Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

Davey wrote today (Tuesday) because it was a holiday yesterday.

Ok, I won't ask too much if you are going to write a big letter.  We so look forward to hearing the details about what you do each week.  We try and keep you informed also on what we are doing.  So let us know if we aren't living up to expectations on what your family is doing.  For example, when Katelynn and Jeff were down last week, they arrived late Friday night.  So, we didn't wake up till like 10am.  So, instead of breakfast we left here at like 10:45am and arrived at Olive Garden right when they opening and got their endless pasta bowl lunch for breakfast, it was pretty fun.  We wanted to include you so we sent your companion a gift card so he can take you out for the same thing.

ya and you don't have to spend so much money on me or my companion you are already so awesome and i love you all for all you do it is the best so thanks what else were you goin to ask me?

Yea, so don't tell him, let it be a surprise on the letter from us to your comp.  I was going to ask you about the ward, you said they were doing better at missionary work and coming along and helping more.  Also, you said you had several more investigators you found and taught first lessons to, how are they doing?  And the girl on the street that texted, did you end up meeting with her?  And, we haven't heard of Upain, are you still teaching him?  How is it with college going now?  Are things starting to pick up?  Is Elder Lord still a greenie?  Or has he been out long enough and learned enough from you to not be a greenie anymore? etc, etc.  Oh, and you were suppose to have a baptism on the 30th?

ya but they didn't come to church the bums...and i loved the voice mail hahaha it was wierd about the song.. haha chase i couldn't hear ya sing!  
so the ward we have been setting  up member mission plans with them to get them doing stuff ha and we dropped upain cuz he is a bum and we are meeting with that girl this wednesday her name is sierra. and the college thing is way fun we just walk up to kids and ask to have a lesson then teach them a lesson right there on the spot! it is awesome! 

I am so glad that things are going really great for you with the ward, and college starting, and some baptisms coming up, and meeting with the elders in your districts, and learning so much...I am just so happy for you!!!
I don't think you could hear Mom or I sing either as we didn't know the song.  Maybe a little advice on getting people to commit to things.  I have found that asking questions that causes them to think can be more effective and also, painting the picture for them using another person (not them) in the scenario is very effective.  For example, instead of saying will you be baptized?  Say, Do you think it would be important for someone who believes in Christ to follow his example?  Then when they agree to that ask the next question, will you follow Christ's example and be baptized?  For church say, I just told you that I know the church is true, would be important for someone looking at different churches to attend that church to see and feel for their self what it is like and if it is true?  Then when they say yes say,  Since you are looking, will you come to church this Sunday?  This gets them saying yes to something they haven't been included in because you're just asking about "someone" then once they say yes it might be easier to say yes again when you ask them and include them in the direct question.  Maybe your are already doing this - just a thought.

i love you thanks so much for the advice and i love it i actually have been doing those things we change things up all the time to have more inspired questions and doing all the things you said but thanks so much i love it!

Your welcome.  Mom was bummed that she couldn't be here.  She worked all morning at the elementary as one of the secretary's was gone.  She then went straight to work at Tuacahn, it will be a long day for her.

Alright i know i know the long anticipated letter about my week is finally here! ha so as you may know i don't know but we went to the church vineyard to pick grapes and now we are rolling them so that should be fun! this past week has been really great we taught over 20 lessons and had a lot of members present so that is great we are really trying to work with the members better and it is slow like i have said before but it is getting better. i went on exchanges a lot with elders in my district which went very well! also we had leadership training and learned about our role and the role of the holy ghost and personal revelation and a bunch of other stuff but i loved the holy ghost. there is a quote that says "what we do is a reflection of who we are" i love that and there is a video if you havent' seen it look it up on you tube it is called "missionary work and the atonement" it has elder holland and elder eyring talking in it. it is amazing. but ya receiving personal revelation was so great to learn about and just ahhh i love those meetings! so we met with our investigator nick and taught him a lesson and i gave him the dvd special witnesses of christ and nick he has said that he will never come to church and i don't know if this dvd changed him or not but we texted him and asked if we could meet and he said no hes busy but he wanted to meet us at church and he came to church and it was great! we also had another girl named lorin that came to church and we taught her a lesson that night and during that lesson she professed her love to elder lord and I hahahaha so she really loves me and my companion it was weird but we did set a baptismal date with her so now we just got to make sure she is doing it for the right reason! but those are just the high lights for this week! we have right now 2 investigators that have baptismal dates for this month! with a lot more on the way. i love you all and hope your week is great
Love Elder Moss

Awesome, way to teach and work hard!!  Who are the two investigators with baptismal dates?  You mentioned last time that you went out to eat and buffalo wings or something, did a member take you?

lorin and adrian and ya a member took us and in the voice mail chase needs to stop bein a bum and talk to me and stop trying to be so cool! 
sorry i havent' sent pictures i just haven't taken any! well i gotta go i lov eyou all and hope this is the best week for you!

Awesome, it was great to chat for a minute with you.  I love you too!  We all love and pray for you everyday, live up to all those prayers for you, OK?

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