Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013 (Wednesday - A Couple of days late)

We don't know why he is writing on Wednesday instead of Monday, didn't get a chance to ask.  Tamara and Brayden talked to Davey.

hey mom and dad!

Oh my, you are on. (this is mom)

i am on! ha

How are you?  I've been worried about you.  Are you healthy, in good spirit?

yup i am!

You are emailing at a fun time for Brayden cause he just got home from school.  He is excited about having a football game today.  Dad and I will get to watch him for about half of the game and then we are going to Chase's induction to the National Honor Society.  Brayden is a little bummed that we won't see his whole game but I told him sometimes dad and I have to support Chase too.\
I love the picture you sent of the vineyard.  Did you and Elder Lord get to do some service at it?

ya we do service for them and it has been really good i am sending the weekly letter now

We have had an ant infestation here at home.  Dad has been trying to kill them. He will kill them then the next we know they are back - darn ants.
What have you been doing these last two weeks?

ha that is awesome sounds like the family has been doing a lot!

I can't wait for your letter.  Did you get the pictures (Homecoming, ect.) and email I sent you?

ya i did i loved it well i hope shy is doing well and you all are! love you!

Weekly Letter:
That is so crazy your moving then?! ah i jsut still cant believe it sounds like the family is doing a lot though! so that is good chase and brayden are looking and sounding like they are doing real well!

Well shoot my week has been really great i just love being a missionary, just thought i would start it off by saying that.
so to start off with the worst thing well our investigator that was supposed to get baptized got hit by anti-mormon junk super hard! so we had to drop her it was super sad and frustrating cuz i after every lesson i warned her that this would happen and she was prepared and have spiritual confirmations that this is the true church but then that happened. so that was the downer of this week. but now for all good stuff we had a really great zone conference a lot of revelation came to me it was basically all on how we need to work with members betters. then the next morning we went and helped a member move a pool table that weighed a lot and it was a struggle but we did it! (i don't know why i mentioned that but there is a fun fact for ya'll) we are also still teaching nick our investigator he has great questions and is just super slowly progressing but he is awesome still! we go to the college a lot and share messages with people and give out a lot of copies of the book of mormon it is way fun i love it and people look at us so weird haha it is awesome. we have found a lot of new investgators this week and also dropped a lot which was sad but it had to be done! there were these two girls running one night and i stopped them and long story short we went over to there home and now they are investigating so that was really cool. then last night we stopped another two girls walking and long story short they wanted us to  preach in there church cuz they like us so much and wanted us to do a fireside in there christain church but we aren't allowed to so we declined ha 
oh well i forgot my camera so i cant send pictures but next week i will!
something funny that happened Elder hassett and i were wrestling and of coarse he kills me haha but no we were wrestling and at some point i pick up elder hassett but then he gets ahold of me and slams me into the wall and my butt broke a hole in the wall of the appartment (i am totally fine no worries) hahah so there is a big hole so we have to pay for that...ha it was so funny though! then today we went to the temple and it is amazing i love it we saw the new temple video and it was awesome i loved it and just have been having a great time i love the mission! so ya that is all for now i don't know what else to add oh we are getting transfer calls this saturday then transfers are next wednesday! church is true! i love it!
Love Elder Moss!

A HOLE!  As I was reading your letter all I was worried about was that you didn't get anything broken and you wouldn't get hurt. I'm glad only the wall got hurt. (Side note: how much will it cost to get it fixed?)
Chase just walked in. He is going to write you.

hey Davey  I Love you .  I've made some good tackles in football and I almost got the ball on a fumble.  I have a game today.  I think of you every game... you are my idol.

goodluck today buddy i know you will do awesome!

Our last game we won by a long ways, 8 to 24 and the others we won 0 to 22, 0 to 32.  I got to be accepted to be on a LEGO building club.  We are going to get to build robots out of LEGOs.  I am really excited to do it.

no way you will be great at that! you are so awesome brayden i love you so much your the best at everything! how is reading your scriptures going?

Not that good.  The last time I read was about a week ago.

oh no! well shoot you gotta get on top of that man!

I will try - Love you

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