Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2016

Weekly Letter:

Alrighty so this past week has been really good we did get transfer calls and i am not getting transferred haha so yes i am staying here another 6 weeks! and i am still going to be a zone leader so that wont change either. 
So also i will be sending a christmas card to you i just need the address for where i should send it to, it is ridiculous looking haha but i hope you like it! 
Soooo this week well we have taught a lot of people we have been covering 2 wards this week with another missionary named elder martinson so that has been a great experience we found this family who has a daughter that got baptized in a different YSA ward but they all live in our boundaries so we have been teaching them all as a family and the whole family is getting baptized except one girl who is also YSA she is getting baptized later but it is so awesome to see them all progress in the gospel together and it has just grown my testimony about families being together forever and now it is possible for them. they are getting baptized on jan. 4th :)
we also had our Christmas Zone Conference this week and that was a blast we were shown the all the pictures of this last year and it was just a lot of fun i won bingo! but ya it was just a blast to do that and be with everyone we had more than half the mission there with us so it was packed!
We also saw a miracle that was really cool we taught this kid named chris for the first time he has had a rough background and so we were teaching him and i just invited him to be baptized right off the bat and he accepted and said that he has been waiting for this day so right after that we set a date with him and taught him the word of wisdom and when we got to the tobacco part he had a brand new pack on him and got up and went and threw them away in the garbage and was like "alright no more problems" and from then on he said he would live the word of wisdom and law of chastity so it was just really cool i know that there are thousands of "Chris's" out there just ready to accept the gospel we just have to invite them to and they will do it!
I love you so much and i know that this is the true church God bless you and stay on the right path and live righteously. 
Elder Moss

hey just so you know i ate menudo and cow tongue last sunday! haha it was super awesome!

This is Joshua Quezada the starting running back for Fresno state (played for BYU before transfering to Fresno) and the one in the blue tie is our elders quorum President i  just had barely gave him the melchizedek priesthood so that was really cool   

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