Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Davey was on today with Mom and Dad.  Below is the conversation between all three as Tamara kept jumping in on Davey and Dave's conversation:

hey real quick i need a flash drive and also mom the package you sent me ha we cant have purple sweaters only black long sleave. also the pants are a little too long but no worries i love them so much they are awesome and i loved getting them but i just thought i would let you know. and hey that sweater was super expensive please you don't have to spend money on me i know you are already sacrificing enough so don't worry and don't spend so much money on me. i love you all -Elder Moss

I got all of the clothes at Macy's and I thought I said to wait tell Christmas ;). If you have time take it back to Macy's and get something you would like for a top. In the letter you forwarded from your President I thought he said the sweaters needed to be a "reserved" color, so not to bring attention to you, but you can get something you can wear. With the pants you can take them also back and get some that might be shorter. It should have had a gift receipt with the package. Don't worry about the money, this was budgeted for Christmas.
How are you doing?

i am doing great and ya they are just like dark grey and black are the colors ah and i am dong awesome i am sending a voicemail!

I am sooo excited about you sending a voicemail. I will play it over and over to be able to here your voice!
hey and don't worry about the cost of the clothes I got everything on a sale that Macy's was having. 
Did you get my voicemail? about the handcuffs? and pictures?
We did have a fun time this last week. On the way home Chase and I talked about him going on his FIRST date, Junior Prom. I got him to blush a few times ;)  It is fun to see all of my children grow up, but it is a little bitter sweet.

HAHAHA oh man that is super funny! ahh i love it so much dang that is awesome 
i don't know how to send this voice recording it is too big to send

I don't know what to tell you.  Most emails can send up to 10mb, some 15 and some 20.  Is it larger than 10mb?  If so you have to make another that is smaller or somehow shrink that by breaking it up or zipping it up - but I don't know if you know how to do that and it is too complicated to explain.  You could look on the computer and see if there a program called winzip, if there is you open it and put the audio file in it and zip it up then if it gets small enough you send it.  Are you on a public computer?  If so it probably won't have the program.

i cant send it

Can you have someone put it on a CD and mail it to us?

no i already deleted it 

Well, just make another one and make it shorter or make several that are short and then send them in separate emails.

i tried that dad trust me i need like a voice recording device and not use my camara 

You were making it on your camera?

yup thats all i have haha

When I send you voicemails I have to make sure that it is 4 to 5 min. If it is longer than that it will have a hard time sending. I have sent 2 voicemails so it will send better.  Next time you do a voicemail break it up so it will send.  I'm bummed, but I will recover from not receiving your first voicemail. Keep trying!!
Now Katelynn and Jeff will be sending you Christmas Stockings. They were really sweet and also made one for your companion.
It was okay that you opened the package. It was supposed to have a note on the package reading, Merry Christmas open on Christmas day. Don't worry about it though it is okay that you opened it up early, now (if you have time) you can exchange the sweeter for a shirt or something you can wear.

Weekly Report:

sorry i cant send the voice mail maybe send me a recording device then  can send them in the future but as of now i cant  so ya i don't have a lot to say because i said a lot on the voicemail thing but i cant send it! so ya but my week has been really great we have worked a lot with our members and it has turned out really great we went on a lot of exchanges this week and had a lot of miracles we found a girl named heather as we followed the spirit when we were walking around an apartment complex we also found a kid named albert by persistently talking to everyone ha we also had stake conference this week and we were in the choir and sang a song so that was interesting president glewix came and spoke to us all so that was very nice! he then came to our house and spent some time with us i fell asleep on my bed while he was talking then he woke me up at around midnight and said that he was leaving haha so ya i am tired a lot but hey good news we are having a turkey bowl today and going to play some rugby and football so that should be a lot of fun then! i just want to wish you all a happy thanksgiving this week i love you so much and grateful for all that you have done! i am planning on spending thanksgiving with a lot of members and so we have like 4 dinners so i will be eating a lot! i am super excited haha but that is my week i love you all so much! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Love Elder Moss

That was short but I understand.  You fell asleep when President Gelwix was talking to you?  That is funny.  How long were you asleep if he woke you at midnight.  What did your companion say?  What did President say?

ha i don't know he always comes over to talk with us and just be with us we have such a close relationship it is weird haha he usually just says the same things just how is our zone doing and then just talks to us about up coming meetings and just how our families are and everything 

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