Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hi son.  I finally got caught up with your blog yesterday - I was three weeks behind and it took a lot of time to get everything posted.  I emailed an excerpt from one of your emails to President Robinson and Bishop Hurt.  President Robinson emailed back and thanked me and said he appreciated me sharing your experiences with him.

thats awesome i am still impressed you are doing a blog for me thanks so much dad your the best!

Well, it's for everyone.  We are almost to 6000 page views.  I know I haven't been on it that much, I only get on once a week.  When you google elder davey moss it comes up with that blog as number one, if you just google davey moss it is down further like 5 or 6, so people don't even need to know the address, they can just google you. 

dang no way haha that is sweet!

Mom said Sister Burnett asked for our address to ship a package when you got transfered but we have never got one.  Did you end up not sending a package home? 

no i gave it to her to send home i hope you get it it has a lot of memories in it!

Well mom will have to get with her and found out what is going on.  Did you send home the book I made from the blog?

no not yet it is other stuff

Well, I would like to see it.  Unless you want to keep it to show your companions and reminisce about your first year.

ya i will send it home!

I told you I was doing your taxes...I called the IRS and they said I needed to send them to you and have you sign them or have you sign a power of attorney and get it notorized.  I just signed them electronically as if I was you and sent them in.  I don't think I told you that you got $150 back from the feds and $50 back from the state.  To do them electronically it cost me like $10 each so I figured it was worth it.

ya that sounds great thanks so much dad!

Your welcome.  Love you.  Have a great week.

you as well love you all so much!

How are you doing?  4 Voice mails, Yeah!!!!!  I can't wait to get home to listen to them.

hahaha your the best mom!

Did you get my voicemail?
We are doing really good and are staying busy with work, being a mom and everything else.  
Brayden will be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday.  He is so cute trying to plan this big party.
I heard that Brady Lindy came home sick from his mission a bit ago and decided not to go back out when he got better. He is going to school up north.

yup i am listening to it right now!  and no way that is crazy about brayden linde! dang..

Hi Davey,  I am home from school early today.  I left early because I had an awful pain in my back.  I went to the doctor thinking I had a kidney stone but it was just an infection.  He gave me some pain killer and antibiotic and sent me home.  Hope all is going well for you.  Love you.

no way i hope you get well soon! how is the married life?

Married life is great.  Jeff and I went to St. George and then Las Vegas for spring Break.  We saw 3 shows and ate out and hung out together and it was a blast.  We bought guitar drinks, I attached photos.  You can see the straw coming out of the top and the rest of the guitar was filled with a peach daquiri and strawberry daquiri

hahahaha you are so silly but i like it!

We love you!

well duhh ;)

