Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

Well this week has been a great week i loved it i was tired cold and full of the spirit! ha i am just so grateful for you and all that you have done to help me in my life i love you so much and cant thank you enough i hope things where you are at are going great!  there was a super awesome talk given by Elder Holland called "place no more for the enemy of my soul" and shoot that was a powerful talk, i love what the spirit taught me how the atonement of our savior sanctifies each and everyone of us as we continuelly strive to become better and learn from our mistakes and not do them again! This past week we have been finding a lot we have some investigators but non are progressing which stinks! but we never give up. the week went on and we found i believe just 5 new investigators who are all looking really promising and should bet baptized this month and january so ya! we are teaching this guy who is on parole  he killed someone and he has some awesome stories it is crazy but he wants to get baptized and turn his life around so that is a blessing he has been in a gang since like 12 years old. so ya that was just one of the cool people we are teaching but for thanksgiving elder bettinger and i had a goal of gaining at least 7 pounds and we had 3 dinners that day and i ended up gaining 8 pounds and my companion gained 11! hahaha so we accomplished our goal i was super full! Then also on sunday we had no one coming to church but we wanted someone to come so of coarse when church times comes around a random kid calls us and came to church that we have never met before his name is lawrence and he is very nice so that was a cool miracle that happened. Also we had two turkey bowls with about 80 missionaries so that was super fun and i have been sore! i also got really sick i swore i was going to die it was for about 2 days and i finally got over it and now i am recovering ha so ya that was about my week but again i want to echo what i said before i love you and am truly truly grateful for you and wish you the best week this coming week! Also mom i took back that stuff you bought me and just bought one sweater just so you know and i sent home the rest of the money on a gift card to you. i love you!
Love Elder Moss 

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