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August 5

We posted Davey's first P-day in Fresno, then second week in Fresno, etc. week by week.  It was pointed out that he has been out longer than the number of weeks we show on his blog.  This was because he was in the MTC a couple of weeks and we didn't start that until he was in the field.  Also, he started in the MTC on a Wednesday and flew into Fresno on a Wednesday so it was confusing.  Anyway, we are just going to put the date of his letter/email/ update instead of weeks from now on, everyone knows he will done in February 2015.

hey dad and family how is it going today?!

Great! Did you get the pictures that dad sent you? And my email I sent last week?
This is MOM

i got the pictures!

Well?  What did you think?  I loved the one of you being a pirate...arrgh!  How has your week been?  Did you get the letter from grandma?

haha ya i know! the picures looked good you and mom looked good have you been losing wieght?! or did you just suck it all in! ;)  week has been great and yup i did i loved it so much! how are you mom>?

Mom just went to pick up Chase from a leadership meeting he had with the exec council at the high school this morning. Not losing weight but need to.  Thanks.  How about is the weight?

i don't want to talk about my weight i am on the errand of the lord i don't need to be worring about my body even though it has gone down the drain...haha i am glad i wear garments cuz i would hate looking at myself with my shirt off now ha just to let you know i am going into exile for 2 months when i get home and just working how hard core haha ;)

You are so funny!  We can't tell anything from your pictures.   So about the baptisms - who are they.  And what about the others you say you have?

well we have nick adrian brian but they aren't super solid so we just got to keep working with them they just need to come to church!

So, these are the ones that you say may be baptized?  How about the one on the 30th.

ya he is our only one this month with a date but there shall be more! we have a lot that have dates but we have to push them back cuz they don't come to church the bums. but what has been happening at home besides the past wedding, what all has happened?

i love you all so much and i miss you keep choosing the right and stand strong in all places! dont give into temptation ever blessing await all of you just don't think for one second that you can do something that is wrong don't allow you to even let that thought enter the mind stay worthy and make righteous friends. stand for what is right and true. that is my prayer i love you all and i know you will do it and share the gospel! hasten the work of salvation you are member missionaries share the gospel give out pass along cards anything! don't give any excuses cuz i have heard them all you all share the gospel and widen your circle of influence you will feel the atonement more in your life as you share the gospel. i love you all and have a great week i am going to play some rugby now! love you your the best family truely now keep growing and pushing for more excellence becoming more better.
Love elder moss

Thank you Davey.  You do the same.  Stay strong and keep moving forward even if discouraged.  We will pray for you and for those you are looking for.  Love you tons.  Thank you for the example you are.

you da best all of you! haha love you so much! chase and brayden you better be an amazing example stand strong just like i just said before your amazing you have great potential dont do anything to ruin it only make your potential even greater!  

Mom is back now and we are both here as well as the boys.  Dad had a friend on facebook that he knew in Texas, a girl that left on her mission from the ward he was serving in, say she was in Orem (the friended each other on facebook several years ago) and he saw it while we were up there and we went to breakfast with her and her daughter who she is dropping off to college.  She is coming down to go to Tuacahn this week as we offered her some tickets and she accepted.  It was way cool seeing a member from the mission so long ago.

dang that is way cool and way good president hinkley always did say what the 3 things every new member needs! and he told us missionaries to keep in contact with our investigators!

She wasn't an investigator but a member that went on a mission from the ward he was serving in.

oh gotcha then.  alrighty so my week has been good way good some might even say great! well anyway some of the high lights was last week we had trainer trainee meeting which was way good we learned a lot and i change little things in my life especially as a missionary to become better. then we have been throwing down on our members to do missionary work so we actually had a lesson in a members home with a former investigator that they invited over this past week which went good the spirit was strong but she ignored it and so that was sad. then we have been going to see some less active members and helping them out and showing them how they need to come back to church it stinks when the person is a returned missionary and they go less active im just like shoot what did you do on your mission aghhh! it is way frustrating haha then we of coarse went tracking which we went for a very long time and just found families for other missionaries to teach so it was good but at the same time we are running low on investigators. but of coarse we do have some great investigators that are going to be baptized which is good one on the 30th of this month and hopfully others before that. but everything here is great i love being a missionary and serving the lord this last saturday we had president gelwix come out with us to 2 appointments that we had and he also took us out to eat at dog house grill which is a place that has the best tri tip steak sandwhich! but he came out with us and the lessons were great i loved it ha elder lord and i didn't say anything the second appointment cuz president just went off and was amazing haha it was a great night. he said some really good things about me and how i teach and everything which i loved and he expects great things from me. but  today for preparation day we are going to be having a great day we have a quad zone activity where president gelwix is coming and we are having a rugby tournament between zones! haha it is going to be awesome! i love you all wish you were here playin or watching! i love you all and hope you have a great week! Love you Elder Moss

You know what i love about being a missionary is the super tough hard days when all your appointments you had set up and thought were for sure solid but all fall through throughout the week and then flat tires on your bike in the front and then you fix it then the back tire the same day blows out and then you get yelled at and unkind words are thrown at you and different objects are just missing you like unto Samuel the Lamanite when he was crying repentance on the wall and the people were throwing things at him but nothing did ever hit him that's what my mission has felt like and i love it and rejection isn't the worst thing that can happen but a ton of it gets you to question at times if there is someone else out there in my area that need the message that i've been blessed with and the quick re-assurance from the spirit says" yes there is and don't you give up on them don't you dare you are the missionary they need please don't let them wait, go find them" then my immediate reaction is not always okay lets do it but more than usual is a prayer in my heart asking the Lord for forgiveness for my unbelief then the forgiveness settles into my soul and every fiber of my human being then i gain strength to knock yet another door and there the individual/family await who the Lord prepared that would listen to what i have to offer them, a gift from the Father and the Son and the Spirit "The Gospel" they are filled as they accept it all into there lives and begin there process of becoming a follower of Jesus Christ.

Love you all, Elder Moss

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