Allright, good evening.  This is, of course, Elder Moss reporting from Modesto, Ca.  It's been really cool.  We've had a really busy week this past week.  Some of the things which we did, I'll just quickly go over it.  Monday we had preparation day and I got a haircut, finally.  She actually also, she did an eyebrow wax on all of the elders there.  It wasn't like a full eyebrow wax but it was really weird and it really hurt.  So yea, you can say that I got a wax done on some of my eyebrows and it was really weird but I wasn't alone so don't think I was like feminine or something - she just did it - but hey, it's the experience that counts.  So, of course I was emailing you all and just doing all of that.  And then Tuesday we went and taught Dillion and he's doing really good.  We actually had his baptismal interview and he's struggling with different things of the law of chastity.  The law of chastity doesn't have a time limit like the word of wisdom - you have to live it for two weeks before your baptized - but the law of chastity you don't have to, there's like no set time limit.  But we want to make sure that he is truly repentant and that we are not just baptizing him like to his damnation or something.  So, just pray for him so that he can overcome that.  He's going to meet with our branch president tomorrow to see if he can still get baptized this Sunday.  So, we met with him and we also met with some of our members.  We've been setting up mission plans and everything with them.  One was with Tatum, she's really awesome, she's one of out branch missionaries and we've just been setting things up with her and helping her do missionary work more.  She wants to serve a mission and so that's really cool.  We had a leadership training Wednesday and that was so much fun.  Tuesday night all of the leaders...since we live up in Modesto it's like an hour and forty to two hour drive down to Fresno where our leadership training was, so it's a long drive and we have three district leaders and two zone leaders and so we all just drove in one car together... and so we all met Tuesday night and all of the leaders slept together but it was was a lot of fun.  At 10:30 lights go off but we all like - the family will get a kick out of this - we all like circled up and did a wresting tournament - king of the house, or king of the apartment.  Elder King stayed with the other other elders in the other apartment but this was all the leaders and we all did wrestling matches so it would like be one on one - like everyone was in a big circle and two people would step forward and they would wrestle each other then the winner would step back and he would then wrestle someone else.  Safe to say, I was the king of the apartment.  It was really cool except for I beat everyone and then the very last one Elder Ervin, I beat him once already but then he beat the other person so he was like in the loser bracket and then he moved up and was facing me again and he beat me the second time.  It was hard cause I was super tired.  But that was such a fun night, we were so tired.  And then we drove down to Fresno the next morning and had our leadership training which was super awesome and inspired.  We went to uh, after leadership training, we went to a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant - stinking been having so much Mexican food on my mission it's crazy, I'm going to be able to bear dad's Mexican food when I get home - It was good.  And then because of the long drive back up we had to stay at the zone leader's apartment again and my back's just been killing me cause we had to sleep on the floor.  But it's all good cause like I stretch in the morning and everything so it's totally good like no worries there at all.  We stayed at the zone leaders apartment again and we just had a blast talking and getting to know each other better.  Elder King took over the area and has just been doing awesome with that just really stepping up to the plate.  So, before I get to the bible study and what happened, the next day we actually went on an exchange with the zone leaders, they're in my district so I got to go on another exchange with them.  And so I went with Elder Crawford in his area.  He's doing really awesome, we saw a lot of miracles and grabbed some new investigators.  I went with them in the Spanish area and we didn't really teach that Spanish.  Oh, it was so weird, we uh, we met this kid, his name in Daniel, he's actually a YSA but he goes to the Spanish ward with his family so we thought it would better for him to go to the Spanish ward.  But it was so weird, in the lesson, every time I spoke or said something he would always giggle and then say like I'm cute or something.  We found out very quickly...yes, he was gay.  It was so funny.  He was like super into Holister and the very first thing when he saw me was like, "Were you a Holister model?"  And I was like, "What the heck, how did you know?"  It was super funny.  Yea, he was gay, and he liked me, and it was really weird.  But we taught a very good lesson and I'm glad that the Spanish Elders are going to be teaching him and not me.  So on that one it was really weird.  But hopefully he can be able to repent and get baptized also.  We just finished up the exchange and got back together with Elder King and just had a great time.  But the cool thing was we met this girl at our apartment and we were like. "If you ever need anything we want to help out, we want to be able to be there for you."  She was like, "I'm going to take you up on that."  And tonight she um, while we were weekly planning, she came and knocked on the door.  We were surprised, like it was pretty cool.  She invited us to a bible study.  We were like, "Allright, yea, we'll go."  And so we got permission and everything and we go over there and it's a huge Seven Day Adventist Church.  It's like their youth group and it's there bible study and we had dinner with them and we actually didn't get to do the bible study with them cause we had to get going, we were about over on time so we just ate dinner with them but it was a really good impression that they had from us.  It was one of those things like "Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words" so we were very good examples and showed them who Mormons are, who the Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints really are and it was a really great experience.  We found out, like I said, that it was a youth bible study group and so all the people were in YSA age and so they invited us back next week and so we're going to start going with other Elders to teach them to see if we could get with any of them.  One of the kids there actually, we talked to him, and he used to study with Mormon Missionaries.  So, hopefully we can get with him and be able to teach him again.  It just goes to show that no matter what we do we respect other people for what they believe because evidently every single church, or every single religion, they all have truth in them.  The point of the fact is that we have the fullness of the gospel and they need to know that and by us respecting them for what they believe they need to have the fullness of the gospel in the life and so we gotta talk to them, we gotta tell them some things.  I actually gotta...I talked about Katelynn, my dear sister, getting married to her husband in a temple and I got to show them a picture of a temple and they really loved it.  They said, "Wow, that makes things worth it."  It was really cool and they really appreciated it.  Hopefully they are going to warm up to us more and hopefully we will be able to see a lot of good come from it.  The biggest thing we are doing right now is that we are just trying to find new investigators and be able to find those who are prepared.  I mean we have a lot of people we have found over the past few days, like a lot, and we just need to keep finding more prepared ones.  That's really all that's going on the Modesto 2nd YSA branch.  It's the best, I love it up here so much.  I just love being a missionary and I just know with all my heart that this church is true and just what a blessing it is to be a part of it and to know for yourself, to gain that testimony, and especially being able to apply the atonement every single day and that's the greatest part.  I don't know what I'd do either without my personal study.  I was such a dillweep before my mission, just like not studying my scriptures or anything, ah dang, I also wish I would have studied Preach my Gospel more cause that's like everything to do with missionary work.  Those things just like strengthen my testimony so much, my personal shield for the day.  I know it's true.  I love it and live it with all my heart and might and I won't ever go back again to the way I was.  Keep progressing and keep changing and becoming even more Christlike and better.  I love you all and I hope you have a great and miracle filled week.  And you'll hear from me soon, of course, allright, love you, goodnight, bye.

“Now, my dear young friends, missionary work is not easy. In fact, it is often quite difficult, but the Lord is the greatest paymaster in the world. Dedicated missionary service is one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. This is in large measure because of the divine agency which flows so richly from the Lord to His humble and obedient servants to bless the lives of others. I know this because I have seen it manifested in the lives of thousands and have felt it in my own life.” - President James E. Faust

President Eyring said, “Whoever you are and wherever you may be, you hold in your hands the happiness of more people than you can now imagine. Every day and every hour you can choose to make or keep a covenant with God. When you choose whether to make or keep a covenant with God, you choose whether you will leave an inheritance of hope to those who might follow your example.”

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