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Monday, March 24, 2014

Mom's at work but I am available to talk.  What is your schedule?  I have missed talking to you for a couple of weeks.  I am going to go in and listen to your week while I await your response.

my schedule like for today?

Yea, are you just starting your computer time or are you about done?

just starting up but i might be in and out palying ball!

So, you're at the church?  Using the computer there?

yes i sure am! the church on 4300 dale road in modesto 

Is Lodi in your area now?

i have no clue it doesnt sound familiar 

It's probably in San Francisco mission.  I had a companion from there, Elder Wade.  I just remember he said he was from Lodi and I dind't know where it was and he said North of Modesto.  How is it being so far North?

super different but it is great i love it already and the members are awesome! 

I looked it up and you are right on the border of the mission.

ya there is this one spot that we drive on the 99 and if we miss the exit we will be out of the mission ha it is crazy we are so far north 

Congrats on the baptism!  
What is up with passing on investigators because they have a baby or they are not married? 

thanks so  much but the credit isn't in us we are just working hard and being instraments and no they either have a baby or they are married

Elder Moss, Elder Falslev, Elder Guereca, and Elder King
Good afternoon family and friends, this is Elder Moss reporting from Modesto, Ca.  So, just about my last week, we had a great week.  Last  Monday we had some good basketball with some high school kids and a guy from out ward that plays like a Harlem Globetrotter - he's so good.  We've been finding a lot of new investigators but then we find out that they either have a kid or their married or something along those lines and so we have to pass them off.  And everytime we pass of an investigator, they are so ready to get baptized, it's disheartening to see them, or letting them go, but we know the Lord's gonna bless us.  We have been really focusing on a family mission plan and, well it's actually not a family mission plan, it's called the Ultimate Mission Plan.  It is just for YSAs, it's so that they can be able to get active in doing missionary work themselves.   We also had zone conference this week, it was awesome.  We love zone conference so much. It is just really cool to see what we need to improve on and being able to get a spiritual high and just being able to refocus in.  We also met with one of the investigators we have, his name is Dillion.  We met with him with a member - his best friend - and we set a baptismal date with him for April, I think April 13 is his baptismal date, which is awesome.  And then we were wondering how we were going to baptize this month because we need to and we've been handing off all of our investigators that are going to get baptized, so....  Finally, at church, there's this girl, her name is Christina, and she's a members friend, and she recently was engaged - well she got married then she got divorced - so she's back YSA and she wants to get baptized.  She's been to church a bunch of times and she is living everything and so she's gonna get baptized this weekend and we are so excited, it's so awesome, it was truly a blessing from Heavenly Father and through our hard work he was able to show forth his hand and help us out.  And so we are going to be baptizing Christina this weekend.  We also found a Muslim.  His name is Omahansa.  It was a referral from Spanish Elders.  And we are going to be teaching him with President because we have to get President's approval to teach him, so President is going to come out this next week.  But yea, that's really all I got going on this last week.  I love you so much, have a great week and keep doing what is right, love ya, bye.

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