Friday, December 27, 2013

Week of Christmas 2013

We got to email Davey on Monday and get an audio recording from him.  We also received a letter from President Gelwix that day too.  On Tuesday we got a picture from a family he was having Home Evening with the night before.  And, on Christmas we got to Skype him.

President Gelwix


Christmas Telephone Instructions:
• I asked you last week to confirm the date & time of your Christmas Day call.
• You may give your family your missionary cell # in today’s email.
• IMPORTANT: You absolutely, positively must let them know that they may not call or text you at any other time. We have had problems with this in the past with families sending text messages and even calling since they have your telephone #. If your family calls or texts at other times you may not take the call or answer the text and you must self report the incident to me.
• You have up to 40 minutes for your call.
• In your email today, please tell your family you have 40 minutes total and under no circumstances may you exceed 40 minutes. (This is a First Presidency policy. Please be exactly obedient.)
• If you have two families (divorced, deceased, remarried or otherwise parents) you may receive two calls or one from each family, but your total from both calls may not exceed 40 minutes. You may go 20/20, 30/10, or whatever as long as you keep it within 40 minutes.
• You may use telephone or Skype. If you opt to use Skype, you may use the visual or picture feature. This is a change from last year. Your Skype call will need to be from a member computer and the member will make the connection for you.
• When using Skype, sometimes you lose the connection. If such happens, your time continues, you do not get “credit” for disconnected time. It is one of the hazards of using Skype.
• You may only contact your immediate family unless you have made other arrangements with me.
• What to talk about? Your family wants to hear your voice and know how you are doing. Before the call, write some notes on spiritual experiences you have had, converts, investigators, and how you have grown on your mission. Bear your testimony.
• Some families ask for your residence address or ward members in order to send mail and packages directly to you. DO NOT give out this information. If they find out anyway, you may NOT accept the mail or package and must self report the incident to me.

Hey son, we got your email from president gelwicks. Do you have the skype information or are we just going to do a phone call with your missionary phone? I gave you our skype information last week. We would like to make the request with the member family if you're going to do that. Again, is that an option or not? I know your mom would really like that. What time are you planning on doing the call?

we can do skype that would be cool but we don't know what member to do it at yet what time do you want to do it?

We are available all day.  What time works for you?  I thought you said the Burnett's had Skype.  Are you planning on going over there?

we might not go over there and we do 't know a time yet haha

Well I asked last week and you said you would have the information this week to tell me.  So what are we going to do?

does around 5pm?

That is find, 5pm.  I don't know if your mom will want to wait that long but if that is best for you then it will be fine.  5pm your time would be 6pm our time.

(MOM, who broke into Dad's conversation)
(Hey Davey,  How are you? Did you get the pictures and voicemail?)

(yup i loved it and i am trying to send a voicemail but i cant..?)

(You tell dad that I am fine with 5pm. especially if you are at a members home.  It might be nice to enjoy you in the evening.  I'll get you when ever I can :) Are you using the voice recorder that dad sent you?)

(yes i am using it)

(It sounds like it may be not operator friendly or computer.  I'm sorry it isn't working.  It has to be frustrating!  I love the video that we got from one of the members you visited.  You looked great!!! and sounded wonderful!!!  I loved to see your sweet smile!!!)

Dad, my voicemail says it exceeds 15MB i don't know what it means right now its at (12,159K) its about 4 mins long

Depending on the email program, you can't send files larger than certain megabyte limits.  Some are 10mb, some are 15mb, and some are 20mb.  It just means it is too large.  12,159k should only be 12mb but for some reason it doesn't like it so you need to make it shorter.  First time is hard but as soon as you figure it out then you can break it up.

(Audio Voice Recording Transcript):
Hey family and friends, this is Elder Moss. So, I have been trying to send a voice recording but it's not sending because it's too big so I am going to try and do this as quick as I can.  So this past week, Monday, ummm, we had preparation day and played some basketball as always.  We also had transfers this last week and it went really well.  Ummm, our zone is amazing, ummm, we are setting up for January right now.  Our December wasn't so good, we only had four baptisms, we have twelve young companionships here.  There's some cool things - we found three new investigators this past week.  And, they're awesome, two of them have baptismal dates for January and are moving on, moving along really well.  One's name is Alex and the other's name is Israel.  Also, we had FHE this last Wednesday and that was awesome; we had a bonfire with all of our members and it just went really good.  Ummm, today we are having a basketball game but we are also going over to some members, or not some members but some investigators house to make some tamales.  Hey Dad...I did have menudo, I ate it and I liked it, it was good, and also cow tongue.  But ummm, we also ummm, we're having a Christmas eve breakfast tomorrow morning and then Christmas day I am not really sure what we are going to do yet, I know we are skyping you so it's going to be awesome.  But, other than that, that's that's pretty much the week, just a lot of miracles and Elder Bettinger and I are doing really good, ummm, we just love each other and we're working good.  Ummm, so I think that's it but merry Christmas to you all, I love you so much and I hope that you have a great week,  Ummm, I miss you and I love you, and friends out there that are listening, I I love you too.  Ummm, I'm grateful for all that you've done in my life.  Ummm, have a great week and yea, just have a great week.  Merry Christmas, love you all.

ok so we will be skyping at our members house kendal wadsworth she is awesome she will be sending us her skype thing so then you can find her and we can skype!

Did you give Kendal our skype names that I gave you last week.  She can request us tonite or tomorrow so we are ready on Wednesday.  If you get us her name or email address (you can find people by email address also so she can use this email address to find me) then we can request her.

K, i love you so much have a great week talk to you on wednesday!
love you!

Elder Bettinger and Elder Moss playing Charades at FHE
acting out the scene from Lady and the Tramp

On Christmas day we got to Skype Davey.  It was wonderful to see and hear him.  Dad took a family picture while he was on.

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