Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 29, week 21

hey all of you how was the wedding?!

You should have received an email from me check that out I kind of detailed our week and weekend

oh ok sounds good so how are you doing?

We are doing really well. Mom has gone to work today. I just arrived at janna and jeffs for our hamburger and hot dog barbeque. How has your week been? Did you wear the tire on saturday? Did you take a picture of a? Mom would love to see that!

it was too flashy i couldn't wear it. but i did take a picture with it on! the wedding sounded like it was awesome! i am so grateful for the oppertunity to hear that thanks so much i miss you all! i am going to write a long week letter to you but i have to write president first so one sec.

Alrighty so this past week has been great it has been hard but very fun. two investigators came to church one of which said she didn't feel comfortable (probably cuz she is sinning a lot) but we are going to drop her cuz she isn't progressing after all. for preparation day the Burnett family took us minuiture golfing which was way fun but i came in 3rd place so that stunk we also played a lot of basketball as usual ha then that night we had a lesson with a member present with two investigators  which was powerful! i don't like driving everywhere so i told my trainee that we are going to start biking a lot more which has been good we are finding more people but of coarse people are also very prideful and dillweeds but oh well. and it was funny when we stoped at the corner a guy drove up and handed us a not very good magazine that we threw away for him i think he just didn't have a garbage in his car so we helped him and took care of it for him! we contacted a baptist preacher which i started to bash with which isn't good so ya that didn't end well...for him..haha then we met with a girl at at the mall and had a lesson with her but as we were talking to her a bunch of other people just kept interrupting and bashing with us and asking us very graphic not good questions but ya that didn't end very well so ya but it was a learning experience! then i went on an exchange with elder fisi'ihoi and that was aweosome we did work and just invited people to be baptized and it was a lot of fun so idk if you heard or not but we have to get rid of backpacks and use man purses or shachels so i went and  bought that today so ya that was my week in a very brief over view. i have attached the pictures of me in the tie for katelynn's wedding! love you all!
Elder Moss

Why do you have to get rid of backpacks?  Do you need to send it home?  Sounds like your working hard.  Keep it up and you will be blessed to find someone.

its in the new dress and grooming standards for missionaries

Everybody is laughing at you.


I showed them the "I said yes" picture.  Katelynn loved it!

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