Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2011


I just got on...  I'm at work and have been really busy.  I hope you are still on.  If you are I need to know how your week has been and how are you doing?

ha i am but we are about to leave our time is about up but it has been great i love it how are you all? i miss ya and love you so much ya cute family ha ;)

We are all doing good!  The boys and I had a sleep over in my room. We all started in my bed then as the time went on Brayden decided it would be easier to sleep on the ground.  We had a lot of fun!!

haha that is aweosme! sounds like a lot of fun i cant wait to wrestle them! we got to go i love you mom!



Hey davey, I'm not home right now but I am writing you on my phone. I am out doing my part time job that I got here to do on my days off when I'm not doing anything. So anyway I'll go in and read the other emails you sent and then go from there.

alright love ya!

hey just so you all know i am not going to eat a whole lot of the packages that you send a lot of candy in i would rather have like mints or something like that haha

Okay I read your other letters the one from the mission president and your weekly. I'm on my way back to Salt Lake and uh we'll be driving so I'll try my best to talk to ya while you're still on.

io am about to get off anyway dad i love you and sorry we are over our allowed time limit you are the best drive safe ya handsome man ;) have a great week!


Good Morning! I am having a wonderful day today isn't it wonderful to be a mormon!
This past week has been awesome, hard but great we went to the zoo for our last preparation day and i also got my flu shot which stunk the lady that shot me up like turned the needle in my arm and it just was not pleasant haha then we had a great dinner with some members yup it was pizza hut deep dish haha but shoot that members home was amazing it was so big just the land alone to build the house on was 2 million dollars the home itself was ginormous! 

Things have been great i have been so busy lately we are trying to get everything organized due to we had to move apartments and things are just everywhere and i hate it i cant wait till it is all better! In the ward we have reactivated a lot of less actives and we actually took one of them out with us to an appointment it was his first time and he was really nervous but everything turned out great so that was really cool to see! we also taught the lesson in FHE we taught the restoration because our bishop asked us to start teaching the members the lessons which is a great idea! We also had transfers like i told you before and we got take the new missionaries out on what called "open your mouth" haha they are always so nervous but it is awesome to see the miracles happen as we talk to people and invite them to be BAPTIZED! We also gave training to the new missionaries on how to be a successful missionary, we are giving trainingtomorrow to our zone on how to work with members better which is going to be great since members are key to everything we do in missionary work. 

We had two missionaries stay with us they are heading home soon and so they are traveling around staying with other missionaries and they got to stay with us and work a couple days with us it was awesome we got a lot of work done due to we split up and divided and concord! So that was a lot of fun to do and work with them. 

Other than all those things life as a missionary is great i love it so much. it is hard work but hey who said that this life is easy? everything we do is hard and tries us everyday but we stand strong and in the end it will all be worth it! I love you so much and am so grateful for this gospel i am grateful for the changes i have made and that i have applied to become better i love the scriptures and the ensigns so much ahhhh! it is amazing the things i learn from it. i say this one more time I love you all, god bless you, and become better than you were the day before don't get caught up in the material things of this world but get caught up in the moments that matter most there lies the true happy times that you can hold onto. 

Love, Elder Moss 

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