Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013


Hey Davey its Chase. So i am writing to you right now so that you can reply to me tomorrow, Monday. So I extended a call to a nonmember a while ago cause I felt impressed to do it but I didn't know he wasn't a member and so the missionaries and the bishop have been working on him so that he might be baptized and can take the calling.  Well he hasn't...yet. So the missionaries I guess want me to meet with them at Anthony's house (that is the nonmember) on Wednesday at 4:30.  I would just go there with the missionaries and be there during the discussion about baptism.  I am really nervous because I dont know what to say and I dont want to mess anything up.  So I am coming to you for advice.  They did say that I need to be prepared to give my testimony about Baptism to Anthony but I am not sure what to say. I read in my scriptures looking for some answers and I'm sure I will do more reading but please help me with any advice that I might convey a message across to Anthony in a good way.  I want to help these missionaries in any way I can.  So please help me if you can. 

Alright Chase i have just got to tell you that is so cool! don't be nervous bro the missionaries want you there cuz you have a strong spirit and know you will have an impact on that kids whole life! Read D&C 33:8-9 
chase you have a powerful testimony don't worry about what to say it will come to you D&C 84:85. one thing i would say is just be his friend love him and relate things to him that you have felt and how it has changed your life and how it will change his life if someone is going to believe you you have to be sincere.  you won't mess anything up i promise you that right now you will not! i hope that helped out! i love you and that is so cool you will love it so much give those missionaries a hard time
Love Elder Moss


Did you get the email from Chase? He wrote it last night to you.

yup i did

Good, he seemed a little nervous to go with the missionaries and knowing what to expect. I told him to write you and you would have come good advise for him.
Yesterday your brothers and I wrote you a letter.  You hopefully will receive it sometime this week.
How are you doing? Still tired? I have loved again all of your pictures you have sent us. And I feel it a bonus when I get a text from either Rachelle or Sister Burnette. I feel so blessed that you have a loving home that takes good care of you. Do you think you will be transferred soon?

nope i din't get transferred haha i am having another missionary come to be with me ha 

I can't remember if I told you I'm the new Assistant to the Wolf leader - yes, I'm back in Cub Scouts.  I am really happy to be able to be back in the Cubs and in the past I've had fun doing it.
Chase will be ordained as a Priest on his birthday.  We have made special arrangements to have it done on Wednesday morning before dad leaves to go back up north.
Our family will be heading up north on the 23rd for McKell's wedding.

dang that is so crazy!

Love the pictures! And you are playing Ping Pong, I'll tell Chase that you have been playing. Chase thinks he will pounce on, in Ping Pong, you when you get back.

These were taken at Fresno State University Institute of Religion

haha we will see about that ;)

I guess a match is in order!

Weekly letter:

Alright so my week has been pretty great as you may know transfers are happening this wednesday and i am not getting transferred but my compaion is he is going to porterville he also got released as a zone leader due to he just didn't want to be one anymore so i am getting a new companion Elder Bettinger he is coming from turlock to be a zone leader with me this is his first time being a zone leader so i am just super excited! i love Elder bettinger we came out into the mission together and we roomed together at the MTC so it is going to be just awesome! we are moving appartments 2 days after transfers so this friday but we are only moving down the street so that is nice.

Halloween was great i honestly totally forgot it was halloween and i didn't know till  half the day was gone haha but it was good we went to a members home and played games with them due to the cause that we couldn't be driving or biking or walking past 6 30pm so ya it was great it was so sad though to see people come to the door and they were young women and were just dressed so immodestly literally like walking pornography, women need to have high standards and live up to the name of a Daughter of God with Divine potential and a Divine calling. the world is getting wicked and we need to set the example the young men and women growing up need to be examples in all conduct.

well the rest of my week was great we taught a lot of lessons and just had a great time we had a really spiritual experience with one of our investigators named Adrian we were teaching him and he wants to get baptized but he expressed that ever since he started reading the book of mormon he has felt that God has abandoned him which was extremely weird so long story short we overcame that by talking about trials and just read from the Book of Mormon and just followed the spirit i cant explain it but we just had just a super spiritual time very emotional but full of love and he came to church this sunday and loved it so much so that was really cool to have happen it strengthened my testimony so much he is still on board for his baptism he wants his family to get sealed together and he wants to have the gift of the holy ghost in his life.

right now everything is going great trails stink so much but they make you so much stronger i have a testimony of that so much never give in to satan and the wickedness of the world! the church is true stand up for what is right!
Love Elder Moss
This is the missionaries in the Zone Davey is over

 Halloween pumpkin carving

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