Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mom, did you get my package?

No we haven't. The last time I went to the mail was on Saturday.  Do you know when she sent it? and how she sent it?

no clue but i hope you get it soon! ha

I will text her and see how she sent it and mailed it to us.  Do I need to help pay for the postage?
Chase just got done with his Eagle project about 1 1/2 hours ago. I think he is writing it up know at home. He had a great show, I think there were about 12 to 14 people that showed. And the best thing is that the boys acted like they had fun painting!
How are you doing? You staying health?

no you don't need to you can see if you do but they will say it is alright you don't need to ha no way chase did his eagle project that sounds like a lot of fun! and i am doing great mom i do need a copy of my home insurance card and also i need more toothbrush heads haha i am on my last one!  how are you mom and what has been going on?

I'm doing good - I was under the weather for a little bit, but I'm doing good. I still am working at Tuacahn and seem to get in the middle of every little argument that goes on, but I still love my job and feel very blessed with having it. I love being a mom and watching my boys grow up and stay true the Lord. 
What do you need?  Home insurance card or did you mean a Health card?  What is it for?
I will definitely get you some toothbrush heads! But you know I can't just send you toothbrush heads, I will have to send you some fun stuff too ;)

just an insurance one i don't know i just need a copy of mine from home! and mom you just send me toothbrush heads i don't need candy! protien bars or protien mix is all i want haha 

Okay... I will send you the protein bars and toothbrushes. You are so easy to please :)
Do you have any information about calling on Mothers Day yet?
Will you be able to Skype?
I know you said an insurance one - I can get you a copy of our health insurance but I'll have to ask dad about the home owners insurance.  Do you know why you need it?  Is your president asking for it?

ya i know i am haha your the best mom and i haven't heard anything yet it isn't for awhile! haha ;) and i guess we are supposed to have a copy of our heath insurance card 

I just sent you a picture of the card. Do you have the ability of printing it off.  Do you need the medical credit card to pay for something?

no i got it printed off and that is it it just has to go into a folder for all the missionaries i think

I don't know what kind of time you still have online so I went ahead and sent you the medical credit card. If you don't need it then just delete it.
I've heard that a lot of missionaries get antsy when they are their year, just remember to stay true to the end and work hard clear to the end.  You will be blessed for your efforts in all that you do to further the gospel. 
I love you so much and I'm so proud of the son you have become! I am proud to be your mom!! May the Lord bless you always and keep you safe!  You are always in my thoughts and prayers.  Because of you we are receiving blessing and feel the tender mercy's.
Love you,

love you also and i will work hard till the end! love you so much!

I just got an interview for next monday at Provo College to be an adjunct professor there.  I am getting too much going on it is going to drive me crazy.  I haven't listened to your voicemails yet, is everything going well?

everything is great i love being a missionary and go onto and watch two mormon messages the first is called "moments the matter most" by elder uchtdorf and the second is by thomas s monson "what matters most"

OK, grandma just came down and said she just got a nice letter from you.  Thank you.

Hey Davey I had the best birthday ever I got a rifle 7mm 8mm it has a 11 kick back it has an awesome scope on it. It is called ruger. I will take a picture of it and send it to you if I can. Thank you for the birthday song I loved it it was the best I started to cry because I miss you.  Davey I love you. I am going to tell you about my hangout party. Well my best friends came over and we played call of duty 2 and it was so fun we had pizza . We played basketball, speed, and poison. We played zombies it was so fun. I got $ 55.00 all my money came to a total of $93.51 I am so rich now. All I need to go on a mission know is $9,900 about so ya. We are having a family party today on Sunday so after that I will email you again so ya. I miss you. I love you most of all.

no way dang you are way rich! and you got so much cool stuff dang that sounds like a blast your party would have been way fun!

Hey Davey,
Did you get my email that I sent on Sunday?  I was going to tell you about my party on Sunday.  My ordination went really good.  I really had a fun time.  The bishop talked about stuff I needed to know about like how to be a good husband.  At the party dad made some really amazing chicken.  A lot of people came to my party.  Today, Monday, I helped Chase with his eagle scout project.  Read that other email that I sent on Sunday and we will be all good.

sweet i am about to read it but it sounds like you are having fun! you keep working hard and read your scriptures! i love you and i am glad you had a good birthday

i am sending you pic about my presents.

no way that is so cool!

