Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 26, 2013

Well shoot mom happy birthday! that is super exciting i am so glad you had a good time and also tonya. i wish you all the best i love and miss you so much! i won't lie i was planning on getting you something but i don't have money haha and hardly anytime. i will try to do something for you though! but it will have to be next week i am so happy for you and you mean the world to me! love you so much

well my week was really good we were supposed to have 4 people at sacrament meeting but we didn't :( they were bums and didn't show but the week was very good we had a member actually set up an appointment with us with one of her friends so that was great we invited her friend to be baptized and she accepted but then we found out that she wasnt' YSA age so we passed her off to the family ward ha but we had a lot of lessons with investigators that our members came out with us to so the member work is really picking up! and i am super grateful for that. i also went on two exchanges with some of the elders in my district elder burnham was first he is serving in clovis 7th ward and that went really well he is a hard worker and exactly obedient but he has a problem with teaching but over all just a really great missionary but he got his visa and went to argintina so he left today. then i exchanged with clovis 3rd ward elder wells, he actually came out the same time that i did so that was cool also he is a great missionary he doesn't talk to everyone but when we went out together we did and we found a lot of potentials for his area, there ward is really struggling we met with a family and tried to set up a mission plan for there family and the father was totally against it and did not want to do it! i was sad but they are working hard and just need the ward to pick up and help it is a slow process but they are improving which is great. i am really though trying to learn how to better help my district we have a lot of potential but i just am trying to learn what i can do better to have us all do amazing in our areas. but anyway this week was a blessing we found 4 new investigators and also taught a lot of lessons it just was a blessing and a fun story we were driving in the car one night and (this is how we do some of our finding) we saw this girl on the side of the road running so we quickly pulled over and stopped her and talked to her about the gospel and asked if we could share a message she said she didn't know so we then asked if we could get her number and shoot her a text on what she decides so the next day comes and we text her and she says she cant meet with us or anything so we got sad but i got the idea to say a prayer and i asked that she may be able to meet with us that a miracle could be preformed then after that i texted her and said well we respect that choice but if you could pray about it that would be amazing and she was like alright whatever. so a couple days passed and nothing happened then one day she texted us and said she prayed and that we could meet up sometime! so we are going to be meeting with her sometime this week! but ya it was really great but that was a bit about my week and everything just a lot of teaching and finding we went to the college and taught kids on the campus which was also fun so ya it was jsut a busy but very great week! i love you all and hope everything goes great this week!
Love Elder Moss

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