Monday, August 19, 2013

August 12, 2013

hey yall how are ya?!

Hey Davey,  This is Mom.  How are you doing?  Did you get our voicemail?

yup i did! loved it

Oh Good! I thought we would do this once a week to just say a few words to you. We had fun doing it.  It was funny that Chase had a hard time thinking of things to say.  He has had a lot of things going on with the student body and i think he has had a lot of fun.  
Braydent is so excited for school. Dad gave them fathers blessings yesterday.  He said some really cool things in their blessings.
Katelynn is finally getting settled up north and trying to get her classroom organized.  We have been praying for Jeff to be able to get a job in Orem, one that will make it able for him to go to school.
I have applied for a Secretary job at SCHS.  I don't know if I will get it but I've asked everyone to pray that if it be Heavenly Fathers will that I will get the job.
Things are going good with life in general.  I can always find the joy and peace that I need each day.  I feel so blessed to have such good children and they are doing what is right.
I got to see the new temple movie.  It is so good.  I loved it!!!  I hope you will get the chance to see it.
How has your week been.  I have been praying that you will find the joy in your mission and find those people that want to hear the gospel. 

your prayers have been heard we found and taught so much this past week thank you so much!  we should be getting to go to the temple this transfer so i am excited to see the new movie! 

hey so i got the voice recorder it was awesome! thanks so much! and dang so much ice cream! i would eat it up if i were there! and you are going to be surprised i am not a picky eater anymore with anything so that sounded way good what brayden made except with my hamburgers i am still picky haha 

but anyway this week was very good we did a lot we had our quad zone activity last monday so we went to that and played rugby and basketball so that was a lot of fun i really enjoyed it. transfer calls were also this past saturday so this wednesday is transfers for us. i will be staying with elder lord cuz i am still training him but i did get called to be a district leader so now as of this wedsday i will be a district leader there are 4 areas total in my district so this should be great for me! haha  but the mission is great i love it here in fresno so much we are getting a lot of investigators and the ward is slowly but still progressing, we are teaching this Hmong kid named upain that is 20 and it is so sweet i love him so much but he knows absolutely nothing about christ or god so it has been so awesome to teach him and hear him pray for the first time. also we have another investigator nick that has been frustrating he wont come to church but yesterday we gave him a church tour so it is a slow progression but he is going to be baptized i can feel it haha. but ya we have had a great week been teaching a lot of people and getting members to come out with us it has been one of the best weeks since i have been here in the academy ward so ya but just living the missionary life is about all i am doing all day every day ha so i cant think of any experiences right now but next week i will for sure have some! i love you 
Elder Moss

 well i love you all and hope you have a great week hope to hear from you soon! love you all 
Elder Moss

It sounds like you have to go.  Sounds good with your investigator.  Wow District Leader, that is a lot of extra responsibility.  You'll do good!
Love you so much and I pray for your happiness. 

ya i reached the time limit of being online but i love you and pray for you all! wish me luck playing ball! ;) have fun in school! haha 

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