to hear you are growing and doing well.  We are too.  It is busy with trying to get ready for this wedding and working.  We are going to SLC tomorrow for Katelynns shower.  We had one here last week but not many people came.  I am teaching the priests and laurel class for sunday school.  I have jocelyn, lauren, bk, jace, bryce, etc.  Bryce got his mission call to Germany and leaves in November.  BK baptized the down syndrome girl, Jenny McClellen, last week which was pretty cool.  The sister missionaries taught her and BK dunked her.  Looks like that is what happened with your baptism...member friend?

yup that is what happened with us! and that is crazy about the wedding sorry not many people showed i pray for you all everyday i love and miss you how are other things around the house and with the family like the boys. and being a trainer and senior companion is great i have been learning a lot i love it it is extra work but i only got two years so i gotta do it my hardest! i am also designated driver which isn't so fun haha i don't like driving all the time! 

How has your week been? Your baptism looks great!

ha my week has been great! kinda hard but good!  we are still trying to find new people to teach but what about you and the fam?

Dang It is good you are so busy, but I was hopping I could visit.  That is okay... the Lord should always come first.  Love you and I am glad you love your companion.  
Have a wonderful week, may God bless you and keep you safe.
Love you,

next week i will be on right at 10am so be on and ready and we can visit i love you so much and i hope this week is amazing thanks for all you do to help me miss you all 

Sounds Good I will put an alarm on my phone.  I will be excited to visit.  Love you!!! 

NO I LOVE YOU! haha have a great week you all are on my mind and i pray for you always thanks for everything. 

Hey just something fun to let you know about . chase is at the high school doing drivers ed. tonight tomorrow he will be doing the simulator. I think he is a little nervous I know I am nervous when he drives. it is hard to believe that I have one child left to drive, I must be getting old haha. I will try to remember to get Chris's email address for you . I'm excited to go up north to go to a bridal shower for katelynn with my family. it is hard to believe that we have two weeks left until she is married. she will be going through the temple to get her in down next Tuesday it is a wonderful feeling to know that my children are choosing the right and are worthy to go to the temple. I don't worry too much about you anymore only when I hear that you have a rest day or rough week are you don't get along with your companion. So it makes me really happy to know that you finally have a companion that you truly love and get along with. I was told that the young women's presidency will be released in a couple of weeks, which means I will be releases. I will miss the young women that I have associated with .

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