Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey Family 

sorry it is so late in writing this letter we have been super busy with zone leader responsibilities so we didn't really get to have a preparation day the only time we have sat down was when we were teaching an investigator and also when we are driving and when i am now emailing you! ha 

So this week hmmm well we had leadership training this last wednesday which was really great we figured out some things we needed to do better and things we are going to start implementing so that was awesome and just being able to feel the spirit is just the greatest at any point and we felt it a lot that day so it was great! 

We picked up a kid named robert as an investigator who is really quite but he is really cool and is going to be baptized definatly he is a members friend so we go to get introduced that way so it was awesome! 

We also had a meeting with the stake president and president glewix about something called stake correlation or in other words a zone leaders worst nightmare! seriously it is crazy how much time and numbers and formulas it takes to put that thing together but we did it! 

well i did it ha i am training my companion to be a zone leader so it took longer since i was the only one that knew how to do it and i had to show him. 

so those are some of the high lights of this week oh and ya we also had a baptism happen this last weekend i baptized a kid named armondo it was really cool but i will tell you something funny that you can make fun of me for ha i totally forgot how to hold him and everything so someone had to remind me it was so funny haha but ya i just blanked completely so ya that was my week! i love you all so much 

Love elder moss 

Davey and some other missionaries went to the zoo

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