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Monday, March 17, 2014

So today is Saturday, um, Saturday morning.  We just got done with our run.  I picked up my new companion today and he's from Lindon, Utah.  And we're up here in Northern Modesto now.  We are part of the Modesto YSA 2nd branch.  And we don't have an apartment yet so we're staying with two elders.  We've just been working hard, it's been really good.  Right after we picked up our companions we received some training and different things for some expectations we had.  And then we got in the truck and headed up north.  While we were heading up north we stopped and got something to eat at In and Out.  My companion is stinking awesome, he just goes up to random people - a new missionary - trying to get their addresses and everything.  He's really great, he's off to a great start.  We've been up here, we met with our branch president and he's really awesome.  This branch has about, well now it has, I think, 15 to 20 active members from what he said, and there's about 500 other YSA members that are suppose to be attending.  So we got some good work.  It's really spread out up here.  Just like the area is super far out and we cover the whole stake.  The furthest north we go is like Sonora, which is like an hour and half away and then down to like Modesto and cover Riverbank, Salida, and all these other small cities.  It's going to be awesome.  Today we got a great day planned.  We are just trying to see the members and we have one investigator we came up here to, his name is Dillion.  We're gonna meet with him next Tuesday but other than that we're just gonna try to work through the members just cause it's like so super, just so spread out.  We always stop to talk to every YSA that we see.  It's gonna be really great, we're excited.  Allright, love you all, have a great week.  Bye, bye.

Davey's new companion, Elder King
Good morning family and friends.  This is Elder Moss.  It is Sunday morning around 7:45.  So, just to report on Saturday...we had a great a day.  We went around and got to know some of the members.  We got to know our branch mission leader and some of the branch missionaries and just different things.  But um, the really cool part was that we found three new investigators yesterday.  God is blessing us with our hard work. So that is...that's just awesome.  We are super excited.  We set a baptismal date - coming into this month we were like, "Shoot, we gotta baptize.  How are we going to do it?"  Especially me, I was kinda stressing.  (sound in background) Sorry, I'm making breakfast right now, I'm making tortillas with ham and cheese.  Kinda like a mini cheese quesadilla.  So, going into this month we were wondering, really wondering how we were going to do it.  Then we met this girl.  She was waiting for us to come back - she was a former - and we set a baptismal date for this month.  She seems pretty solid.  She said that she was going to come to church so we'll still follow up on that.  Her name is Neisha, she's really fun.  So, we're just gonna be following up with her.  So, it's just been a really good day.  No complaints, so it was really really fun.  But, that is all I have to report on for now.  So, alright, love you all, bye bye.

Alright, so this is Elder Moss.  It is Sunday night.  We saw a really cool miracle today.  So, we had church and everything just went really good.  We met the members.  We have a branch of about 20-30 members.  It's a very diverse branch.  There's a lot of different members, some special needs.  But just a really good feeling and it's really awesome, I love it here already.  So, the miracle which we saw today we went to visit a former investigator and she wasn't there, she was working.  So, we were like, "Let's go to our back up" so we went to our backup but then we decided to go, we have this big list of about 500 YSA that are throughout the stake and so we picked one out of the 500 and we went and visited her.  Her name was Kari.  And she is really cool.  She's gone through some trials but a really sweet girl.  She lives up here in Oakdale and we visited her and she didn't want to come to the YSA, she's kinda shy, she also has a calling in her home ward.  But we got her to come to the YSA, she said she's going to check it out if one of her friends comes too.  Her friend is named Mckenzie.  And so we like, "Ok, we'll go see Mckenzie right now."  And so Kari said she'll come if McKenzie comes.  So then we went to McKenzie and we only spoke to McKenzie for a couple of minutes cause she was taking a timed test and she said that she would come also.  And so we have McKenzie and Kari coming to the YSA this next Sunday.  And so that was really cool in how those two friends work out and now they're gonna come and check out the YSA.  But the miracle that happened was on our way driving back.  We were driving back and I saw these two YSA girls on the side of the road and I was like, "Alright, we gotta pull over."  So we pulled over and we talked with them.  And their names were Rachel and Sara.  And they know Kari and McKenzie.  They grew up and went high school and they like each other and they're like really good friends.  And so we talked with them and we set up a lesson with those two girls, Rachel and Sara, and they became new investigators.  And so we are going to meet them with Kari and McKenzie and be able to teach them.  And so, it was really cool how that happened just cause...followed the spirit and went with we need to and God put those people in our path, so it was really cool.  We know that when we follow the spirit miracles happen.  So, that was  really cool experience.  But I love ya, have a great week, alright, bye bye.

“Your life is carefully watched over, as was mine. The Lord knows both what He will need you to do and what you will need to know. He is kind and He is all-knowing. So you can with confidence expect that He has prepared opportunities for you to learn in preparation for the service you will give. You will not recognize those opportunities perfectly, as I did not. But when you put the spiritual things first in your life, you will be blessed to feel directed toward certain learning, and you will be motivated to work harder. You will recognize later that your power to serve was increased, and you will be grateful.” - President Henry B. Eyring

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