Friday, September 13, 2013

September 9, 2013

We weren't able to get on with Davey so this is what he wrote:

so your moving then haha that is super weird! and that is crazy but shoot well if you feel good about it then that is the way you should go.
Well this week huh? well not a whole lot happened we are preparing for a baptism this weekend her name is lauren so that will be great! President Gelwix when i was on an exchange with Elder Hassett we were walking at night and he pulled up and picked us up! it was fun he promised to take us to cheesecake factory i am so excited i haven't had cheesecake in forever! so i am looking forward to that! well i keep you in my prayers always expecially the boys so that they will remain great examples and stay strong in all they do. one of my favorite things to do is talk to random people ha it is so much fun and you get the best stories but i cant tell you some of them mom cuz they are pretty crazy! ha dont worry i only about got shot twice... ;) just playing! only once not twice  (still kidding) well it was so much fun i love going into the getto and it was also sad homeless people everywhere lined up on the streets and just it is crazy but i love it im not being stupid so don't worry. I have been on a lot of exchanges this week with the Zone leaders and Elders in my district so i don't have a lot to write. but when i was on a split elder hassett and i met this lady from the phillapins and she was so funny and cute! i will attach a picture of her but ya that was a fun time she told us about how she used to meet with missionaries but she isn't one. well i don't really know what else to put we taught a lot of people and it seemed like the theme this week was to live the law of chastity cuz people break it so much ahhhhh! but ya that was it just normal stuff teaching and testifying i have been super tired latley and we have transfers coming up in 2 weeks i think i am getting transfered idk yet though so ya but sorry it is short this week i love you all and care so much about you thanks so mcuh for the prayers i pray for you also! i want to hear from chase and brayden next week what all they are doing and whats all happening (friends, sports, ect.) love you and mom and dad i want to hear more about you to cuties ha
Love Elder Moss

this is elder hassett and I he is from Idaho

oh and a member gave us ties!

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