Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

Good morning family and friends.  Today in California it is Sunday morning.  Just a little recap of the week. Starting with Monday, we've had some really great lessons with our investigators.  We had one with Sara and with her boyfriend Austin who is a member.  Her only hold up is she wants her boyfriend to baptize her and the boyfriend is not worthy to right now.  So, it's really hard cause she is so ready to get baptized.  So, we're trying to put righteous pressure on the boyfriend but we can't really do to much about that.  One of the things we are also doing is setting up Ultimate Mission Plans with all of our YSA members.  It is basically their plan on how they're going to share the gospel.  It's been going good, we've had about four of them so far, out ward is slowly getting rolling.  We also have been teaching Adrian, he's awesome.  He has a date for March 8th.  I think this is one of the people I was suppose to find while being here in Academy; been working with him a lot.  Also, we're teaching Lacy who's awesome.  She's having a hard time believing in God but she's still reading she's still meeting with us.  She's really cool, she's a friend of a member also.  Then there's Nick.  Nick, he would get baptized any time but he's on probation and so we got to get him interviewed by President Gelwix and our stake president and then send in a letter to the first presidency.  So, that's kind of annoying, but oh well.  We've had six actuals in our zone, so six actual baptisms and so we're just working with them.  Something that was fun that happened - I went on an exchange with one of the members of our zone that has been struggling and we went up and knocked on this door and this Pentecostal guy came out and he was like, "Let me pray with you."  And so we were like alright.  It was super good prayer I've got the utmost  respect for him but he was like screaming and he spoke in tongues supposedly - it was kinda weird, it was hard for me not to laugh.  Our exchange was super good.  We've just been finding new investigators all around the board.  We had FHE which was also good.  It was a really great exchange and we found a new investigator Wednesday night that was from a less active member.  She brought him to church - FHE - Family Home Evening where we played kickball.  Oh no, it was indoor soccer, sorry.   So, yea, that was really good.  He's really cool.  He has a date right now for the 29th of March and he's progressing really well.  I was in the biking area on the exchange and oh my gosh, I love biking.  It is so much fun, you can talk to so many people.  But I like YSA areas better, you know, they're just a lot of fun. Today for church we are expecting 6-8 people to come to church, non-members.  Hopefully a couple of less actives we've been teaching.  It should be really good, a really good day.  Just been seeing miracles all around, being able to, as I've just been teaching I've been really able to tune into the spirit and teach to the person's needs.  Just really cool.  I love my mission, it's the best.  This is my report, Elder Moss, and I love you all and I hope that your last week was amazing.  And I hope everything went great, those things that you had planned.  And this next coming week, I hope that it's even better and that you have a blast and see the hand of the Lord in your lives every single day.  I love you all, all right, bye bye.

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