Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

Davey sent an audio file and blogger won't let you upload an audio (you have to store it on the internet and link to it).  However, Blogger will let you upload video (go figure).  So.... I video taped the audio.

Well as you heard, Davey told us that he had a great Christmas and then he told us that he had tonsillitis.  I don't know how you can have a great Christmas and tonsillitis but that's Davey.  He sent a picture of his tonsils:

It looks bad but it might be just strep (JUST strep??).  Anyway, we looked up which doctors are in the area that take our insurance and gave him some advice on who to see and how to take care of it.

Here are some Christmas pictures he sent:

An investigators house after got kicked out and pigs over ran it.

And some thoughts he sent:

shoot so this week was great here are just some thoughts i thought you would like to read!

Legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi said, "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will." 

There is a tendency to slide by on "little things" or "minor rules." We either choose to be obedient or choose to be selectively obedient. If the latter, shall we expect the Lord to selectively bless us. We are not here to "serve rules." Rules are here to help us fulfill our full potential. I have learned there is safety in obedience.
i love you all and am grateful for all ya do i cant believe time has passed by so fast! NEW YEAR here i come
Love Elder Moss

Tamara asked that his audio file be transcribed:

Good afternoon family and friends.  Hey, just giving you a recording of my week.  This is Elder Moss.  So, this past week it was Christmas – heck yea – it was awesome; we had a great time.  Umm, so pretty much, umm, preparation day we did the usual, we played sports with each other and being able just to have a good time, did our laundry, just different things like that.  And then Tuesday was Christmas Eve.  And, we had a sweet breakfast with a member family.  Our whole zone got together and we did like, umm, white elephant gifts, and just, it was just a really good time; umm, ate a lot of food; so, that was good.  Then we saw some less active members, umm, later that evening.  And then of course Wednesday was Christmas (cough, cough).  And, we went over to the Hermosillos.  That’s an investigator family.  They’re getting baptized the 4th of…so this weekend.  Umm, I’m baptizing a little, umm, (he’s ten right? yea), umm, a ten year old.  His name’s Anthony and he’s awesome. He’s… he’s just right on the ball with everything.  And then we had dinner with the Petridges.  They got us two huge boxes of Reeses Puff.  And Katelynn I just want you to know that I loved the presents which you got me, they were, they were awesome.  And them, umm, but yea we just…we opened presents.  And then we got together as a zone…and…in the evening we watched Monsters University together.  And that is a super funny movie. I loved it so much, it just made me laugh, and it was…it was just a good time.  And of course we got to talk to the family on…over Skype.  It was…that was awesome.  That was one of my…probably my fav…my highlight of the week; so, that was just good.  Umm, throughout the rest of the week, we umm, we taught a kid named Zane.  He is Hmong, and…but he speaks perfect English and he has no Christian background.  And now he is starting to believe in Jesus Christ and God and it’s really cool to see, like, staring at ground level and just building him up.  And, that’s just a really cool experience.  And then we went on exchanges.  I went with one of our district leaders and we just saw a lot of miracles just talking to everyone and just being able to invite people to be baptized.  There is a lot of miracles within their area, so that was a really cool experience.  Oh, I also found out that I have like umm (what’s it called? tonsillitis) tonsillitis, or something like that.  I don’t know, my tonsils are like super inflamed and it was just, it was nasty, I, I don’t know.  I’ll send you a picture or something, but it was gross and it’s been killing lately.  But, you just keep pushing on and keep working through it, it’s the best.  We had one investigator at church.  His name was Israel and he’s awesome.  So, hopefully he’ll keep coming.  He has a baptismal date for the 18th.  And then, yea, I think that that’s it for now; but, the weeks going great.  I hope you all have a great New Year’s and just have a, a blast.  Remember to keep choosing the right and strengthen your testimonies every day.  Umm, and yea just have a great New Year’s.  Umm, I love you and miss you and hope I could be spending it with you, just out here in Fresno serving the Lord.  Love you all.  Bye.

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