Yea, it was really cool.  I got really happy when I saw it.  It is a 7mm-08 caliber.  It has a little more kick than Chases.  Chase has a 10 kick and mine is an 11.  It is the same size as yours though just not as much kick as you have.  Yea, I had a really good birthday.  Love ya. 

no way that is sweet it will get you stronger keep shooting straight!

Ok, will do that.  Love you, bye.

Good afternoon family and friends.  This is Elder Moss.  This is Monday, our preparation day and just going over this past week.  Easter Sunday was awesome.  We didn't actually have any investigators at church they were all gone and just couldn't make, they were working or, I don't know, just couldn't make it, Satan was working hard on them.  But we did go by...we had an amazing dinner out in Oakdale with some members and it was just a really nice dinner.  We just went by and visited members and shared spiritual messages and it was just really great.  And so the focus of this last week was we were just trying to get every one of our members with a mission plan, follow up with them, and just do different things.  We also had a zone meeting.  Elder King and I did a training on Pride.  Which was awesome, it was really cool what we did.  Just talked about different forms of pride, how we can get rid of it, and just not have it in our lives.  We did an activity with it, we played heads up seven up and just did different forms of the pride.  It was fun, just a fun little game to go along with pride.  Our investigator Dillion.  He has a date for this week.  He had some law of chastity problems but he should get baptized this weekend, keep him in your prayers definitely.  We had zone conference on Thursday which is awesome, it was down in Merced.  We received some great trainings and just a bunch of other things along with that.  So that lasted pretty much all day but we got out with a member that night trying to find some people.  Also, this last Sunday, one of the members gave me a rugby ball.  So, I've been playing with a rugby ball a lot - and basketball.  It was super funny too, we went and visited one of our investigators, her name is Amy.  Her dad is just anti...pretty much religion.  He was talking to us, trying to throw down on us, and we totally confounded him.  It was awesome, like was just one of those teaching with power and authority and just confounding people.  He went from being totally against us to trying to be our friend in the end.  He's still not very nice to us but it got better.  He like came up to us and was like, "So what did you do before your mission?"  I was just like, "I was a basketball player and played rugby,"  And he was like, "I can tell, you were a good shooter."  And I was like, "Uh, how did you know?"  So it was kinda funny.  We also had a brunch with one of our less active members.  Her name is Ariel and she's super nice and everything but she needs to come back to church, so we had brunch with her.  We also met another less active member, his name is Mack.  He plays football from MJC - Modesto Junior College.  He's really awesome, we're going to be working with him more to bring him back into the church.  With Summer coming along the immorality and immodesty is just going down the drain, it's crazy.  This world is just horrible and just like everything that goes on, the world is in such chaos.  The gospel will keep you safe.  I love you so much, have a great week, do the very best that you can - that is my advice - live the gospel, don't only say you just a member but live it every single day of your life.  All right, love you all, bye bye. 

Jesus said, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." (John 14:15). There are three types of obedience. 1) Obedience because of fear or obligation, 2) Robot obedience, and 3) Obedience by choice. There is no commitment to moral principle in the first two. They do not help us develop the character of Christ. Obedience by choice and because we love Jesus Christ is selfless. We are motivated by love of our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ.

The purpose of God’s commandments are not to be restrictive, but to enable us greater freedom. (John 8:32). A righteous (not self-righteous) man or woman with a testimony of Jesus Christ and a desire to serve Him and to love, serve, rescue, and nurture family, friends, and strangers is the most free person I know and will experience a great and mighty change in their life. I know this is true.

"A mighty change was wrought in their hearts, and they humbled themselves and put their trust in the true and living God. And behold, they were faithful until the end; therefore they were saved. And now behold, I ask of you, have ye been spiritually born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts? ... Do ye exercise faith?...Can you imagine to yourselves that ye hear the voice of the Lord, saying unto you, Come unto me?" (Alma 5:13-16).

My Easter testimony is that Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior. Greater joy and happiness will come into your life and mine as we keep His commandments and experience a great and mighty change in our hearts.

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