Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 22, week 20

alrighty these are two pictures of my companion and i haha well anyway  this is my week this past week so we have been working hard. we have a recent convert that is almost hitting his year mark of being a member and so he has been meeting with us to prepare to get the Melchizedek priesthood his name is joshua quezada he goes by juice haha he is the starting running back for fresno state football he used to play football at BYU but he moved here with his family. he is super awesome. we also had a lesson with an investigator named jesus he knows the BOM is true and he promised us that he would come to church but he didn't so we are going to have to drop him cuz he isnt keeping commitments which stinks cuz he knows it is true! we also found this black girl named sade (shotty) and long story short we are trying to discern if she is accountable or not but ya. haha so ya we also have been challenging a lot of members to do more missionary work! our members are being BUMS! it is super frustrating. also this week we had a church tour with a member who invited 4 of his friends he is a ward missionary so he has his head on straight but it was super powerful the spirit was so strong and one of them even showed up to church the following sunday so that was way cool to see. that member that went with us has been on over 7 church tours but he said that this one was different and the most powerful he has ever felt. then we had a team up with a member and we went out tracting and ran into these black people haha our member was awesome he didn't talk at all until i told him that he was going to ask them to be baptized right out of the blue ha so i made him do that and it was awesome he did it and they said no hahahaha but then later we kept talking and they said they would if they came to know it was true so it wasn't all bad but i loved how i just told him to do it and he did. and then we met with a kid named brian and that was a great lesson we invited him to be baptized and he accepted and we set up a date with him and he is just super prepared. he said our religion he looks up to the most because of the examples he has seen so there ya go people every where are looking at us and trying to find fault and things to tare us down but we must be that great example and live as jesus christ would live if he were here. the second coming is right at our door we had an apostle come elder parry and he gave an apostolic promise that the second coming would happen and that it is real he also said that us as a church as a whole are not ready for it. we are not as righteous as we should be and we are not sharing the gospel like we as members need to be doing everyday. but ya my week was good i love elder lord he is great he still needs to work on talking simply and not stuttering but i love him! i love you all too and for katelynn in preparing to enter the temple read moses chapters 1-5 this is an account of moses receiving his endowment and also in exodus chapters 28-29 this is where it talks about the temple clothing so these things help you prepare for the temple! i love you all and wish you the best week i am proud of you all and hope you are all gaining in faith and testimony each day and living worthy all the time i love you. Love your Son Elder Moss

It sounds so good about "juice". I love hearing stories like that. Things are going really good for the wedding. Did you get my package?

i havent gotten a package yet but i got the letter from mom and the wedding announcment! 

Oh this is mom, I sent you a package that they promised it would be there by Saturday, so I figures you would get it by today. It has something in it that I want you to wear on Saturday so you will fill you are apart of the wedding. Can you check the mission home? I sent it there. 

ya it should be in the mission office they dont send out packages our zone leaders go get them but we will go get it when is the wedding?
oh the wedding is saturday duh haha ok i will!

Wedding is this Saturday. Try to go if you can. Katelynn is now with us and jeff. It is so wonderful to see her so happy. I love to hear from you and you are doing so good. 
Work had been good it is hard to believe that we have only 3 weeks until school. Life seems to get so more and more busy. Chase finished drivers ed and has started to drive. Don't tell him but he really scares me when he drives. He is getting better, though.

haha remember when i started you said i scared you too when i drove! what car is he driving? i doubt he knows how to work stick shift! haha 

Oh I know! !   You were the worst, haha. It is always hard to drive at first. I'm getting my hair done with Tonya. She says hi and thank you for the letter. This is such a girl time getting my hair done together we get caught up every 3 to 4 months, it is lots of fun haha. (I have to cover the grays) ;)

ya you better cover up those grey hairs!!! haha ;)  i say hello to tonya as well. well i am about to get off and go play some ball so i love you and is there anything else i can do for you all? or anything i can let you know about or you let me know about?

Love you be safe! Iwill think of you tomorrow when Katelynn goes through the temple.  Love you

I am on now.  Just got home for lunch.

nice i olny have like 5 mins left on time how are you dad? 

I am good.  How are you.  I am trying to read all the emails quick and get caught up.  Was the apostle Elder L. Tom Perry?

yup it was him! he met with president gelwix. i am great never better i love being a mormon! and a missionary! haha it is the best truely it is

I am so glad to hear.  It sounds like you are working hard - keep it up.  Are you teaching your greenie how to be a great missionary?

i am trying to he is prideful sometimes so i gotta break him down haha no he is aweosme and i am treaching him as good as i can

Good.  It is really really good to hear from you.  I wish we could chat more often.  Grandma and Grandpa can text whenever.  They are flying back for the wedding.  They arrived yesterday in Fargo.

I ran into Jay Day the other day and he said you send him stuff every week and he really likes hearing from all the missionaries that are writing him.

thats aweosme about coach day  i am planning on sending a letter home today but i got to get going i wish we could chat more too but i love you all and i love you dad hope everythign goes good with the wedding! 

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