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Monday, March 31, 2014

OK, good morning family and friends.  This is Elder Moss, it's Sunday morning today and I'm just going to give a reporting of my week.  So, This last Monday was preparation day of course.  We went out and got everything done.  We of course played basketball.  It was really fun.  Then we went to FHE.  It was at one of the branch presidency's house and on the way out there we saw some deer.  It was really cool cause like my whole mission I haven't seen any animals - well besides like little chihuahuas and stuff like that - so yea, we got to see some wild deer out in the boonies and so that was pretty cool. And then the next day we had a zone meeting.  For the zone meeting, we as a zone all fasted for miracles and just an increase in spirit and things.  And so we were fasting this whole time and so yea, it was really good.  We talked about the atonement and just different finding techniques and just different ways to keep pressing forward.  We had a lesson with our two baptismal dates - Dillon and Christina while we were on an exchange.  I went on an exchange with one of the zone leaders, Elder Leavitt into his area and so Elder King took over the area and taught those two lessons.  We found a lot in the Spanish area, they were Spanish and it was just really fun.  And so Dillon and Christina they have dates in April and so they should be progressing really nicely to hit those dates and so we're really excited.  We also this week found two new investigators.  Their names are Janell and Michelle.  They play basketball for MJC, they're on the women's team.  That was pretty sweet, that was pretty cool to see and it was just a lot of fun so...  We also found another investigator who had girlfriend who was a member and they dated for like two years.  She asked him to meet with missionaries once they broke up and he's just doing it now.  So hopefully we will be able to baptize his as well.  Oh I got a crazy story to tell you, well it wasn't that crazy but:  So we um, Saturday we had, we got, I got invited to one of the baptisms back in Fresno East where my last area was.  One of my, one of the families, the Hermosillos, the mother was getting baptized, her name is Maria, and we got invited and so three of us who went down there, we got into this nice car, it's called a Tesla car, it's like $120,000, it's like oh my gosh- it was such a nice car.  That's beside the point - it runs on all electricity and so while we were going down there it was totally fine and everything was good.  But when we were coming back the car ran out of electricity.  And so we were in about Turlock when we were just about on 1% of energy just running this car.  And so we found a charging station but then the charging station took forever and so we were pretty much stranded for a little bit.  Elder King was just working our area and the other missionary's area also so it was really cool.  But yea we got everything started up but the cool part was on our way back home we thought we had enough to make it back and we didn't and the car hit zero and ran out of energy but it was till going.  I guess our faith helped it to keep going and we made it back to her house and she switched cars and was able to take us back home.  So, that was really cool to see.  But yea, so today we are just fasting since it is fast Sunday since it's General Conference which we are so excited for.  So, yea, that was pretty much my week this past week.  But I love you all so much and I hope that you have a great week and that you can be able to see miracles in you life.  Yea, keep preparing for General Conference, it's so important that we prepare for it and get ready.  But I love you all and let me know if there is anything I can do to help out or anything at all, ok, bye bye. 

Hey family i am doing great up here in Modesto i just wanted to write a few things i don't really know what but i hope your week is great and expecially general conference! i am so excited for that and i hope you spiritually prepare yourselves! i love you so much and always pray for you and your well being i am grateful for the oppertunity i have to be serving our lord, it is by far the hardest work i have ever done but the most rewarding, i have grown so much! Always share the gospel and when required use words. be a missionary i can tell you how important members of the church are they are the key in hastening the work along. repent daily and stand as a righteous witness at all times everywhere! always live what you believe never be a "check your religion at the door of the church"person i jknow you aren't i love you so much and you have helped me grow have a miracle filled week!
Elder Moss
ps also mom how was the womens broadcast i heard it was awesome! 

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